OD Timeline: Trump’s Second Year (Part III)

June 2018

June was the quietest month on OD in years.

After shifting my focus to history, philosophy, religion and physical fitness, I was spending most of my time reading, writing book reviews and working on my book. I posted book reviews about Martin Luther, John Calvin and the Reformation. I reviewed documentaries about the rise of the British Empire and the history of Christianity. I had tuned out of activism and writing about American politics. This continued until I was dragged into the state lawsuit out of Charlottesville at the very end of the month.

President Trump met with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un at a summit in Singapore. Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court.

June 1 – President Trump proclaims National Caribbean-American Heritage Month

June 8 – President Trump attends the G7 summit

June 12 – President Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Articles: President Trump Pulls Off Excellent Peace Talks With North Korea

June 15 – Family separation crisis at US border with Mexico

June 17 – Israelis continue to shoot Palestinians after the US embassy is moved to Jerusalem

Articles: Gaza Protesters In Pure Hell Thanks To Official Israeli “Shoot To Cripple” Policy

June 20 – White Americans are officially declining in absolute numbers

Articles: White Deaths Outnumber Births In Majority Of States

June 24 – White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA

Articles: Sarah Sanders In Virginia: A Wonderful Look At Conservative Ineptitude

June 25 – Hunter Wallace is served in the state lawsuit out of Charlottesville

June 27 – Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announces his retirement

Articles: President Trump Will Push For Swift Conformation of Anthony Kennedy’s Replacement Before Midterm Elections, Anthony Kennedy Is Retiring From The Supreme Court

June 28 – “Journalists” shot at the Capital Gazette in Baltimore

Articles: Annapolis Shooting

June 29 – 2018 League of the South National Conference

Articles: Surviving As A Dissident Minority

July 2018

July was a recovery month for this website.

After a long absence, I returned to posting and immediately doxed the Antifa doxer Shaun Patrick Breen. I traveled to Florida to attend a meeting of the Panhandle chapter of the League of the South. Antifa spent July getting arrested at Occupy ICE protests all over the country. The biggest news in mainstream politics was the controversy that followed Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. President Trump was also met by protesters with a giant blimp during his visit to the UK.

July 1 – Rufio Panman clobbers an Antifa at a Patriot Prayer rally in Portland

Articles: Portland Riot

July 2 – OD covers the 2018 League of the South National Conference

Articles: League of the South Holds Flash Rally In Selma, AL, Review: 2018 League of the South Conference

July 3 – Trump administration reverses an Obama era diversity guideline

Articles: Trump Administration Reverses Obama Affirmative Action Policy

July 5 – Scott Pruitt resigns as EPA administrator

Articles: The Misery of July 4th

July 8 – Mitch McConnell stalked by leftwing mob

GOP plans to rally the base for the midterm elections with red meat about social media censorship

Disrupt J20 defendants walk free when federal prosecutors drop remaining charges

Articles: Let’s Step Back: Steve Bannon, Mitch McConnell Harassed By Agitated Leftists, GOP Plans To Rally Base In Midterm Elections By Attacking Silicon Valley, Federal Prosecutors Drop All Remaining Charges Against DisruptJ20 Defendants

July 9 – President Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court

Articles: Donald Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh To Supreme Court

July 10 – Republican House member introduces bill to unmask Antifa

Articles: Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 Introduced In House of Representatives

July 11 – OD unmasks the blogger “don_chump” who ran the Restoring The Honor blog

Articles: Gone Spelunking: Restoring The Honor Blogger Unmasked As Shawn Patrick Breen

July 12 – Portland Police arrest #OccupyICEPDX supporters

President Trump visits the UK and meets British Prime Minister Theresa May

Articles: #OccupyIcePDX Gets Destroyed In Portland

July 13 – Robert Mueller indicts twelve Russian intelligence officers

Articles: To Catch an Internet Troll: Inside The Downfall of Antifa Intelligence Operative Shawn Patrick Breen

July 15 – Trump calls the European Union a foe of the United States

July 16 – President Trump and President Vladimir Putin participate in a summit in Finland. Trump blames the Mueller investigation for poor relations with Russia.

Articles: Trump-Putin Summit Triggers Epic Meltdown, Congressional Jew Calls For Military Coup

July 19 – Paul Ryan says conservatives must fight back against the Alt-Right

Articles: Paul Ryan: Conservatives Must “Fight Back” Against The Alt-Right

July 21 – Christopher Cantwell takes a plea deal and leaves Virginia

Articles: Christopher Cantwell Is Free

July 22 – Trump threatens Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Twitter

July 23 – Robert Wilkie confirmed as Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs

Israel votes to create a Jewish ethnostate

Articles: Israel Votes To Create Jewish Ethnostate, League of the South Holds North Florida Meetup

July 24 – Jason Kessler cancels UTR 2 in Charlottesville to focus on DC

Articles: Unite The Right 2 Cancelled In Charlottesville

July 25 – 11 House Republicans file an impeachment resolution against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein only to quickly walk it back

July 31 – Justice Anthony Kennedy retires from the Supreme Court

August 2018

#AllOutAugust was a month of non-stop Antifa violence from the Patriot Prayer rally in Portland through Jason Kessler’s Unite the Right 2 rally in Washington, DC to the Silent Sam protests in Chapel Hill. Alex Jones and Infowars were purged from social media. The New York Times stood behind its decision to hire the anti-White racist Sarah Jeong. Occidental Dissent was forced to shutdown to raise $5,000 for legal fees. We were deplatformed by Venmo, Google Pay and PopMoney while House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and President Trump hit the campaign trail to condemn Antifa violence and social media censorship without lifting a finger to do anything about it.

August 1 – Trump explicitly calls for the end of the Mueller probe on Twitter

Tommy Robinson released on bail

Articles: ICE Agents Claim Portland Police Operated Under Stand Down Order, Tommy Robinson Released On Bail

August 2 – New York Times hires anti-White racist Sarah Jeong and stands behind the decision

Articles: New York Times Editorial Board Hires Anti-White Racist Sarah Jeong, “I Hate White People”: Journalists Exempt Themselves From Social Media Lynch Mobs, Heads Explode: Andrew Sullivan Exposes The Left Is Anti-White

August 4 – Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer hold Freedom March in Portland. It was the biggest clash between Antifa and Patriot groups of the year.

Articles: Live Thread: Patriot Prayer’s Freedom March, Patriot Prayer Freedom March Was Relatively Peaceful

August 5 – “Based Tranny” holds No To Marxism in America 2 rally in Berkeley.

Articles: “No To Marxism In America 2” Rally Ends Peacefully In Berkeley

August 6 – Infowars purge on social media

Articles: Infowars Deplatformed By Corporate Censorship

August 7 – Infowars purge continues

Articles: Infowars Purge Continues, A Special Message From Alex Jones

August 8 – OD begins lawfare fundraiser

August 11 – Antifa attack “journalists” at Unite the Right anniversary in Charlottesville

August 12 – Omarosa Manigault turns on Trump

Jason Kessler holds Unite the Right 2 in Charlottesville

Articles: Live Thread: Unite The Right 2, Review: Unite The Right 2

August 16 – Hundreds of newspapers decry President Trump’s attack on “The Free Press” to widespread laughter

Trump’s campaign manager brings up social media censorship

Articles: Brad Parscale: Big Tech Is Becoming Big Brother, The Free Press Hypocrites Want To Censor Social Media

August 17 – Twitter verifies anti-White New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong

Articles: #VerifiedHate: Twitter Verifies Anti-White New York Times Reporter Sarah Jeong

August 18 – President Trump condemns social media censorship

Patriot groups hold “Rallies Against Far Left Political Violence” across the country which are disrupted by Antifa

Articles: President Trump Condemns Social Media Censorship, Live Thread: Rallies Against Far Left Political Violence

August 19 – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls out social media censorship

Bitchute and FreeStartr deplatformed by Stripe

Articles: Proud Boy Has His Face Smashed By A Brick After Rally Against Far Left Political Violence In Tucson, AZ, Bitchute and FreeStartr Deplatformed By Stripe, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Accuses Twitter Of Censorship

August 20 – Silent Sam monument torn down by Antifa mob at UNC

Articles: Silent Sam Monument Torn Down By Violent Antifa Mob At UNC

August 21 – Paul Manafort found guilty

President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen pleads guilty and turns on him

OD reaches lawfare fundraising goal

Gab threatened with censorship by Microsoft Azure

Articles: President Trump’s Jew Lawyer Pulls Ultimate Stab In the Back, Pleads Guilty To Federal Charges, Update: OD Lawfare Fundraiser, Thanks To All That Gave, Gab Threatened With Censorship … Again

August 22 – League of the South withdraws from Nationalist Front

President Trump claims the GOP is standing up to social media censorship

Mollie Tibbetts murdered by illegal alien in Iowa becomes a national story about immigration and crime

Articles: League of the South Withdraws From Nationalist Front, President Trump: “We’re Standing Up To Social Media Censorship”, Naive Iowa White Girl Mollie Tibbetts Murdered By Illegal Alien

August 23 – Charlottesville sentences Jacob Goodwin and Alex Ramos to years in prison

Articles: Charlottesville Sentences Jacob Goodwin To Eight Years In Prison, Alex Ramos To Serve Six

August 24 – President Trump again calls out social media censorship

Articles: President Trump Calls Out Social Media Censorship On Twitter

August 25 – John McCain dies

League of the South holds flash rally in Livingston, TN

Antifa riot at Blue Lives Matter rally in Philadelphia

Antifa riot at Silent Sam monument at UNC

Articles: John McCain Is Finally Dead, Update: League of the South Holds Flash Rally In Livingston, TN, Blue Lives Matter and Antifa Square Off In Philadelphia, ACTBAC and Antifa Square Off In Chapel Hill

August 26 – Occidental Dissent is deplatformed by Venmo

Articles: Occidental Dissent Censored By Venmo

August 28 – President Trump condemns Antifa violence

President Trump slams Google’s censorship

Articles: President Trump’s Midterms Pitch: Violent Antifa Hate America, President Trump Slams Google’s Internet Censorship

August 29 – CNN host Don Lemon defends Antifa violence

Occidental Dissent censored by Google Pay

Articles: Occidental Dissent Censored By Google, CNN: Don Lemon Defends Antifa Violence

August 30 – Antifa arrested at pro-Silent Sam ACTBAC rally in Chapel Hill and while disrupting an Albemarle County School Board meeting

Articles: Violent Antifa Disrupt Albemarle County School Board Meeting, ACTBAC Holds Peaceful Silent Sam Rally On UNC Campus

August 31 – Rep. Maxine Waters throws up a Wakanda Forever salute at Aretha Franklin’s funeral

Dozens of Antifa are arrested for engaging in violence in #AllOutAugust

Articles: Maxine Waters Gives Wakanda Forever Salute At Aretha Franklin Funeral, #AllOutAugust: 71 Antifa Were Arrested In Violent Events Across The Country In August

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  1. In the racial future that is coming, after Whites have realized they have lost America, it is going to work just like prison, where the different racial groups stick together for mutal protection.

    The other races will no longer look to White anti-Whites to speak for them. Blacks will want real Blacks to speak for them. Asians will want real Asians to speak for them. Mexicans will want real Mexican leadership. Whites like all the other races will also want Whites to speak for them. White anti-Whites will speak for no one.

    So again my serious question:

    After our WW2 is lost, what is the plan for how we as speakers for the White race, deal with the traitors of our race? What system will we put in place concerning our White anti-White traitors?

    We need to start planning now, for what happens after the end of this war, when Whites no longer control America, and we’re just another minority in it.

    • The White anti-Whites have made trillions of dollars selling Whites out. They have made so much money betraying Whites, they could pay off national debts.

      We know who they all are. They haven’t exactly been shy about what they have been doing.

      So what is the plan regarding these people? Are we going to forgive and forget them? Are we going to let their families keep the fortunes they made selling Whites out?

    • We need to start planning now, for what happens after the end of this war, when Whites no longer control America, and we’re just another minority in it.

      My advice is that if you are a Southerner you should focus on supporting secessionist causes. If you are in the lower Midwest (Indiana, Ohio, and most of Illinois outside of Chicago) then maybe create a ‘Copperhead League’ as a counterpart to the LOS. That’s what I’d do.

      If you are in New England or the PNW and want to live in a White society then you are going to want to leave those states because it isn’t happening there.

      • White anti-Whites won’t have a say in what happens in New England, or PNW. They will be irrelevant in the US Government. Already the coloreds are saying they won’t accept White leadership in the Democrat Party. If anything the White anti-Whites will be fleeing the areas you mention, for… Guess what? A whiter area. Most likely YOURS!

        The only relevance White anti-Whites have to us, is they are traitors with trillions of dollars that the White race could use to pay off entire national debts. And they will still be part of White society, because we’ve put no system in place, that can suppress them for hundreds of years.

        If we don’t have a plan to suppress and defund the White anti-Whites among us, even if by some miracle we get it, we won’t have our new country long. The traitors we did nothing about will infiltrate, white-ant, and turn our institutions against us, just like they did to the entire West in one generation.

        They are very good at what they do. They’ve been turning formerly great White civilizations brown, and collapsing them permanently for at least five thousand years.

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