Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for all of you who keep us company here around the campfire and support this website because we sure don’t have much to be thankful about this year in American politics!

In the days ahead, I am going to be doing some year in review analysis and following up on some posts that I made around this time last year to include the second year of Trump’s presidency.

OD Timeline: Trump’s First Year (Part I)
OD Timeline: Trump’s First Year (Part II)
OD Timeline: Trump’s First Year (Part III)

I would say our analysis has held up:

Trump Trends: Leftwing Political Violence
Trump Trends: Social Media Censorship
Trump Trends: Trump’s Conservative Agenda
Trump Trends: Alt-Right Alienation

I’m proud of all the posts in our rich archive which were once dismissed as blackpilled nonsense. Those of you who are just joining us on the blackpill longboat ought to check out what you missed:

The Trump Honeymoon Is Already Over
Too Far Gone: OD In 2017
The Trump Presidency: Six Months Later
Hail Trump: A Year Later
2017: The Year Rightwing Populism Failed
OD In 2018
2017: Annus Horribilis
President Trump’s First Year

Next year, we have a legal battle to fight along with nearly everyone else in the movement, and we have whatever Trump surprises and disappointments await us in 2019. I’m thankful for my friends, family and Lord and the good books which will help us get through the trials ahead.


Note: I really, really want to get back to finishing the book that I started earlier this year.

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  1. I for one am thankful for the collapse of the Alt-Lite, the total discrediting of MAGApede vermin among the WN Movement, and, of course, my family, my friends, and all of y’all who help make commentary on this crumbling world and advocacy within it fun, interesting, and worth the hassle.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Hail Victory, everyone.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Hopefully you all enjoyed some fellowship with family and friends and a good home-cooked meal. And if your liberal kin uninvited you because of your bigotry, I hope you enjoyed a good night out at Cracker Barrel.

    Keep the fight alive my friends!

  3. I have no idea what thanksgiving is as its only celebrated in America and the UK I think….but happy thanksgiving anyway.

    It would be nice if you could make Friday white pill day-you know-finish the week with some good news stories from around the world and include some cartoons to give us a laugh!
    Come on guys…..be Dr Steve Turley just once a week!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I’ve read some of the most hard-core honest, and enlightening, articles and commentary on this website (including the comments section) ; and, I am truly thankful for it.

    Counting my many (if humble) blessings this year; and to all those commentators/ posters at OD, I’m thankful you’re all out there…And that we’re on the same side !

  5. I’m thankful there are no fags or race-mixers in my family, HW. But there are a lot of Boomers who are always talking about their money and plans for retirement. I don’t want to hear that shit!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! My family had a lot of ups and downs this past year, and more to come – but I had a lovely afternoon with them, and I’m grateful that so far, every-one is well. I’m grateful for the happiness and camaraderie we can find with our family and friends and allies.

    I am grateful for Hunter being able to keep this blog going, and for the Commenters and Readers of good faith. The best to you all! Thank you!

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