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  1. I really liked Gavin McInnes as a comedian and political commentators on Fox News and his own internet cable daily show. I called in many times.

    But, the guy is an entertainer – he wants access to mainstream media. He doesn’t want to drop out of mainstream society to be with us.

    That’s life.

  2. Maybe we should all write the Whitehouse, let Trump have a piece of our minds? That’s what I’m doing.

    • We’ve been talking for decades… If I hear one more person say to write to so-and-so Cuck in the Government I may burn my router. We have guys in prison, getting attacked and harassed, some of them have even commited suicide and these pieces of s*** in the Government are just fine to let that happen so long as we stick to writing WHINY, WEAK, LAME AND GROVELING LETTERS

      • “Proud Boys was a Honey Trap”
        Perceptive observation. McInnes has been working for (((THEM))) for quite some time now. He is married to an “American Indian” woman and reports of what goes on in that marriage is not suitable for posting on a site of decent people.
        He is typical of a long line of FRONT MEN in the pay of (((THEM))).

        The GOVERNMENT is supporting this…it is Germany all over again with (((GROUPS))) violently suppressing the speech and assembly of the CREATORS of the homeland.
        This will not be stopped because (((THEY))) are behind it. Look at all the gun laws that have been enacted and being proposed. End result? DISARMED WHITES. THEN genocide.

        BLACK SUN 2002 by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke New York University Press
        This sectarian character of the New Order is also implicit in its embattled rejection of the modern liberal world that is equated with unbridled license, moral decline and physical disease. For those who judge Hitler by the standards of his democratic opponents, Koehl asks what kind of world did the victors of 1945 actually give us. What is the cultural and political record of the Allies without Hitler after fifty years? Koehl sees a world of rat-race consumerism, self-fixation, environmental devastation, pollution and race mixing.

        “They altered the national demography and introduced us to integration, busing, Affirmative Action, minority quotas, sensitivity training, Black History and—the Holocaust. They gave us permissiveness, drugs, MTV and teen suicide. They gave us safe sex and unsafe streets and gun control. They gave us rock ‘n roll and rape-counseling centers. They gave us ‘alternative lifestyles,’ sodomy, AIDS, filth, perversion, chaos, crime, corruption, dumbing down and insanity of every kind.” 31 NS Bulletin, Second Quarter, 1995

        LOOK to Hezbollah for inspiration. They have a Christian division also. They have shown that the most powerful and ruthless of murderers can be stopped.

        Imam Khomeini wrote in 1944:
        “Today is the day when the Divine spiritual breeze has begun to blow. Today is the best day for making qiyam for the sake of reform (islah). Should you let this opportunity slip by and should you fail to stand for the sake of God and revive the rites of the faith, tomorrow will be the day when you will be overwhelmed by a handful of lustful delinquents who will make your entire religion and dignity the victim of their vicious aims.”

  3. What a flaming faggot. Now he’ll have more time to test out different butt-plugs. Maybe he can monetize that on Joogle.

  4. meanwhile, some of the ‘boys’ – those ones, who have the genetic potential, and now nothing to lose, can quietly transition to full wn.

  5. We are at the beginning of a long march. The Frankfurt School took decades to wreak havoc on American culture. This is a struggle that will last decades. We, at least can count on the welfare state running out of money (however much the supply is inflated) needed to prop up egalitarianism.

    Keep your powder dry.

  6. Dr. David Duke left the very Klan that he, as Imperial Wizard, commanded, because, as he said, he did not want his life or his word to be endangered by vigilante ninnies.

    So, apparently, Mr. McInnes has good company.

  7. Milo and this tool both whine about having their pots of gold taken away from if they stick to their principles. So naturally, these weak virtue-signalers ditch principles for money. They obviously don’t actually believe in racial parity for Europeans, as every “it’s okay to be white” is quickly followed by “or black, or Hispanic, or….” As if, in these benighted times, it’s never okay to be anything but white. Pale people pride is the bridge too far not just for the left, but for most of the right.

  8. What the hell? Some guy with a beard drops trousers and puts a dildo up his rectum is thought to be a real white nationalist?

    Oh please, spare me this tripe. McInnes was nothing more that a show boating ass hole from day one. Fornicate him and the horse he rode in on.

  9. I cheered the proud goys demise, as my entire filter rests on the Jewish Question. I cheer when anyone who kisses jewish A$$ endures their demise. It felt great not voting this midterm. I hope we get more crazier dems in office going after the cucks for their alleged white supremacy.LOL I said back in 2008 that our country was over after the jewish banker bailouts.

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