Marco Rubio Defends “American Nationalism”

Here is the link to the WSJ editorial:

“In commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, French President Emmanuel Macron said: “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. By saying ‘Our interests first, who cares about the others,’ we erase what a nation holds dearest . . . its moral values.”

That might sound nice, but Mr. Macron got it almost exactly backward. It is through the nation that moral values can be upheld and sustained. In America, our ideals are deeply intertwined with our national traditions and institutions. Mr. Macron may have intended…”

It is behind a paywall.

The Daily Caller has some excerpts:

“Rubio pointed out where he believes Macron is wrong.

“American nationalism is opposed to the kind of detached rationality Mr. Macron described,” he wrote.

“What makes America exceptional is that our values are built into our national identity. While we have never been completely true to our founding ideas, for more than two centuries each generation has fought and succeeded to move us closer to them,” the op-ed reads.

Trump received his share of negative responses to his claim as a nationalist, with several in the media suggesting the president’s comments could be construed as “coded language” to Americans holding racist ideologies and emboldening white nationalists.

“President Trump is right to embrace the label ‘nationalist,’ because a true American nationalism isn’t about a national identity based on race, religion or ethnicity,” Rubio defended. …”

Here is the FOX News interview:

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  1. “a true American nationalism isn’t about a national identity based on race, religion or ethnicity,” Rubio defended. …””

    Well of course Rubio is a civic nationalist. Civic Nationalism is White Genocide with flag waving.

    The White Founders were not civic nationalists, they dedicated the Constitution to themselves and their Posterity, and No One Else! To underline what they mean by Our Posterity, the first laws they passed regarding immigration, said only Whites could be citizens.

    *** They wouldn’t let trash like Rubio into the country! ***

    If the Founders were alive today, Rubio, Jeb, and Donald Trump would be screaming naziwantstokillsixmillionjews at them. PayPal would have cut them off two years ago, and the Silicon Valley fag elite, would have de-platformed all their websites.

    Its amazing that Americans still argue when you point these facts out. Apparently passing a law saying only Whites can be citizens, means the founders were not White Nationalists, it means they loved multi-racialism! That is the result of television brainwashing, wishful thinking, a dumbed down population, and political correctness turned into a religion.

  2. So now Andre Wanglin and Little Foam Boy Marco are at the literal same spot on the political spectrum.

    Actually Little Marco might be more based – if Andrew were a Senator, Jew Weev would be his chief of staff.

    • Based Marco Rubio, just like Based Lindsey Graham. Both based AF for defending mainstream conservative political positions like tax cuts for globohomo corporations.

  3. “American Nationalism®”

    Is a bunch of Neo-Yankee Liberals© who think that Massachusetts still rules America®©, Leftists© and Communists© of various types, their Jewish masters, and their hordes of coloured auxiliaries and Askaris.

    It’s also anti-White and anti-American.

  4. What Senator Rubio is thinking is, in and of itself, not important.

    However, as a sign of where the culture is, and or is going,it is valuable.

    That a Mainstream Congregant, such as Senator Rubio, would start publically remonstrating for any kind of Nationalism, is a very good measure for how much change is occurring, and, perhaps more importantly, how much change can occur to the general Culture of America, over the coming years.

    Folks are impatient for political reform I know, but, that reform cannot occur unless the culture, whence it arises, changes.

    Here is one of many good signs.


    : a feeling that people have of being loyal to and proud of their country often with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries

    : a desire by a large group of people (such as people who share the same culture, history, language, etc.) to form a separate and independent nation of their own


    : a body of persons that are united by a common culture, tradition, or sense of kinship, that typically have common language, institutions, and beliefs, and that often constitute a politically organized group

    Merriam Webster Dictionary

    Nationalism is a danger for the Jewish people. Today, as in all epochs of history, it is proved that Jews cannot live in powerful states where a high national culture has developed.

    From The Jewish Sentinel, Chicago, issue of September 14, 1936.

  6. Who believes him? He flip flops all the time. He’s a Hispanic first; no, he’s an Israel firster and a Hispanic second. He wants to be reelected and is already starting his next campaign trail.

  7. United States of Amerika was only built to be destroyed by the same secret society ‘Freemasonry’ that built it.

    What more proof do you want for example, in the backyard of the Whitehouse sits a huge ‘obelisk’ Washington monument for which the President makes decisions in the ‘oval’ office and almost every president can be connected to a certain blood line.

    The enemy is not the ‘sea’ of people but our ruling class that sits in three corners Switzerland/city of Londen, ‘banking’ the Vatican ‘church’ and Washington DC ‘military’ and its bloodline foward.

    Only true history will reveal this monopoly. My advice, look back a thousand years ago in Europe. There were no castles or wars or famine before a 1000ad in Europe.

    Know your real enemy, history doesn’t lie.

    • I too at one time was a Hitler apologist until I learned the truth. He ruled for 12 years, gave the German people hope after being devastated by WW1 only to destroy Europe and our people after WW2…

      Can you see the connection? They built the Georgia Guide Stones for a purpose, not to make the landscape nice.

  8. Then the people will claim Hitler destroyed Freemasonry. He only killed or jailed the dupes that were only below a certain degree in this secret society to make it seem he was distorting evil.

    Where do the jews fit into the octagon? Go back to ancient Egypt..

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