NY Times: The Land That Failed To Fail

The New York Times has a good article on the rise of China called “The Land That Failed To Fail”

“In the uncertain years after Mao’s death, long before China became an industrial juggernaut, before the Communist Party went on a winning streak that would reshape the world, a group of economics students gathered at a mountain retreat outside Shanghai. There, in the bamboo forests of Moganshan, the young scholars grappled with a pressing question: How could China catch up with the West?

It was the autumn of 1984, and on the other side of the world, Ronald Reagan was promising “morning again in America.” China, meanwhile, was just recovering from decades of political and economic turmoil. There had been progress in the countryside, but more than three-quarters of the population still lived in extreme poverty. The state decided where everyone worked, what every factory made and how much everything cost. …”

I found it pretty funny.

According to these people, I am supposed to be a racist, a white supremacist, an extremist because I reject their retarded Western ideology. These are the people who smugly convinced themselves that China would inevitably fail and all they had to do was sit back and wait.

I don’t have anything against China. The Chinese want to become rich while remaining Chinese. They want to be the major power in East Asia. They want to keep out Western degeneracy with their Great Firewall. These sound like sensible goals for a normal country to me.

Look at what China has accomplished under its Great Helmsman Xi Jinping. Compare the quality of China’s leadership to Theresa May’s UK, Macron’s France or Merkel’s Germany. We have a president who is so weak that he can’t even remove a reporter from the White House press pool. The United States allows itself to be invaded and overrun by Guatemalans and Hondurans. It can’t even pass a simple infrastructure bill while China is building infrastructure all over the world.

America’s leaders care about Drag Queen Story Hour than engineering. If there is a new Cold War between China and the United States, I have no doubt that China will win it. To be perfectly honest, we need the reality check to unburden ourselves of our worthless political class and its delusions.

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  1. China still has Achilles heels aplenty (if that isn’t a non sequitur!);
    1) massive real estate bubble (estimated 50 million homes empty due to overbuilding) with government basically fudging the figures, also massive unsustainable real estate debt,
    2) ill-will if not outright hatred from neighboring Asian countries, including Japan, Taiwan,
    3) ill-will if not outright hatred from their de facto colonialist and exploitative policies in Africa,
    4) Silk Belt and Road strategy unaffordable and – again – only viable by raising gargantuan sums of debt financing, within and outside China,
    5) unrest and anger within the country at egregious human rights violations and persecution of Christians, dissidents, ethnic minorities (Kazakhs, Uyghurs, Tibetans…).

    Not saying I disagree entirely with your analysis, but there is a huge downside to the projected (by China and their lackeys in the Western media and government) image of PRC success.

    • Aww, back to your Shtetl, shlomo! All five of your “points” are non sequitur…especially the last one.
      ” Egregious human rights violations”…oh moi gawd!! Fuck. All. Ethnic. Minorities.

    • Why it is bothering you @Jannie? Why? I do not understand it. How is your life affected by Chinese ? Why are you still sticking noses there. I read 10 years like Chine is going to fall. I lived there. I don’t want to come back, I don’t wish them bad, I don’t want them to live here. You Americans keep sticking your noses until somebody bite you.

    • The British Empire had all this under control, even China. The US demanded ‘freedom’ and League of Nations so they could exploit, and wrecked everything. Thanx bros! You thought you were smarter. If you’d joined the British Empire instead of wrecking it we’d be ruling the world now.

  2. I can’t wait to see the Chinx impose their ruthless Oriental regimentation on those lazy, shiftless niggers in Africa. Within a few days the darkies will be begging the French, Belgians and Germans to come back and rule over them again!

  3. Its hilarious how everyone tells the West, where every white looks different, to be diverse, and that border security is racism and to allow themselves to become a minority…..yet China, where everyone looks the same, is diverse enough apparently and doesn’t allow, or is encouraged, to take in non-Chinese.
    My grievances with China and the Chinese are many, but I’ll cite just a few here:-

    -many white countries, and whites have lost their manufacturing industries to China due to unfair trade practices, cheap labor and production costs we can’t compete with.

    -their appalling takeover of Tibet and total disregard for their culture and people.

    -their buy ups of real estate, farms and crucial infrastructure in nations like Australia.

    – the threat they pose to the population numbers of wildlife in Africa due to their demand for animal parts used as trophies, medicine or some other useless potion reputed to have ‘special healing properties’

    -and to top it off, Chinese are moving in large numbers to EVERY nation in the West, changing their culture, and inbreeding with whites at record levels.

    The Chinese smile at you and are polite…..as they slowly take over your nation.

    • Again, you have this imperial mindset. You do not have LOST industry to China. It was natural thing. It was dedicated policty by AMERICAN politician and business people. These things are planned YEARS in ahead. It was POLICY set up. China see beneficial policy, so they enjoy it.
      Yes, they take over Tibet. So what? Tibet was feudal country. They wage war and lost. For country, which is waging wars for generations, you should understand.
      You need to impose tarrifs on all goods and let China have their own course.

  4. China depends on access to US markets for its profitability. The US is the bigget market in the world. They rose in the 1980s because America gave them favored nation status, because the idiots in Washington thought wealth would make that gigantic Asian ant hill democratic.

    Asians don’t do anything but copy, so they can’t compete with White countries. The problem is America is turning brown, and ya’ll know what that means. Brown countries don’t invent anything, nor produce anything of value. Without outside help they starve. All brown countries are poor.

    • Your way of thinking. It is your American Hubris. Look, your goverment and companies sold American middle class to China. You know, Nixon who some people like so much on the right. Reason was, that they wanted China to abadon Soviet block. It worked, but they understimated China ability to suck you dry. BTW, they did what you was doing to world before…
      Anyhow, your founding fathers rally against this sticking nose to other people business. You should just retreat to your continent, leave china to their own cost. And most importantly, put tarrifs on the ALL good from all over the world. Not just leave door open for Canada & Mexico.
      God give you probable best geography on the world, you do not need other countries. You do not need imperium.
      Look, now you are on the crash course with China & Russia. If there would be any bigger proxy conflict with these nations, they crash you. You become just too soft.

  5. “To be perfectly honest, we need the reality check to unburden ourselves of our worthless political class and its delusions.”

    We also need full control of our state and national governments. In order for Whites to survive, our enemies have to be physically destroyed. That requires the full force and authority of government.

    If Virginia and Charlottesville were governed by actual Virginians, instead of a reconstruction government, the full force of the Commonwealth would be brought to bear on, and destroy Antifa© in that state.

    You can’t do anything when your enemies control your government, state(s) and nation.

  6. 5) unrest and anger within the country at egregious human rights violations and persecution of Christians, dissidents, ethnic minorities (Kazakhs, Uyghurs, Tibetans…).

    Outside of ostensibly White, Western nations, nobody cares about Human Rights, or Liberalism. It’s still dog eat dog and the immutable laws of nature still rule. As China and other countries loose their fear of USZOG, they’ll care even less than they already do now.

    Liberalism/Progressivism/PC. Invented by Jews, believed by Whites, ignored by muds.

  7. I am reading a book entitled The Next 100 Years. A Forecast for the 21st Century. The author predicts the collapse of both China and Russia and the rise to power of an Eastern European federation opposed to the European Union. He also predicts a revitalized Japan with world implications. I am amazed he still believes the United States will still exist and be a major power-indeed the number one power- well into the 22nd Century. Instead I envision a Soviet style collapse of the United States within the next 50 years at most.

  8. The ruling and political class in this country need to be slapped down and hard. Their priorities and leadership are on one level retarded with their focus on everything degenerate. But worst of all is that they are treasonous not just allowing but also supporting an open invasion into America.

    BTW, I was laughing all weekend about Trump unable/unwilling to kick out Acosta. Nothing has shown the utter weakness of Trump than that. It was the prefect time to disobey the courts on such a trivial matter and refuse to follow their baseless rulings. How is a man who cannot even kick out a CNN reporter out of his WH going to build a wall? It’s a joke.

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