Stacey Abrams Concedes Georgia Governor’s Race


Brian Kemp will be the next governor of Georgia:

“Republican Brian Kemp will be the next governor of Georgia, with Democrat Stacey Abrams conceding Friday afternoon following a bitter 10-day battle since election day last week.

The contest between the two had been one of the most closely-watched — and bitter — of the cycle. Abrams, who was vying to become the first black woman ever elected governor in U.S. history, had alleged throughout the campaign that Kemp, who stepped down as secretary of state after the election, had been working to disenfranchise minority voters and suppress new registrations. …”

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, GOODBYE!

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  1. some african will be governor of this state by the next election though. so nothing to celebrate here. just delaying the inevitable at this point.

    state and national politics moving forward will mostly be a vibrant socialist versus a european nationalist. with the vibrants increasingly winning.

    this is why they will never, ever allow you to separate or leave the union. they need you, to be the mule. they don’t have a problem with hating you, telling you to your face, and at the same time requiring that you stay. this is actually the better arrangement. they get to tell you how much they hate you, how you’re the problem with every, and they get to force to give them your money and your labor. and there’s nothing you can do about it. how great would that be? it’s awesome for them.

    • Attention Southern Congress / White Southern Nationalist Think Tank : You better hurry. Blarg is right. Look HOW CLOSE the unqualified baboon came. It’s just a matter of time because for black / brown / self hating white voters, all that’s necessary is that you’re black. The Devil would get elected as long as he was a negro. We need to step up the secession movement.

      Why would you NOT do it ?

        • Ya know … I was gonna ask the guy who first even conceived of creating the twin towers : “Why didn’t you just do it yourself ?” I decided not to, on account of how over intelligent it would make me sound.

    • Many deep South states will turn blue. As will Texas and Florida in time. That bodes ill for the possibly of Southern secession as the League of the South advocates. We should champion intra-state secession just like Northern California is red but dominated by multiracial blue California.The LOTS needs to think in terms of the upper South and the Heartland States and will need to expand beyond its Southern cradle.

      • I do not think you take you own thinking to it’s logical conclusion, Dear Ethno.

        No, Sir – what is coming will not be occurring along state lines, but along establishment-anti establishment, big city against rural, Blue Areas against Red.

        The South could become independent from that, but, as most Southerners do not wish to be independent, I think the South would look for a way of continued dependence on somebody, something, somewhere.

        Hope I’m wrong, however.

    • Glarb, a mess of turnip greens, especially after the frost, cook ??? with fatback, helps me get cleaned out.
      Loosing that bloated feeling gives me a brighter outlook. Try it some time!
      Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are ?

  2. Stacey Abrams is one seriously perturbed AAPOC (African-American person of color) and one can be sure she will take the next four years raising money, getting AAPOCs registered, etc.

    At least Whites will know what is over the horizon, and have some time to prepare.

  3. Apparently that gap-toothed cannibal made her speech not on EST (Eastern Standard Time) but on CPT – Colored People’s Time. And it wasn’t exactly what I would call a gracious concession. Uppity communist nigger.

    • @spahnranch1969

      “Uppity communist nigger.”

      Niggers aren’t Communists, or anything else political. Their political beliefs and opinions come from the last authoritative White/Jew they heard from.

      Left alone, they don’t know and don’t care. Furthermore, they don’t have any original thoughts, either.

      That’s why everybody from the Abolitionists to the Jews have been exploiting them as anti-Southern and anti-White political weapons since Colonial Times.

      Hell, even Southern statesmen exploited the very real fears and concerns about Niggers and their nature, in order to gain political capital.

      The NAACP and BLM weren’t created by Blacks, nor on their own, would they have ever created them. All the war’s and revolutions since the 1950’s in Africa, that claimed any kind of ideological underpinnings, got the ideology from outside of Africa.

      To the average African Nigger, Marxism, Capitalism and Christianity are just White Man’s mumbo-jumbo that they add to all the other mumbo-jumbo floating around in their otherwise empty heads.

      I know from personal experience that they believe and accept as truth anything that makes sense on a superficial level, doesn’t sound like obvious bullshit, to them at least, and is spoken by somebody they consider to be authoritative.

      Which is why we can steal them away from ZOG, and turn them against it.

      • “Which is why we can steal them away from ZOG, and turn them against it.”

        When the vote isn’t close, blacks vote like the rest of the population, for who ever is most likely to win.

        When the vote is close, the call goes out to the Owners of the black vote to vote Democrat. How to vote cards are handed out, the blacks are bused around on polling day.

        The blacks have never disobeyed the owners of the black vote, and they never will. This is why as far as Republicans are concered, there is no black vote, and there never will be a black vote.

  4. Thank God! HW can you imagine that sheboon breaking down your door when you write politically incorrect essays about this low IQ commiecoon?

  5. That woman wants to blow up Stone Mountain.

    Most of the Blacks in Georgia don’t even know, or care, that there was an election, much less who was in it, or who won or who lost.

    • “Most of the Blacks in Georgia don’t even know, or care, that there was an election…..”

      That’s odd, they all appeared to have voted for her. Every single one and then some.

  6. Liberals are at the lower end of the Bell Curve. Stacey Abrams is the epitome of a low IQ bonobo. I firmly believe we have found the missing link.

  7. Negroes should never be tasked with running anything. Has anyone here been to Africa? They couldn’t run a brothel in Bangkok or build a mile long gravel road, but yet I’m sure nogs will be running US states soon. Its called changing demographics and more non-white voters.
    Cheer up Stacey…..maybe next time.
    I’m guessing that if or when she gets in, it will be all help the blacks, advance the blacks, give funding to this black cause or that one. The whites will get nothing out of it.

    • They cant even run McDonalds or Taco Bell without fuc*ing up the order. Anybody that has ever lived in a majority white area and them stopped at a black run fast food outlet while traveling knows this to be true.Compare fast food joints in Greenville Mississippi to ones in Pass Christian, Ocean Springs, or Bay Saint Louis in Mississippi.

  8. Actual secession is highly unlikely – the “Top-Down” form being the only realistic possibility; however, legally autonomous splits may be achievable, e.g. North Arkansas and South Arkansas.

    • Oh, yes, I’m sure that the country currently comprised of multiple nations who are utterly alien to each other and hate each other’s guts will hold together forever in its current form.

      Attempting some damage control by posting the same thing in every thread on here, Shlomo?

      • Just commenting along the flow of a few threads. My opinion.

        Do you really expect kikejews to give up the ‘golden goose’ until they’ve depleted all of its usefulness? They will feed it enough to keep it rolling if even with squeaky wheels.

        One of those could be the above mentioned slipping through. It is somewhat in keeping with Billy Roper’s broad approach, obviously with a stopgap twist.

        None of us know the future, but present reality is clear. As I often post:

        First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

  9. Abrams, Hillary, and other creeps were spewing the talking point that Abrams OBVIOUSLY would have won had the vote been fair. And this half-wit even admitted in public she was counting on illegals voting for her. They’re trying to create unrest by accusing the winner of being illegitimate, like good Alinskyites. So evil. Too bad nobody in law enforcement seems interested in enforcing election integrity. Oh, well.

  10. She’s a militant negro. Any white that voted for her are our enemies and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, Georgia like the rest of the South, was sold out by its politicians, business leaders, union bosses, chambers of you-name-it, etc. time and time again. You simply don’t have this kind of destruction without help from within. And, lots of it.

  11. The Bonobos are just the vanguard. The Communist push won’t let up until full scale chimpouts are the norm in the Georgia legislature. Like this: “Fighting Breaks Out in South Africa’s Parliament” [again] Time out from planning the Boer genocide.

  12. Farrakhan is making some progress in getting some blacks to turn on the Jews who exploit them, but the majority when told by the Jew to jump ask “How high?”

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