David French: The White Supremacy Surge

David French has written like his 100th article on National Review about how he was trolled on Twitter by the Alt-Right during the 2016 election

“If you’re a conservative, the chances are that you don’t like to talk or think about white supremacy very much. After all, if you enter the marketplace of ideas with conservative views about, say, affirmative action, the welfare state, or ballot integrity, the chances are that you’re used to being smeared as a white nationalist or as playing “white-identity politics.” This is especially true if you support Donald Trump. …

No, there are immensely important cultural factors in play. The ranks of socially disconnected Americans are growing at alarming rates. Men and women, especially in white working-class populations, attend church less, their families fracture, and they check out of civil society. As Rich Lowry wrote after the Pittsburgh massacre, “the rise of mortality among a subset of working-class whites from suicide, drugs, and alcohol” represents “one of the most stunning trends in American life.”

All too many Americans suffer from a profound lack of purpose. But they still need purpose, and the aimless or despairing man is ripe for radicalization. He’s ready to take the “red pill” (the pill, from the film The Matrix, that opens your eyes to painful and brutal reality) and embrace a new cause. …

But the work that really matters is the immensely difficult task of cultural repair. Censuring and condemning — though necessary — don’t address root causes. Faith and family can act as a vaccine against extremism. As much as we might wish that better politics could provide the cure, only a purpose be­yond politics can truly transform the human heart. …”

It is a “disease.” There is no “easy cure.” It is caused by secularism, social dislocation and the solution is modern American evangelical Christianity and cuckservative politics.

David French on Israel’s border:

David French on America’s border:

Nothing about my personal life lines up with David French’s cliches:

1.) I’m a happily married father.

2.) I’m a Christian.

3.) I’m deeply rooted in my local area. My family has been here since the 1830s.

4.) I write about politics on a daily basis. I vote in elections.

5.) I don’t use any sort of drugs. Does caffeine count?

6.) I love the South and have a deep knowledge of our culture and history which is the reason why I do things like protest the removal of Confederate monuments.

I love how David French engages in hand wringing about “extremism” while his Twitter avatar is none other than John Calvin. Has this guy ever read Calvin? Has he read Luther?

I’m willing to grant the point that the Alt-Right is disconnected from modern American Christianity. Americanity, which is some kind of weird hybrid of evangelical Protestantism and the Enlightenment, is a religion for wimps and losers. “Judeo-Christianity” is a monstrous heresy that was spread by cranks through radio and television in the 20th century. No one should be surprised that the products of 20th century American seminaries have lost cultural influence. There is nothing compelling about Christianity as they have been presenting it to their audience for decades.

Luther and Calvin were religious zealots. They weren’t “nice guys” like David French. They didn’t carry on about Muh Constitution. They didn’t try to reconcile their religious beliefs with all this Enlightenment nonsense which was still centuries in the future. There is a long process of historical development between their time and our time which revolves around all these lesser known American figures which has produced a culture that has led to the likes of the David French and Russell Moore.

History moves forward, I guess. If you go back a century ago, few Americans had ever heard of racism, sexism, nativism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, white privilege, etc, etc. in 1918. “White supremacy” was the norm in America when Woodrow Wilson was president. My guess is that there is a “white supremacy surge” because so many young Whites are dissatisfied with mainstream conservatism, no longer believe in the shibboleths of postwar late 20th century America and are sick and tired of being lectured and indicted by the Left on the grounds of its fake, made up morality.

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  1. Great article Hunter. I especially liked you statement that: “Americanity, which is some kind of weird hybrid of evangelical Protestantism and the Enlightenment, is a religion for wimps and losers. Judeo-Christianity is a monstrous heresy that was spread by cranks through radio and television in the 20th century.”
    Modern “Christianity” has little to do with the Bible or the Reformers, and America’s *founding principles* were off from the start.

  2. It is hilarious to listen to conservatives whine about radicalism and extremism, when their idea of “True Americanism” is to hate their race.

  3. Key to this has been the steady wiping of historical memory since the Sixties. But you know the saying:

    “Today the Confederate monuments to Lee and Jackson will be torn down.
    Tomorrow the statues of Washington and Lincoln will be torn down.
    The day after that, the MLK statues and Holocaust museums will be torn down.”

  4. White supremacy is the epithet/slur the jewsmedia and their fellow travelers use to denigrate us. Just like Putin and Russia are the invented boogeyman of contemporary politics in the West, pro-Whites are eviserated as the antithesis of present day “American Values.”

    Personally, I consider myself a White separatist and White advocate. The last thing we need is to reign superior over another race inside the borders of our ethno-states.

    Let the other races rise or fall on their own merits or lack there of.

    Cuckservatives like david french and other zio infected goys can remain the the pot of simmering water that will be their doom.

    • That White Supremacy means lording over other races is the jews definition. It is merely a false smear. A White supremacist is any White person who does not hate his or her heritage. It is jews who are racial supremacists in the context which defines their intentions to subjugate all other racial groups. Whites do not share this intention. White supremacy refers to supremacy of White values, which were based on both moral, and Christian values — the rule of law, loyalty to Race and Nation, respect for moral and legitimate authorities and elders, keeping to your word, honor, monogamy, marriage between men and woman, such things as supporting the US Constitution, free speech for all, ensuring the constitutionally protected right to bear arms and that a high moral standard is kept in order to inspire the other races to follow that high moral standard. It is not at all about racial subjugation or enslavement of other races.

  5. When’s he going to do an article on Jewish supremacy? Geez, it’s all around us. It’s in Europe and South America. It’s even in South Africa where the stupid negroes don’t have a clue. Not sure about China but I’m sure they intend on undermining Asia, too. It’s what they live to do. The worst of the worst of oppressive ideologies. They love to oppress decent, honest, hard-working, fair-minded, creative, law & order, extremely desirable nation building whites.

    I wish this vermin and the rest of his tribe would all go to Israel. Permanently.

  6. The thirty years war 1618 – 1648 wiped out 2/3 of the central European population. They’ve been trying to rid us White European man for millennia and been doing a good job, aye?

    Our master’s are not stupid. They have our hands 1/2 tied and we still have our legs and feet.

    • Because Swissy were the ones doing the killings either by finance or by mercenary armies.

      Oh you ask, are they not too European? Lol…

    • You mean the jew denigration of White supremacy is a conspiracy theory. White supremacists believe in White homelands, Freedom of speech, Gun rights, Anti-immigration, Pro-family, we are Anti-feminist, We hold traditional views on sex, we believe homos and trannies should be treated as mentally ill or criminal. We believe in Racial separation. We believe that Christian/traditional European values taught in school. Also, an economy which serves the people’s interests before the interests of multinational corporations and third-world countries.

      Our racial enemies claim that Whites believe they are superior to other races and must maintain a multi-racial society so Whites can rule over inferior races to serve our own purpose. But, if the truth were told, this agenda fits the activities of every other racial group, except for Whites. Obviously the overwhelming majority of Whites want to live separately, away from nonwhites, so therefore, to be unable to gain advantage or benefit from other races. And then, they call us “White Supremacists” which is hypocrisy and gall in it’s purest form.

  7. My nation-Australia-has just signed the UN global compact on refugees by our-wait for it-CONSERVATIVE government. Not the leftwing Labor party, but those purporting to be Conservative. The Australian people were never consulted….NEVER!!!
    What hope does the West have when even the Right side of politics does this to us? It astounds me that they can call themselves ‘Conservative’ when they don’t actually conserve anything, and lack any morality. This same party allowed in Africans, involved us in wars and allowed our manufacturing sector to slip away offshore. I can’t explain how shockingly irritated I am.
    And they wonder why people like us exist. They wonder why we feel this way. Why can’t they ever agree to meet us face to face-and then we can explain why we do. Gawd, fuck I just have no words!

  8. Where does modern morality come from? Not the bible, at least, not anymore. Not Western Philosophical tradition. Where did this humanist, atheistic, globalist, utopian morality come from?

    The media dictates modern morality and it conveniently never writes it down. We can even see the goal posts moving in real time. Transgenderism was a joke not too long ago, but today it’s the civil rights struggle of our age.

  9. “I don’t always allow a group of Negroes to run a train on my wife. But when I do my master Bill Kristol gets to watch.”

    David French, interview with Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air, March 2016

  10. it’s hard to identify with something that deliberately excludes you. nay, deliberately attacks you every day as THE problem.

    for european men, what is there to identify with when it comes to America 2.0?

    it’s even worse than that actually, since european men are expected to be the mules, and to do the heavy lifting for America 2.0, while being given a nice heaping cup of “Thanks, now F you, go die” every day you turn in your solid 8 hours of productive work, which is the only thing keeping this fake, artificial nation going at this point.

    it’s really depressing when you consider south africa for instance. that makes you realize that productive european men, while under constant daily attack, can keep this frankenstein country slowly shambling down the road for decades and decades as it steadily declines.

    it’s hard to understand why so many europeans are deliberately voting democrat at this point, but you feel the despair when you look at other nations who are further along this path and in worse condition, and realize they’ve been voting for the same policies for decades. leaders who openly hate them, ‘fellow’ citizens who are nothing but parasites.

  11. “If you’re a conservative, the chances are that you don’t like to talk or think about White Supremacy very much…”

    And if you share Mr. French’s blood, identity, & Zionist convictions, chances are you are neither discussing the role you and your kind had for the original rise of Nazis in The Weimar Republick, nor for having doing everything possible to reincarnate them in the United States, circa 2018.

  12. Other than the dwindling boomer readership of National Review does anyone really care what this whiny, self indulgent, level 3 anti-White has to say?

  13. If there is ever a racial breakup of the Union, who here cares to predict what will be done to Alabama. What parts of Alabama would be left for Whites? Both state flagships are in or near the Black Belt of the state. And I am not just talking about the soil.

  14. I will never understand the lack of self awareness re the huge double standard between condemnation of White nationalism, but celebration of Jewish nationalism.

    • in the press, it’s “ultranationalism” if referring to little satan. If the great satan, anything right of Lev Bronstein is “hard right extremism”

    • They are quite aware. In their minds, Jews are eternal victims and whites are eternal oppressors, so it’s all good.

  15. I’m used to be a Christian…..

    My father was a Pastor and I went to a Christian college……

    I’m well educated in the History, Philosophy, Theology of Orthodox/Unorthodox Christianity……

    The empirical approach of the Alt-Right is very useful……

    If we assume that Jesus of Nazareth actually existed then, in reading the New Testament, it’s obvious that his mission was centered entirely on his own Hebraic people…….

    This is where the true utility of Christian Philosophy has always been and remains……

    Within the bounds of a certain people (Family, Tribe, Race, Nation)…….

    It was Saul of Tarsus, a pre-Talmudic Pharisee, who ‘saw the Light’……

    It was Saul of Tarsus who brought the message of ‘Turn the Other Cheek/Love your Enemies’ to the broader Roman Empire……

    The Roman Empire who was oppressing his Tribe/Race/Nation……..

    He ‘saw the Light’ indeed……..

    If you re-read the Pauline Epistles with new eyes and think about our current Hebraics in the Open Borders/SJW/Cultural Marxist J-Left…..

    There are many Parallels……

    The Leftist Hebraics now try to manipulate White American Christians into their own replacement and dispossession with the…….

    “But, Jesus said to ‘Feed and Clothe the Poor and Needy!!'”……..

    The current Pope is a World Symbol of Mental Illness induced by irrational globalist interpretations of Christianity…….

    And then there’s the Rightist Hebraic manipulations of White American Christians who believe that Hebraics are ‘God’s Chosen People’ and Israel is a ‘Holy Land’…..

    With endless War in the Mideast and an Arab Muslim World which hates America……

    The way out of this mess is a Radical Reformation of Modern Christianity……..

    The Alt-Right way…….

  16. I’m stunned by the cluelessnessness of these people. They blame the “rise of extremism” on everything except the real reason… it is an utterly predictable backlash against rampant leftism and anti-whiteness. And to blame Trump for enabling White Nationalism when he is stubbornly civ-nat… these people live in a bubble and have no understanding of human nature. NPCs.

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