Jair Bolsonaro’s Cleanup Of Brazil Has Begun

It’s not like these criminals weren’t on notice.

Brazil had an election. Violent crime and how to deal with it was the defining issue of that election. The people of Brazil are sick of being victimized these thugs. Bolsonaro won’t be sworn in as president until January 1, but his position in the campaign was shoot the criminals.

A lot of people in the Alt-Right are feeling blackpilled right now.

If you look around the world though, the United States under Donald Trump and the UK after Brexit stand out as exceptions to the rule. Poland just had its biggest nationalist march ever. Salvini has closed the borders in Italy and is more popular than ever. Macron in France has plummeted in the polls. Merkel is on the way out in Germany. Bolsonaro seems to be heading in the Duterte direction in Brazil.

Americans voted for a nationalist government. Brits voted to leave the EU. We haven’t gotten anything though except the same old conservative dogshit.

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  1. IMO, it the alt-right got too close to conservatives during the campaign and have lost their ability to act independently. I don’t think infiltrating the GOP will ever work, the the Daily Stormer and TRS people have been very insistent that this is the only way and have attacked people who disagree.

    My prediction is that the GOP will lose the White House and Senate in 2020 and the Democrats will go hard anti-white. Then we will finally have conditions for a real mass white nationalist movement in America. But it will have to happen outside of the GOP will take a long time and a lot of work to build. We will win in the 2030’s.

    At that point, a majority of whites will be consciously pro-white.

    • At that point, a majority of whites will be consciously pro-white.

      Outnumbered and probably dead, South Africa 2.0 if the dems get in. We need to act now while we still have a chance. How? I have no clue.
      Just the thought of having a pro White interest group is racist and immoral in the eyes of even our own White people.

      • “How? I have no clue.” I’ve been following the news/current events for a long time. IMO, if there would be an attack on a major anti-Trump news organization, it might kick off a series of such attacks that would place the MSM on the run and open the airwaves to Real News…

        • They’re all anti-Trump
          Are you serious? All they’ll do is change the channel on the electric jew and see whats up with the Kardashian’s.
          We are not getting this without action. My suggestion, screw them all and start starting and supporting White interest groups. If it starts chaos all the better. Then and only then will the Whites snap out of their comas

  2. Well, at least Bolsonaro ran on conservative dogshit so he isn’t betraying his supporters if he implements it.

    The 2000 version of Bolsonaro is a different story though. That guy was based AF.

    • People want to think that Bolsonaro is another Duturte (when Duturte himself was another Chavez), when I think it’s more likely that Bolsonaro is another Putin…

      …better than the neoliberal alternatives to be sure, maybe even has the right basic idea of what needs to be done… but he’s always gonna be led astray by the hook-nosed gent in the Armani suit that keeps whispering into his ear. That’s the HOPEFUL outcome.

      Instead of these continued prayers for heroic Strongmen to come seize the reins of state power as save us from our rulers, we’d do better if we became strongmen in and of ourselves.

      • There’s a picture on Twitter of Bolsonaro’s sons proudly wearing Mossad shirts. Tommy Robinson was photographed wearing the same shirt. Brazil my have a more ruthless version of American (((Civic Nationalism))), but that will be the only difference.

  3. I call for violence ONLY in self-defense. This qualifies. This violent nigger robber got violence returned, just ratcheted up a notch. This is the ONLY way to deal with violent muds-it is the only thing they respect.. If Trump had any balls and kept his promises, this video could be of some violent antifa that had just attacked one of us or the kwaps.

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