NY Times: My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy

The New York Times has published an article that starts off like this:

“Next Thursday, I will get a vagina. The procedure will last around six hours, and I will be in recovery for at least three months. Until the day I die, my body will regard the vagina as a wound; as a result, it will require regular, painful attention to maintain. This is what I want, but there is no guarantee it will make me happier. In fact, I don’t expect it to. That shouldn’t disqualify me from getting it. …”

Just listen to this … “until the day I die, my body will regard the vagina as a wound.” These are the same people who smugly tell us that “race is social construct.”

Rod Dreher has a long take that sheds some light on this poor creature:

“On Chu’s website, he posts a PDF link to a paper he delivered earlier this year at a Columbia University conference. This is the kind of thing they’re talking about at one of America’s great universities. The paper is titled “Did Sissy Porn Make Me Trans?” There are no images, but don’t click through to it and start reading unless you are prepared to go to an extremely dark place. I almost didn’t post this here, but after thinking about it, I concluded that it’s actually vitally important to know.

I’m going to summarize the paper for those who don’t want to read it. Again, I cannot caution you strongly enough about its content, and the pornographic images Chu describes in detail in the paper.

The paper’s title comes from a comment Chu saw on an online forum. “Sissy porn,” we learn from the paper, is a genre in which submissive men are forced to have sex with other men, in such a way that their masculinity is forcibly taken from them. Chu says this genre is also called “forced feminization porn.” Chu says that sissy porn explicitly intends to turn male viewers into transsexuals, in part by “instruct[ing] them to understand their addiction to the genre as constitutive of their own feminization.” …”

In other news, Twitter is now banning people who criticize this madness for “hate speech”:

“Twitter has updated its terms of service to offer greater protection to trans people.
Any user who deliberately targets a trans person (or people) with abuse including misgendering and deadnaming can now be reported and banned from the platform.

The new section of Twitter’s terms of service reads: “We prohibit targeting individuals with repeated slurs, tropes or other content that intends to dehumanise, degrade or reinforce negative or harmful stereotypes about a protected category.

“This includes targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals.” …”

What the hell is deadnaming?

“For many — though not all — people who are transgender, undergoing a name change can be an affirming step in the transition process. It can help a person who’s transgender and the people in their lives begin to see them as the gender they know themselves to be. It can also alleviate discomfort that may be associated with one’s old name.

Unfortunately, many people may struggle to adhere to a trans person’s new, affirmed name. In some situations, other people may refuse to acknowledge the change altogether. And in situations that involve government-issued identification, having a legal name that doesn’t align with one’s affirmed name can cause staff and personnel to inadvertently refer to a trans person by the wrong name.

This is what’s referred to as deadnaming. …”

Oh … so like, if I call Emily Gorcenski his real name, which is Edward Gorcenski, I can be banned from Twitter now. I also can’t point out the objective truth that he is still biologically male. Society has to go along with his delusion now and if you object as a social conservative you are a “hater.”

Well, that settles it.

I guess I have no hope of being “mainstream” now as defined by The New York Times and the Twitter Community Guidelines. Strangely, I am okay with that too.

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  1. There needs to be a concerted effort using civil disobedience against all things Jewish. The BDS Movement is just one example…

  2. The description of the transgender surgery is absolutely disgusting, but it reveals I think why so many post op trannies end up committing suicide. Every day is a painful, ugly reminder that their own body rejects their delusion.

    • It is more than just that.

      Cambria will not Yield’s author has written a number of columns in which he references Shakespeare’s Lady MacBeth, in which the infamous line, “Unsex me here” is used to depict that individual that rails at God AND Man, in their attempts to wrest control and power to use it to satanic ends. It’s no coincidence that the same author that gave us Lady MacBeth, also gave us Shylock.

      The two are flip sides of a coin- indeed, the very Jews who scream ‘discrimination,’ are the very same corrupt, miscegenated people who then wield power like the very Nazis they say they are ‘afraid of,’ once they own a bit of land in the Middle East. The same applies to all forms of obliteration of the Male/Female/heterosexual divide. Sam Francis (I think) said humorously, no so long ago, ‘Homosexuality used to be ‘the love that dare not speak its name; now it’s the psychosis that won’t shut up!’

      Two words are used over and over again in Holy Scripture to define, demarcate, and demean ANYONE who desires to follow this aberration- 1) Abomination, [cf. Deut. 22:5] and 2) Death (as it, ‘worthy of’ – cf. Rom. 1:32]. The Jews, IF THEY TRULY WERE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE, would be in the forefront of DENOUNCING ALL LGBT individuals with these two words! Instead, we find that JEWS ARE IN THE FOREFRONT OF WORKING TOWARD Globohomonormativity.

      And there is your first clue, that ‘He is not a Jew that is one outwardly, etc.’ as St. Paul noted, so long ago.

      I have for some time jokingly called Mr. Jenner, ‘Brucie Jenner,’ because that is what he and all like him, are. MEN IN A DRESS. When I read that all of these abominations’ DNA forever will testify that they were predestined, created, and lived as MEN, and that NOTHING CAN ERADICATE THIS CHROMOSOMAL REALITY, all ‘compassion’ and ‘understanding’ were wiped away. GOD IS NOT MOCKED. That is a normative statement in all of Scripture, and the Church used to know it.

      Ann Barnhardt has put it as clearly as any Trad RC, Orthodox, Anglican, or conservative Catholic Christian could: “Homosexuality isn’t a benign variant on human sexuality. They aren’t “just like us, but with one little twist.” Homosexuality, BY DEFINITION, is an evil, demonic, criminal psycho-spiritual pathology. Someone should make a three hour long video describing in detail what exactly that pathology is.…” and then she gives the link in her column – https://www.barnhardt.biz/2018/08/11/adult-eyes-only-richard-sipes-letter-to-faggot-archbishop-robert-mcelroy-for-aggressive-copying-and-distribution/

      Here is a list of the many articles this courageous, little, feisty woman has written to clarify for we cowardly men, what we should have been making the world aware of, lo these many years.


      You need to understand that most men (with jobs, pensions [do they still exist?], etc.) are willing to ‘go along to get along’ while not only Rome burns (cf. Barnhardt’s ‘outing’ of antipope faggot Bergoglio) but the entire world burns, because ‘the center cannot hold.’

      Sodomy (and all her whoring sisters- lesbianism, transvestism, SRS, pornography, LGBT propaganda, ALL LAWS LEGITIMIZING THIS ABOMINATION) is the last stop on the train to CIVILIZATIONAL DESTRUCTION.

      Public stoning in the street is the ONLY MEANS to rectify this. Not prison, not mere shaming (they have nothing left to shame) but CORPORATE, COLLECTIVE, COLLEGIAL responsibility to CLEANSE THIS EVIL FROM OUR LAND…. and EVERY LAND.

      Wake up.

      • @Father John+ I live near what used to be one of the three official “transition” centers in the US. It was thought that a rigorous program of making the (usually) M-to-F trannys actually live as a woman for 2 years, while giving them a lot of psychological counseling and supervised hormonal treatments, would discourage those who weren’t “truly” transsexual from wanting the sex change surgery.

        But the mere fact that such mental illness was given any kind of official OK meant that eventually the trans process would be normalized, or at least tolerated. So, now anyone who feels they are a woman in a man’s body cannot be publicly discouraged from pursuing that perverse course. Those who bring up the obvious biological reality will be shunned and banned on mainstream social media, of course. We truly live in an inverted, perverted, and satanic world.

        Whoever writes the essays on Cambria Will Not Yield, btw, helped to both blackpill me and bring me closer to God. I can’t recommend that site highly enough.

  3. “I guess I have no hope of being “mainstream” now as defined by The New York Times and the Twitter Community Guidelines. Strangely, I am okay with that too.”

    You never had any hope of being mainstream even before these recent changes. Mainstream is a control mechanism by dark forces. Your type is the reason “mainstream” exists. Mainstream is death, the destroyer of worlds.

    Go blockchain.

  4. The poor bastard doesn’t need a vagina.
    He needs psychiatric therapy except that the same will convince him that the abnormality he wants is perfectly normal.
    Two plus two equals five because we say so and if you disagree you’re a heretic who ought to be burned at the stake.

  5. No need to read Chu’s saga. Let Saruman tell us. “Do you know how Orcs came into being?” Uruk Hai LOTR.

  6. All of these procedures including FGM and MGM should be illegal under current informed consent laws. Especially in the case of minors. The (((doctors)) are lying about the consequences so informed consent is impossible.

  7. i believe the suicide rate for these people approaches 50%.

    and lol @ the body regarding it as a wound. because it is.

    these people are very seriously mentally ill. too bad almost every industry, field, organization, and group is in the process of being under cultural marxist attack. even medical professionals with MDs and licenses to practice have to abide by this madness.

    how could you look at the state of western society and NOT come to the conclusion that it is in decline.

  8. I find it funny that people think humans can be led to a more righteous meaningful “decent” utopic existence. That sometime in the past humans were righteous. So humans can be “saved ”
    This kind of people are trying to find a meaning to their own empty lives, trying to “help” others, pointing their wrong doings.
    Humans in general don’t want to be “saved.”
    Real pleasure is helping dogs, or other animals.
    Only “helping” or investing time or something else in humans if it brings personal benefits.

  9. New York city Jews and White anti-White liberals destroying their sexual organs is very good news. If they do not have functioning sexual organs, their anti-White genetics will be removed from the gene pool. They should be encouraged in this endeavor. Lets get government funding to help them.

  10. I think the worst thing you can do for a person who is mentally ill is to play along with their delusions. It’s called “enabling”. Someone who’s sexually confused and wants to literally un-man himself is crying out for help, it has nothing to do with “gender reassignment”, “empowerment” or “trans rights”.

    I feel like spending the next several years just living in a small cabin in the Appalachians, with no wi-fi or anything. This society is accelerating towards a nervous breakdown.

  11. There was a time the news would talk about America creating a “gay bomb” to drop on enemy troops, which seemed funny at the time.

    But what actually happened is the identity bomb was dropped on American children by hostile infiltrates in media, academia and legislature, such that some will seriously contemplate chopping off their own genitals as rational.

    Has anyone seen a parent that cherishes this outcome for their child? The vignette from the NYT is a telling narrative – the pathological issue rests with identity and cannot be solved by cutting off yaw goobers. There is no going back and as said by others here, suicide is the risk of diy franken-identity.

    As this person puts it, “…there is no guarantee it will make me happier. In fact, I don’t expect it to. That shouldn’t disqualify me from getting it [because I was a’ hankerin].”

    What should disqualify you from getting it is *precisely* that is won’t improve your quality of life. It absolutely should make you feel a whole and better person if you would make such a radical and immutable decision to cut off your gonads. It’s a huge call.

    The Chinese construct of the Dao is a useful one….The life force symbolically described in two identical complementary swirls yet within each resides the nucleus of the other. They are inseparable and a fact of life.

    Mess with that and good luck.

    Twitter bans against dissenters of irreversible identity mutilation says something about the need for decentralized media platforms, so commonsense prevails more often. Leading surgeons are among those dissenters, those that have performed the surgery to great competence in the field, only to see their patients come back and ask for reversal.

    The subject of the NYT article should seriously learn to understand the forces at play and not be another hapless pawn.

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