Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s New Asylum Rules

The most predictable thing in the world just happened:

“A federal judge in San Francisco late Monday blocked new rules put into place by President Donald Trump that limit the ability of migrants to request asylum, a legal blow to the administration’s efforts to curb legal immigration that opens the door for more members of the migrant caravan to request asylum in the U.S.

U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar ruled that the administration’s new policy of cutting off asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally appears to run afoul of U.S. law that specifically allows them to do so.

The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act states that any foreigner who arrives in the USA, “whether or not at a designated port of arrival,” may apply for asylum. But on Nov. 9, Trump tried to overrule that law, signing a presidential proclamation ending the ability of migrants to request asylum if they enter the country illegally.

“The rule barring asylum for immigrants who enter the country outside a port of entry irreconcilably conflicts with the INA and the expressed intent of Congress,” wrote Tigar …”

Is there anything that Trump has done that a federal judge HASN’T blocked?

Somewhere in China you know that Xi Jinping is laughing at Trump’s impotence. Vladimir Putin is laughing in Russia. These unelected judges have taken over the country and determine everything now. We have the most absurd system of government in the world.

Note: Where is Julius Caesar these days?

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  1. A second civil war (using the term to describe 1861-1865 is inaccurate but commonly used) is inevitable and, if things continue, might be absolutely necessary some day. A better solution is partition.

  2. Judges outrank the president? I must’ve missed that in the Constitution. Judicial supremacy is another proof that the left runs the country, by hook or by crook. If they can’t stuff the ballot box, they’ll overturn the voters’ will from the bench. Old Hickory told chief justice John Marshall to stick it, but nowadays a tool in a black robe is a minor god who must be obeyed.

  3. Unfortunately, our legions are commanded by generals & admirals (like McRaven) who are traitors to the American republic & their own people, & are loyal only to the Neocon Global Empire. The rank & file include many of us, but their leaders are as much members of the Deeps State as any federal judge.

  4. The new FTN/TRS strategy seems to be spend the next two years shaming Trump into action.


    Two years we need to spend moving towards our new nation will be squandered. We need to speak with one voice: “Partition”.

  5. Did the people vote for Trump, or this out of touch judge??!
    Jews and judges seem to be running the country.
    Every day, another story highlighting the joke that is ‘democracy’. Translated-you simply don’t have any.

  6. The whole situation could have been prevented with a couple dozen airstrikes. Instead, Trump once again looks like a chump.

  7. Judge Tigar is the son of Mike Tigar.

    Mike famously represented Terry Nichols.

    Mike is married to a lady called Blanksteen.

    The name is echo-like!

  8. “God emperor Trump!” LOL, what a joke this old man is. I think Trump knows these “judges” will overthrow his rules. He is just scoring points with his MAGA fanboys. What a truly impotent president. I love this site because it’s down to earth.

    • Sure, it’s just like his tweets. It’s painfully obvious that he just says whatever the noisiest group of people wants to hear at the moment, then does nothing.

      He’s coasting through on the fact that most people will give the same credit for SAYING you’re going to do something as they will for ACTUALLY doing it. At least for a shockingly long while.

  9. Yes, Imperial America is in decline, and becoming the laughing stock of the world. I heartily agree that: “We have the most absurd system of government in the world.” It is time that racially conscious Whites in America begin *Rethinking The Propositions*. I have.

  10. This is what happens when the enemy controls your national and state governments.

    Appomattox Courthouse. The gift that keeps on giving.

    • You sure got that right, Jimmie – Appomattox Courthouse – the beginning of the end of the country!

  11. Aw man, I love that scene…great series, “Rome”. Sometimes force can be attractive. Maybe that’s why Marxists fear “Bonapartism” so much…this from a guy who stood at Attention and Presented Arms at the tomb of L’empereur.

  12. If you read the Anti-federalist papers you will see they warned that American under the proposed Constitution would turn into rule by Judges and Judicial fiat and the tax power would be uncontrollable. And here we are!

  13. “We have the most absurd system of government in the world.”

    Couldn’t of said it better. Especially being literally forced by gunpoint to live with these animals. I’m old enough to first hand witness this desegregation method.

    The .gov is our enemy even Trump knows this and is playing along. If he wanted he could pull an Obama by saying “I have a pen and a phone” and start writing executive orders.

  14. So an Obama appointee is blocking this. What’s the surprise? I thought Trump was going to clear out all these Leftist judges. The more time goes on, the more he is starting to look like a failure. Not one pedophile has been charged. Not one. Hillary is still on the loose.

    I want to see heads roll. Literally, and lots of them. Now!

  15. “Is there anything Trump has done that a federal judge HASN’T blocked”

    Not one thing. I would say the logical explanation for the President not disregarding the courts is that the Republicans in the Senate are telling him they will convict him if the House impeaches him for not obeying the judges.

    Constantly blaming Trump while acknowledging what the judiciary is doing to him is a disconnect from reality.

    • Though in that case, the effect is the same, that this is the most absurd, ridiculous, stupid system ever to have defaced the world.

      “The President is uselessly helpless” is simply a different route than “the President is actively malicious” — both roads lead to the same conclusion.

  16. And now I read today that the troops are being pulled back from the border. Granted, I know they weren’t doing anything useful there anyway, but now we don’t even have security theater down there anymore.

  17. Trump could simply refuse to obey. What could the judges do? Of course you need a real leader to do something like that. Someone who is not an entertainer and professional bullshit artist/con man.

  18. The president’s role is like that of the pope’s – neither one of them has the ability to actually change the System that brought them to power. Their only job is to carry out the policies of that System.

  19. Just have the military line the entire southern border with Claymore anti-personnel mines. They’re easy to deploy, and you get a great bang for your buck.

    When these turd worlders trip a few of these land mines, the saying “vaya con dios ” will be quite appropriate l

  20. I wish Trump was half the authoritarian his critics claim he is. I think he is trying to work within the system to maintain its integrity, but we can’t afford to do that anymore. He needs to ignore them.

  21. He could have added those Central American countries to the travel ban, which has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

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