Thanksgiving With a Family of Cuckservatives

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was just OK. I spent it with my family – cousins, uncles, nephews, brothers – everybody is White except for the Japanese girlfriend of one of my nephews. She was nice.

It was nice to see a new generation coming in to play – my niece has 2 healthy children, boy 3, girl 1 1/2 and she’s expecting a 3rd child. Another of my nephew’s wives is expecting. All good.

We don’t have any bad Lib Leftist, cultural Marxists, sexual degenerates in our family.

What we do have is pretty much all: cuckservatives.

The talk is about some Winston Churchill book or movie with positive references to George Will.

Everyone tries and is enthusiastic about the Negro Felon League and talks of new Disney movie remakes. I like to play board games and other brain, acting games like charades or a game called “Mafia”. But somehow past games caused dissension so we had to watch NFL games I didn’t care about and a tear jerker remake movie “The Parent Trap” – where a cute 12 year Lindsey Lohan played both twins. It’s a nice romantic comedy – no bad race mixing propaganda and the two parents live in all White areas of London England (complete with a butler) and Napa Valley CA and San Francisco is pristine clean and all White.

Seems like harmless pablum.

I have to walk on egg shells and not discuss any politics or what I actually do – the top of my family is filthy rich and has fronted for the worst Jewish investment bankers and now Black African American financial investing firm. People want to be successful in this system and as one young couple wants to leave super expensive Northern CA to relocate in the Midwest or South Carolina they don’t discuss the reasons Northern CA went bad.

I practically had my head cut off for saying I couldn’t understand how anyone thought the Lesbian talk show host/comedian Ellen Degeneres was funny.

In such situations I recommend just avoiding all talk of politics or contemporary culture – do some activity with children, go for a hike or touch football game and yeah, play charades or present some 30 for 30 ESPN sports documentary and demand that everyone must submit an Amazon Book review even if the review is only 3 words:

“This was great”

“This was terrible”

In this way it shows we’re not just television addicted, brain dead zombies.

I did call out one of my nephews a recent college graduate who didn’t know the movie “Gone With the Wind” was about the American Civil War. I demanded that he be made to do push-ups.

I spent about an hour shopping on Chicago’s State Street on Black Friday and it was surprisingly pleasant – crowded but not a mob and the sales people behind the counter was kind and courteous and enjoy my nostalgia for the State Street Macy’s store once being Marshall Fields.

God bless everyone and let’s give thanks for what we still have, though we lost a lot in 2017.


  1. BS… speak all of it. Burst their precious little bubble. This “hide my power level” crap is just that, crap. I have never held back in any family discussions. Name the jew, always. Mock their negro worship, shame them for being degenerate cucks.

    They think theyre better than you, mock them shame them. But muh fambly, really? Be nice to your folks but exetended family? Please. You holding is being just as much a cuck and traitor as the ones your holding back from.
    They sure as hell dont hold back when you slipped up now did they??? Stop being a pu$$y, shame them and name the jew.

  2. No fags, mental cases or race mixers in my family, thank god. Mostly babby boomers who love talking about money and retirement planning.

  3. Great to see in my family, too, a thriving younger generation. Nephew & his wife have 3 (!) young boys, and no sign of slowing down….Sleepwalking though– the entire lot of them. Recent college grads (ah, yes). They’ve subliminaly absorbed Negro culture, and don’t even notice.

    Our older generation is woke a/f. So yes, I’m administering the Red Pills and get back-up. I’ve read the other comments & it’s valid criticism. Just keep in mind, these products of SJW indoctrination are pretty far gone. This particular family are worth salvaging.

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