Poll: Majority of Americans Want To Regulate Social Media

This is an easy win.

It is also something that the majority of Americans support which means that the GOP can’t seize on the issue because 1.) their retarded True Cons ideology and 2.) their donors:

“Silicon Valley has a big and growing problem: Americans have rising concerns with its most popular products and a growing majority wants big social media companies regulated, according to new poll conducted by Survey Monkey for “Axios on HBO.”

Why it matters: The public is more aware than ever of some of the negative consequences of the technologies that have changed their lives, which makes Silicon Valley and social media ripe political and regulatory targets. …

By the numbers: In the past year, there has been a 15-point spike in the number of people who fear the federal government won’t do enough to regulate big tech companies — with 55% now sharing this concern. …”

Most Americans would also support preserving our historic monuments and cracking down on Antifa violence. And yet, the GOP is paralyzed and unable to act on any of these issues.

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  1. Instead of regulating them, government could indicate that social media sites are public spaces, at which point they would be subject to our first amendment requirements.

  2. “the GOP is paralyzed and unable to act on any of these issues.”

    They’re neither paralysed nor unable to act. They just won’t do anything outside of what their constituents want. Which constituents, are their donors, not us.

  3. GOP and Demos are also a monopoly. They collude with each other and their donors to force political correctness and globalism on America. They must be broken up.

  4. @Paul Nehlen

    You have to remember we’re dealing with people who are duplicitous in the double minded sense. They think of themselves as both the rulers of society, and its opponents.

    When in opposition mode, they simply ignore the laws that stand in their way. In their minds, laws are for regulating, containing and destroying their political enemies and therefore don’t apply to them, because they’re “good people trying to make the World a better place.”

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