Laura Loomer Has Been Suspended From Twitter

– Alex Jones banished from social media

– Gavin McInnes quits the Proud Boys which are being persecuted by the FBI

– Julian Assange charged by the Justice Department

– Antifa attacking the Marines

– Gab destroyed by censorship

– Laura Loomer suspended from Twitter

Guys, even the dimmest white pilling, Alt-Lite MAGAtard has to admit at this point that this IS NOT what we voted for in the 2016 election.


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  1. Ironically, she’s a Jewess. However, Jews don’t think twice about sacrificing one of their own for the good of the race.

  2. Its no wonder Atomwaffan is training and wants people with military experience.
    Erasing jew voices is not a good sign.

  3. Cruelty is impressive. Cruelty and brutal strength. The people want it. They need the thrill of terror to make them submit. People are stupid and lazy.

    • Being stupid and lazy myself I take comfort when Jews are allowed to speak. Nothing instills terror like the unfettered Jew.

  4. If we aren’t safe to Make Israel Greater Again on Twitter, then who the hell is running this anti-Semitic shitshow on Twitter, Morty? Next thing you know these anti-Semities will Open the Borders of Israel! Oh my g*wd!

    • @Whitebird

      Tell me again why this fraudster jewess was even a part of the Alt whatever?

      Because her and all the other Alt-Right “celebrities” are strawmen for the media and Left to knock down, and to bring ridicule and discredit upon real Rightists/Traditionalists in the eyes of the masses of (mostly apolitical) normies.

        • @Whitebird

          Thanks, I suspected as much…

          Yep. The Jews are Asiatics and therefore they conduct warfare in the Asiatic style.

          For example, during the Russian Civil War, Red Army units would disguise themselves as Whites and operate behind the White lines carrying out attacks, destroying LOC, sewing confusion and committing atrocities.

          Lenin© said that the best way to defeat the opposition party or parties was to control it/them. In our circumstances, the Jews Milo and Loomer, and others, have come out of nowhere to proclaim themselves celebrities of the Alt-Right.

          They’ve done and said all manner of outrageous and ridiculous things in the name of the Alt-Right. However they’re exactly like the disguised Red Army units from the RCW. Or the Bolshevik© politicos who infiltrated and destroyed the anticommunist factions from within, during the Russian© Revolution.

          Real Alt-Right don’t reach these people’s level of notoriety outside of the movement. Most Alt-Right are ordinary, everyday people, known only to their community.

      • “Tell me again why this fraudster jewess was even a part of the Alt whatever?”

        Because she does what Jews do. She comes uninvited, kicks the door in, shouts everyone down, and promotes herself relentlessly. She calls it Loomering.

  5. It’s funny that after the Trump chapter is over, the dissident right will still be the same as before he came along. Vdare, OD, TRS, etc. I don’t think the alt-lite will continue to exist since they didn’t really spring up until Trump, and just jumped on the bandwagon. The most embarrassing thing about this time period is all the red hat wearing idiots making the OK sign. I think Baked Alaska will be the poster boy for this failed, embarrassing era.

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