Caravan Invaders Storm U.S. Border At San Ysidro

This article will be updated as more information becomes available:

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  1. Here on earth, where do the non-whites go? To white-SKINNED countries. Not to High IQ countries. Not to Culturally Aware countries. Not to religiously correct countries. On the real planet earth, the wetbacks are ALWAYS swimming towards WHITE SKIN.

  2. Nice wall Drumpf!

    Maybe he’ll get around to building it, if a few juden are victimized by this horde of turd worlders.

  3. Keep them in Mexico-they are NOT refugees! The whole of Latin America is likely watching, so if Trump displays weakness, the deluge will get worse.
    Mexico did nothing to prevent them trapezing the entire length of their country-so they should deal with them.
    Make an example of them-keep them out.

  4. Could it be that Drimp is FINALLY acting like a strong, decisive leader for a change? Too early to tell at this point.

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