“Moderate Rebels” Launch Gas Attack On Civilians In Syria

The world isn’t going to tolerate this, right? We’re going to launch some cruise missiles and air strikes on the “moderate rebels,” right?

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  1. It is proof that the US, which has armed, trained, and protected the terrorists in Syria, and Israel has saved their lives also. WE fund the terrorists with our tax dollars. And WHO protects us? NOBODY. NO ONE.
    One thinks of how Saladin SERVED his people. THAT is the kind of leader WE deserve. He died PENNILESS because he was always helping people. He gave money to a non-Muslim woman whose child was severely ill.
    MONEY is the god of this country.
    Our males are NOT men today. They are soft and feminized. And we know (((WHO))) it was that did it.
    Christians stand by and watch Christ and His message trashed in media and universities and do NOTHING about it. Do you think Shiites would do the same?
    Whites have SOLD their souls for what? JUNK FROM CHINA? Adultery? TOYS?
    HOMOSEXUALITY is the GOOD in the USA today and Europe.
    NOT in the Islamic world:
    We also (sent) Lut: He said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you?”
    For ye practise your lusts on men in preference to women: Ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.

    Our people have been BETRAYED by their own so-called “representatives” (SIC)

    And I would say to the males BE MEN, and treat your women honorably, don’t think of sex except withiin the confines of marriage. Our people are THE MOST IMPORTANT. So be a GOOD MAN and STAND with your folk and fight for them.

    Fear not the path of the truth because of the lack of people walking on it.


    • Christianity basically began in Syria, so one might think Christians would care about protecting and preserving its ancient Christian community. But one would be mistaken.

    • There was an interesting article in Amren, which included the study done that has shown that civil wars go through 5 stages before they actually break out. At stage 3, war is inevitable, there is basically nothing that can be done to stop it. The US, and I suspect most of White Europe, is at stage 3 right now.

  2. These supposed Rebels are about as Syrian as Antifa© in Tennesee and Virginia are Southrons.

    In both cases, you’re dealing with foreign operatives under Jewish control.

    The Russian Revolution© wasn’t exactly “Russian,” either.

  3. Whenever actors are seen lying on beds with breathing masks it can only mean one thing: The jews want Drump to bomb Syria again.

  4. Waiting for daddy’s little girl crying, stomping and demanding bombs for who were responsible “What about the children”?
    Still waiting….

  5. Two well-known scholars recently picked up on Carlson’s epitaph on America in their own way. Michael Vrehlos was heard commenting on the John Bachelor show about 4-months ago that we are in a prelude to a civil war. The prelude consists of 5-stages, like civil wars elsewhere have gone through…even our own war between the North and South. Vrehlos contends that historically, once you get to stage 3, there is NO TURNING BACK. He insists we are at the 3rd stage already.

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