#MAGA: MILO Disavows The Proud Boys

I haven’t heard much from MILO lately.

I noticed he was dressed up in drag again and was giving a speech at some David Horowitz event a few days ago. He also penned a stinging critique of Jordan Peterson for Vox Day’s new book. Otherwise, the Dangerous Faggot has been quiet lately or no one cares enough to create buzz about him:

After spending much of the year sulking about how conservatives never took to the streets to protest his mistreatment, MILO is also disavowing the Proud Boys:

“I have in the past attended Proud Boys meet-ups, which are full of people of color, homosexuals and others. I consider several members to be friends. But lies about the Proud Boys have now reached federal law enforcement agencies, imperiling the lives and livelihoods of anyone the press considers associated with the group, which they have smeared, slandered and lied about at every possible opportunity.

So I have been instructed by my lawyers today to add my voice to that of Gavin McInnes, the founder of the fraternal men’s organization, and announce that I am publicly dissociating myself with the club. It’s fucked up, and I wish to God I didn’t have to do it, but this is America in 2018, a country gripped by moral panic about a “white supremacy” outbreak that simply doesn’t exist …

Meanwhile, conservatives who dare to respond in kind to the violent instigations from the Left are called “extremists,” “white nationalists” and even terrorists.

Left-wing politicians, the media and now even law enforcement are united in their determination to crush anyone who dares to respond to the Left’s violent attacks on free speech. The so-called “New York 9” Proud Boys are about to have their lives ruined, all because they, in their own words: “Don’t start fights, but finish them.”

Two of the five Proud Boys arrested after a recent brawl in New York–which they did not start–have black children. …

My friend Gavin has children, and a wife–of color, by the way–to protect. I have a black husband, “

Do you know what the funniest thing about this is?

After two years of dealing with the Alt-Lite clique, pretty much everyone agrees now that Laura Loomer is the most “based” of all them. Anyway, as Richard Spencer said the other day, the Trump moment is over and the Alt-Lite moment is apparently over too.


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  1. Please Milo…..migrate over to the other side of politics. Having you perporting to be on our side is embarrassing. Please don’t speak on our behalf-we don’t need you. Those homos and race mixers in the Alt-Lite-they are not who we are and are not what we’re fighting for.
    Just go away…..you discust us!
    Jews, homos, miscegenists…..no thanks.

  2. @Hunter, it is seems that separation is your only chance? I lived in Czechoslovakia. We split county in two. And it worked. I do not see how you can defeat Imperium.

  3. Hey Hunter – I’m kind of clueless here but what’s the meaning of “Q” at the end of your write-up? Are you quietly making fun of Q (Anon)? If so then it is funny. A lot of Q followers are having to swallow the bitter black pill these days …

  4. The entire Milo operation was an attempt to deflect potential radicals into a safe sterile zone.

    How can he complain? It worked.

  5. Milo, the Proud Boys and all the rest of those prominent, ostensibly Alt-Right characters, are straw men set up for the system to attack. They’re propaganda props.

    Milo is obviously meant to mock, ridicule and discredit real Right/Traditionalists.

  6. Milo speaking in character : Milo on the anti-Semitism of the #alt-right – ‘they’re right about all that stuff’

  7. Chateau Heartiste often unflatteringly refers to the “globohomos.” Dangerous Fag is a whiny, backstabbing member of that parasitic tribe.

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