Worst Patriotard, Neocon Slave Warrior OK Rep. Steve Russell Gets the Boot!

Some more really good news from the Congressional elections.

As bad as it gets fagg***t, patriotard, Oklahoma Rep. Steven Russell was given the boot by Oklahoma voters who elected the district’s first Democrat congressman (a lib women) since 1975!

Rep. Steve Russell is as bad as it gets RINO, patriotard who made his big mark commanding an army battalion to


Russell bought and pedals the most convoluted Neo Conservative/Zionist lies that the United States was fighting against an Axis of Evil led by Saddam Hussein who was supposedly “The Next Hitler” and thanks to Christian Zionist warriors like Oklahoma Rep. Steve Russell Iraq and the entire Middle East was supposedly saved for American style:

Freedom and Democracy!

Well no – actually the result of 25 years of Amerukun patriotard military intervention in Iraq was….

Total Anarchy
Genocide of Arab Christians
ISIS coming to power complete with open child sex slave auctions

Thanks Steve Russell.

Immigration RINO TRAITOR!

Those of us “in the know” understand the flip side of the worst RINO Christian Zionist patriotards is

Immigration Treason

Not even 2013 Amren Traitor of the Year Rand Paul ever made as bad an immigration treason speech as OK Rep. Steve Russell did on JUNE 20, 2018 (link) where RINO Russell embraced the words of Zionist Emma Lazarus that the United States MUST welcome the entire (3rd) world to immigrate to the United States:

“Lady Liberty must continue to raise her arm and keep her torch burning brightly, rather than exchange it for a stiff arm and a middle finger. The words inscribed at her base must not say “Send me only your Physicians, your Scientists and your Nobel Laureates.” If we use our passions, anger and fear to snuff out Liberty’s flame by xenophobic and knee-jerk policies, the enemies of liberty win, and what makes America exceptional will die. Period.”

Here’s hoping YOU DIE of TB, infectious hepatitis, ebola or AIDS after you are raped by M13 migrants!

But, the good news is that another immigration traitor, patriotard, RINO has bitten the dust.

Another one bites the dust! (link Queen song)


  1. Big deal. One rhino down, but the congress is filled with 534 anti-White pols (sans Rep. King).

    Wake me up when we have a caucus of Alternative for America Party members in congress. Until then, it’s only going to get worse as the demographics shift darker, and the nation lunges even more anti-White.

  2. the real problem is that military men are just not that smart. a hard and disappointing lesson for older guys.

    perhaps it is a sign of the times, and they weren’t as bad as this in the past. being an older guy myself, and a recruit at west point, i think that’s probably the case, and that the officers are worse now. the clinton era officers and afterwards in particular. schwarzkopf was so much smarter and better than any of these guys. the last real general to command the US forces. shinseki was the beginning of the decline in earnest.

    look at how absolutely terrible kelly and mattis are, and how mcmasters in particular was an outright moron. and realize, they’re better than the last decade of dumb guys who were in charge. that’s about the ceiling now – a small skinny weak man like mattis, blathering about how he’s a tough guy who’s gonna kill anybody who crosses him – yet couldn’t defend america from transexuals, let alone invading armies from the south. trump wants to get out of afghanistan, a total nonsense long term engagement, and mattis starts drooling like a libertarian when you start talking about not legalizing all hard drugs. herp derp, we must stay in for some stupid moronical reason.

    • Part of the problem is that the focus on distance running, especially in elite units, means that only skinny ectomorphs can keep up with the running into middle age and reach general rank.

  3. It’s funny in a twisted way how desperate Muricans are to recapture that WWII feeling. Every tinpot dictator is a mortal threat to (((our))) freedoms. Saddam was going to take away our soy products and Call of Duty, I guess.

    The number one country that threatens the peace is jewmerica. Murica #1! Ooh rahh!

  4. I know so many good people are giving in to gloom, doom and despair. Because of 24/7 Ziomedia/cuckservative media propaganda that our cause is hopeless and evil – and our enemies and traitors are empowered and living wealthy, successful lives, while we can’t even meet in public – yes, it often seems hopeless.

    But, our activism does have positive, successful results.

    Has anyone else noticed that Rand Paul hasn’t made many/any insane, treasonous comments about mass immigration, supporting birth right citizenship for Afro/Arab Al Qaeda terrorist leaders now in Yemen (born in New Mexico)?

    This was the direct result of our activism – we shamed Rand Paul, outed him, doxed him and now he doesn’t do this immigration treason/BlackliesMatter treason anymore.

    With pathetic, typical Patriotard, Christian Zionists, immigration traitors like this Army Iraq Vet Steve Russell – it’s a lot tougher to do because a huge % of our people still worship the US Military and the life of US ZOG military officers is a lot better than having to work at Wallmart or compete with “undocumented” Central Americans for bus boy and construction jobs.

    I do take some comfort in personally outing this immigration traitor, idiot Christian Zionist warrior slave Steven Russiell – we have to use the effective tactics of the Left including some of the Antifa – this entails “doxing”.

    Traitor men like Sen. Steve Russell can not be allowed to live carefree, successful lives where all kinds of White Southern/Oklahoma folks honor him as a military hero and patriot.

    Please anyone in or around Oklahoma, please download Russell Moore’s insane, treasonous C-Span speech where he recites arch White enemy Emma Lazurus’ demand that we the United States of America must welcome the entire population of the 3rd world, including the entire gang population of El Salvador and somehow this is what made America great.

    Frankly we need to do what Antifa does – confront the likes Steve Russell and their families in restaurants, golf clubs and get in their face.

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