Philly Antifa Attacked, Robbed Group Of Marines After ‘We The People’ Rally In Philadelphia

Two of these guys looked VERY FAMILIAR to me.

I haven’t tracked Philly Antifa, but I had a hunch about their identities:

“The Philadelphia Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify a group of people accused of attacking multiple Marine Corps reservists last Saturday afternoon down the street from the the “We the People” rally.

It happened around 3:20 p.m. on November 17th on the 100 block of South Front Street. According to police, the reservists were approached by a group of males and females, who called the reservists “Nazis” and “white supremacists.”

After that, say police, members of the group maced the reservists and punched and kicked them. One male member of the group allegedly stole a phone belonging to one of the reservists.

Police say that the group ran away northbound on Front Street toward Market Street. …”

I see that Jack Corbin is already on top of it:

This is a well known piece of shit who has been active in Antifa for over a decade now:

Antifa are so out of control in Trump’s America that they are attacking the Marines now. I can’t say that I am surprised when the FBI and Justice Department have turned a blind eye to them for 2 years now and Twitter and Facebook have given them platforms on which to organize.

Tom Keenan was one of the Antifa who started the violence in Charlottesville:

This isn’t the first time that Antifa have targeted the Marines, but now they have progressed from smashing out windows to armed assault and robbery in sneak attacks on our troops.

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  1. Can’t have the Imperial Marines (((who do defend Jewish capital))) getting mugged by Antifa. That just won’t do. No sir. These Goyische Antifa Kopf have some learning to do.

  2. Great news! antifa just made an enemy of Marines.

    Those cultural marxists are in for some serious beat downs. Haha

    • They won’t touch the Antifa. The military branches are completely P/C converged now and any Marines caught in the act of fighting with “anti-fash” parasites in any form other than obvious self defense will have the hammer come down hard on them. The SPLC will contact the Pentagon and make sure of it.

  3. Just a question:-what defence techniques are military personel being taught these days? They can’t even take on Antifa soy boys. Given the military only goes in to bat for Jews these days, I have no dog in that fight.

  4. Ironically, the Marines and Antifa are both mercenaries for ZOG. So I don’t care what they do to each other.

  5. The White Marines are always at risk of discovering they are Americans and have an oath of loyalty to the Republic to which the Constitution refers. The Antifa are Red Brigades and the sooner the Marines give them a structural adjustment the better.

  6. What we see here is CivNat Antifa vs Anarcho-Commie Antifa. As far as I’m concerned this is just a family fued.

  7. I concur with most of the above comments. We are a White Nationalist group on the east coast. During this past summer we were flyering a Country Music concert. A group of uniformed marines were manning a recruitment booth when they decided to come around us and virtue signal, wanting to know what we were handing out. We told them it was none of their business and that they were nothing but toy soldiers who were not defending America but were cannon fodder for Israhell. They huffed and puffed and went crawling back to their booth. I was an 82d ABN. Div. Paratroooer 45 years ago. Today’ s US military is a joke full of muds, homos, dykes and soy boys. With the exception of some of the elite mostly white units they couldn’t go up against the Girl Scouts. Glad to hear they got a beat down from pantifa.

  8. Antifa is not all bad. But they failed to understand, attacking some of Soros’ Marines is not the same as attacking American patriots. It is not approved. So they were arrested.

  9. The real crime is that white men are still joining the military. Frankly they deserve anything they get, whether it’s mace in the face back home or their legs blown off in a useless war overseas. They’re literally fighting for forces that want to exterminate them and their families from the face of the earth. Stupidity and treason this deep should have a price.

    • Isn’t that the absolute truth. I live near Fort Bragg and am in constant contact with brain washed Arm personnel

  10. Exactly who are these Antifa. I believe they are tatooed, frequently drug addicts freaks who have no real education and believe that if they can collapse the society that they will become the beneficiaries and new leaders. crazy

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