OD Timeline: Trump’s Second Year (Part II)

March 2018

March was a watershed month for the Alt-Right.

In the wake of Richard Spencer’s appearance at Michigan State and the revelation of Matt Heimbach’s affair, the movement tore itself apart in the optics debate which had been simmering since Charlottesville. TWP collapsed. Richard Spencer called off his college tour. Occidental Dissent exited the Alt-Right. At this point, “American Nationalism” and GOP cheerleading became ascendant in the rump of the Alt-Right, which would last until the 2018 midterm elections.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration went through a big shakeup with Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster and David Shulkin leaving and being replaced by Mike Pompeo, Larry Kudlow and John Bolton. President Trump toured his border wall prototypes only to sign the Omnibus spending bill which banned him from using them. The Trump administration sold javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine and banned bump stocks, but also imposed steel and aluminum tariffs. The Senate passed banking deregulation while putting infrastructure on the backburner and scaling back its agenda. A caravan from Central America began to cross Mexico to request asylum at the US border.

March 1 – Trump administration proclaims Irish-American Heritage Month and Women’s History Month

Trump administration authorizes the sale of javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

Trump administration prepares to impose steel and aluminum tariffs

Sen. John Cornyn announces the Trump infrastructure bill might go nowhere in 2018

Articles: Trump Administration Sells 210 Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles To Ukraine, WHITE PILL: Trump Administration Set To Impose Large Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, John Cornyn: Infrastructure Bill Might Go Nowhere In 2018

March 2 – President Trump issues executive order on Crimea in Ukraine

March 3 – Kyle Bristow resigns from the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas

Alt-Right continues to debate American Nationalism

Articles: Kyle Bristow Resigns From Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Civic Nationalism Series: The Founding Fathers

March 5 – Richard Spencer speaks at Michigan State University

Vice President Mike Pence grovels at AIPAC

Alt-Right continues to debate American Nationalism

Articles: Video: Vice President Pence Debases Himself At AIPAC Conference, Live Thread: Richard Spencer At Michigan State, What’s Wrong With American Nationalism?

March 6 – Gary Cohn announces his resignation as chief economic adviser

Nikki Haley boasts about bullying Israel’s critics at the UN in her AIPAC speech

Articles: WHITE PILL: (((Gary Cohn))) Resigns Over Tariff Issue, Nikki Haley Addresses AIPAC

March 8 – President Trump signs proclamation that imposes steel and aluminum tariffs on most countries

March 9 – Alt-Right is bitterly embroiled in the optics debate

Occidental Dissent disaffiliates from the Alt-Right

Articles: Action! Episode 9: Optics, TWP, and You, Alt-Right 1.0

March 10 – President Trump holds rally in Pennsylvania to support Rick Saccone

March 12 – Americans continue to lose faith in democracy

Articles: Axios: Nearly 40% of Americans Have Lost Faith In Democracy

March 13 – President Trump fires Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replaces him with Mike Pompeo

Articles: #MAGA: Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District Special Election, #MAGA: Rex Tillerson Ousted As Secretary of State

March 14 – President Trump replaces Gary Cohn with Larry Kudlow as his chief economic adviser

President Trump tours his border wall prototypes in California

Conor Lamb defeats Rick Saccone in the Pennsylvania special election

Matt Heimbach is caught having a sordid affair. TWP collapses

Articles: President Trump Hires Larry Kudlow To Head National Economic Council, President Trump Tours Border Wall Prototypes, #MAGA: Conor Lamb Wins PA-18 Special Election, The Matt Heimbach Situation

March 15 – America’s infrastructure continues to crumble

Senate passes banking deregulation bill

Articles: Miami: Multicultural American Engineering Strikes Again, Several Dead Reported, Senate Passes Banking Deregulation Bill

March 16 – DeAndre Harris walks free in Charlottesville

Articles: DeAndre Harris Walks Free

March 20 – Alt-Right continues to debate American Nationalism

Articles: American Nationalism Isn’t White Nationalism

March 21 – Alt-Right continues to debate American Nationalism

Articles: The Problem With American Nationalism

March 22 – H.R. McMaster resigns as National Security Adviser and is replaced by John Bolton

House Republicans pass the Omnibus spending bill which forbids President Trump from building his border wall with the prototypes he recently toured

Articles: House Republicans Pass $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

March 23 – President Trump announces exemptions to his steel and aluminum tariffs

President Trump says the campus free speech crisis is “highly overblown” just weeks after Richard Spencer’s speech at Michigan State ended in disaster

President Trump replaces H.R. McMaster with John Bolton as National Security Adviser

Articles: #MAGA: Trump Announces Exemptions From Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, President Trump: The Campus Free Speech Crisis Is “Highly Overblown”, #MAGA: President Trump Replaces HR McMaster With John Bolton As National Security Adviser

March 24 – The Omnibus spending bill doubles H-2B visas

President Trump announces his ban of bump stocks

President Trump takes another shot at banning transsexuals from the military

Articles: #MAGA: President Trump Signs Omnibus Bill Which DOUBLES H-2B Visas, President Trump Announces Bump Stocks Ban, President Trump Takes Another Crack At Banning Transsexuals From The Military, #MAGA: President Trump’s Omnibus Debacle

March 26 – White House announces the expulsion of Russian diplomats

The Republican Congress prunes the 2018 legislative agenda

Alt-Right continues to debate American Nationalism

Articles: Ricky Vaughn Interviews Pleasureman, #MAGA: President Trump Expels 60 Russian Diplomats, Republican Congress Is Mostly Done Legislating In 2018

March 27 – The Republican Congress floats passing Tax Cuts 2 before the midterms

Articles: Tax Cuts Round 2

March 30 – The Trump administration unveils the completion of a file miles of the existing border fence

Israel massacres Palestinians

Articles: Trump Administration Unveils Phase One of Border Wall, Good Friday Massacre: Israelis Kill At Least 16 Palestinians, More Than 1000 Injured

March 31 – President Trump fires Secretary of Veteran Affairs David Shulkin and nominates Ronny Jackson to replace him

A caravan of illegal aliens from Central America begin to march through Mexico to the US border to request asylum

Articles: President Trump Faces Massive Walker Horde Passing Through Mexico

April 2018

April was a month of extreme disillusionment.

After quitting the Alt-Right, I began to wonder what to do next. As Trump launched his second missile attack on Syria, I had become disillusioned with BOTH mainstream and fringe politics. My interests shifted to religion, philosophy, history and physical fitness. I needed a break from the movement and pretty much quit writing on this site in April to focus on writing a book which I never completed.

President Trump signed a sex trafficking bill which banned Backpage.com. He launched a second missile strike on Syria and sent the National Guard to the Mexican border to stop the caravan of Central Americans who were traveling to the US to request asylum. They ultimately crossed the border.

April 1 – President Trump is tested by a caravan of illegal aliens from Central America who made their way to the border to request asylum.

Articles: A Story of Solidarity, President Trump Faces Caravan of Truth

April 2 – The Alt-Right continues to debate American Nationalism.

Articles: American Nationalism Is Civic Nationalism Pt.2

April 3 – Ricky Vaughn is doxed by Paul Nehlen

President Trump sends the National Guard to the Mexican border to stop the caravan

Articles: Reversion To The Norm, The Doxing of Ricky Vaughn, President Trump Promises To Send Military To Mexican Border

April 4 – President Trump signs a proclamation to deploy the National Guard to the Mexican border to fight illegal immigration

Articles: Aaaand President Trump Cucked On A Militarized Mexican Border, Up From Nihilism

April 5 – President Trump proclaims the 50th anniversary of MLK’s assassination.

April 8 – President Trump calls Bashar Assad an “animal” after a second false flag gas attack

Weev is exposed as a Jew on Radical Agenda

Articles: Russia Denounces Syrian Chemical Attack As Hoax, Warns Against American Meddling, Review: After Virtue, Animal Assad, Radical Agenda Interview, Weev On Doxing

April 9 – FBI and federal prosecutors raid the home of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen

President Trump meets with military leaders to discuss alleged poison gas attacks in Syria

Russia finds no evidence of chemical weapons used in the hoax gas attack in Syria

The House passed bills revising financial regulations related to “too big to fail” designations, stress tests, and the application of the Volcker Rule.

Articles: League of the South Holds Confederate Heritage Rally In Wetumpka, AL, FBI Raids Office Of Trump’s Jew Attorney, Criminal Charges Possibly Pending, Jews Gonna Jew: Israel Sucker Punches Syria In The Dead Of Night, Russians: No Trace Of Chemical Weapons Found, Gas Baby Photos Were Faked

April 10 – National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton resigns. He wrote The Flight 93 election essay

Articles: May God Protect Bashar al-Assad From The Wrath Of ZOG

April 11 – President Trump signs a sex trafficking bill passed by Congress that bans Backpage.com

Nadia Schadlow, deputy national security adviser for strategy, resigns

April 12 – UK agrees to back Syria strikes

Articles: Cuck Island Reaches Agreement On Attacking Syria ASAP

April 13 – President Trump pardons Scooter Libby

President Trump says the US may rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership

President Trump authorizes air strikes on Syria

Articles: Breaking: Russia officially presents evidence that gas attack was a false flag, Russian Ambassador Warns America Of “Consequences” For Syrian Terror Bombing

April 14 – Russia shoots down cruise missiles fired at Syria

Articles: Pentagon Scrambles To Cover Syrian Humiliation, Brings Out “Russian Troll” Narrative, Russian Defense Ministry: More Than 100 Cruise Missiles Fired At Syria, About 70 Shot Down

April 16 – Fallout from Trump’s second attack on Syria

Articles: Syria Attacked Again (Jews Suspected), Missiles Easily Torn To Pieces In Midair

April 21 – NSM holds rally in Newnan, GA.

President Trump considers pardoning Jack Johnson who was a black boxer from the early 20th century

Articles: TOP CUCK: Trump Considers Posthumous Pardon For Negro Boxer Jack Johnson, Interview: Mysterium Fasces – Episode 50 Nihilism

April 22 – President Trump announces that North Korea has agreed to denuclearize

April 23 – Senate confirms Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State

April 26 – Mike Pompeo sworn in as Secretary of State

April 27 – North Korea and South Korea agree to hold summit to resolve their differences on the Korean peninsula.

Articles: Korean Peace: North And South Hold Historic Summit, Vow To End Hostilities

April 29 – Conservatives begin to embrace Kanye West.

President Trump promises huge new influx of migrant farm workers

Articles: Dragon Energy, WINNING: President Trump Promises America Huge New Influx Of Migrant Workers

April 30 – The caravan from Central America arrives at the US border and begins to climb the border fence in Tijuana

Articles: DOJ Charges 11 Illegal Aliens From Caravan of Truth For Crossing US Border, Caravan of Truth Finally Arrives At The US Border

May 2018

In May, Jacob Goodwin and Alex Ramos were found guilty in Charlottesville while DeAndre Harris walked free. I was taking an extended vacation from writing about politics. The entire caravan from Central America crossed the Mexican border at San Ysidro. President Trump pardoned the black boxer Jack Johnson who died in the early 20th century. He also withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear deal and signed a bill passed by the Republican Congress that deregulated banks and weakened Dodd-Frank.

May 1 – President Trump proclaims Jewish American Heritage Month and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Jacob Goodwin found guilty in Charlottesville

Articles: Jacob Goodwin Found Guilty In Charlottesville

May 2 – Mitt Romney boasts that Trump’s first year is “very similar to things I’d have done” except for the racism

Articles: Mitt Romney: Trump’s First Year Was “Very Similar To Things I’d Have Done My First Year”

May 3 – Alex Ramos found guilty in Charlottesville

Articles: Alex Michael Ramos Found Guilty In Charlottesville

May 4 – Trump administration ends temporary protected status for Hondurans

The entire caravan from Central America crossed into the US

Articles: Entire Migrant Caravan Has Entered US

May 8 – President Trump announces the US is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and reimposing sanctions on Iran.

Articles: Trump Scraps Iran Deal, Israel Immediately Starts Bombing Iranians In Syria (Again)

May 13 – American politicians travel to Israel to attend the official transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem

Articles: Jerusalem: American Embassy Delegation Grovels Before Their Jewish Masters

May 14 – Mass riots end in the death of dozens of Palestinians

Articles: Jews Baptize New American Embassy With Palestinian Blood, 58 Dead And 2,700+ Wounded

May 16 – Americans are still struggling in spite of the rise in the stock market

Articles: #MAGA: 40% Of Americans Can’t Afford Middle Class Essentials

May 21 – Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin announces the Trump administration will not impose tariffs on Chinese goods.

May 23 – US forces attack Syrian government troops again

Articles: President Cuck Bombs Syria Again, Aids “Moderate” Terrorists This Time

May 24 – President Trump pardons Jack Johnson who was a black boxer from the early 20th century

President Trump cancels planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Congress passes a banking deregulation bill that weakens Dodd-Frank.

Articles: President Trump Cancels Summit With North Korea, Brags About Nuclear Weapons, President Trump Pardons Jack Johnson, Congress Passes Dodd-Frank Reform

May 25 – Harvey Weinstein arrested for rape

Tommy Robinson arrested and thrown in jail in the UK

Articles: Greasy Yid Harvey Weinstein Finally Arrested For Rape, Posts $1 Million Cash Bail, Tommy Robinson Has Been Arrested And Thrown In Prison For A Year

May 26 – North Korea and South Korea continue to work on peace in spite of the Trump administration

Articles: North And South Korea Defy America, Meet Again To Discuss Peace Process

May 29 – Roseanne Barr loses her show over a politically incorrect tweet

Articles: Sloppy Jewess Roseanne Barr Gets Show Yanked By ABC For Semi-Racist Tweet

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  1. Sorry if this has been already discussed elsewhere. Hunter, will you complete your book in the future? Would you mind letting us know what the book is about?

  2. I agree it was a terrible year.

    The key is to not give in to gloom and doom. There is hope in other places, especially central and eastern europe. Brazil was a huge success – let’s start networking with successful Indo European people from Central & Eastern Europe and South America. America is pretty much F*#&$#@ and I barely, BARELY survived Thanksgiving with my Cuckservative family of cousins, nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters in laws. Everybody was White except one very nice Japanese girlfriend of a nephew – the amount of Cucking was unF#*&$# believable.

    I have to walk on eggshells as everyone worships the Negrofelon League and is all super excited about some book or movie worshiping Winston Churchill and I get my head chopped off saying I don’t see why anyone likes the lesbian happy talk show comedian Ellen Degeneress.

    Everyone wants to be a “SUCCESS” and part of this god awful system.

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