President Trump: We’re Staying In The Middle East Because Of Israel

Why are we stuck in an endless quagmire in the Middle East?

“US President Donald Trump indicated in an interview published Wednesday that, although he could remove troops from the Middle East, citing cheaper oil as an explanation, one reason not to do so is concern for Israel’s security.

“Now, are we going to stay in that part of the world? One reason to is Israel,” Trump told the Washington Post.

“Oil is becoming less and less of a reason because we’re producing more oil now than we’ve ever produced,” he added, appearing to envision a world where the US would be less beholden to Saudi Arabia. “So, you know, all of a sudden it gets to a point where you don’t have to stay there.”

The answer is Jews and Israel.

We don’t even need the oil anymore because of fracking. We could have withdrawn from the region and brought our troops home, but we have bombed Syria twice and threatened Iran because the wealthy and powerful Jews who control our foreign policy wanted to do it.


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  1. I’d argue that Israel is the reason for everything the U.S. gov’t does. Fucking disgusting. Build the fucking wall you asshole Trump! Ann Coulter was also right to complain about him all this time. Thanks Hunter, for bringing us the news most important to Nationalists.

  2. Of course Greater Israel’s expansion project is the only reason why America has to have ZOG wars in the Middle East. This was always the reason. At least we don’t have to listen to the stupid cover stories like the guy in the cave who brought down the Twin Towers, WMD (up Bush’s ass all the time), oil and (of course) the war on terror made in the U.S.A, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    Back in the day General Wesley Clark was telling us that the take down of seven nations in five years war was about ‘oil’. Still a classic. The truth is shocking. The spin is now completely transparent.
    General Wesley Clark: Wars were planned. Seven nations in five years.

    • lindesymonds, Clark was lying about the oil. These wars are to set up a Rothschild central bank in each of these countries first. They were the last countries in the world to have one.

  3. America has to remain in the Middle East and bomb nations that mean nothing to us. To oppose it means being anti-Semitic and wanting another hollowcorst.

  4. We’re still in the petrodollar system, so we’re still beholden to the Saudis, no matter what Trump says. He’s also not nearly as isolationist as I had hoped. It would be great if we finally had an administration not so eager to spill young American blood in every shithole with a problem.

  5. Agreed. Which raises the stakes for yet another false-flag event. Wherever they decide to do it (here or abroad) the conniving Jews would love to make it look like Iran did and have us go to war against them.

  6. Stay in the Middle East to babysit and die for Israel…..with money and troops that could be used for Americas southern border, homeless people and working poor.
    To the average working American struggling to pay his bills-cheer up, your taxes are helping Israel.

  7. The balance of power in House of Representatives, Supreme Court, Senate and maybe even in the White House (with Rod Rosemstein) is controlled by Jews. 8 senators for example. An AG that runs

  8. Drumpf’s favorite daughter and grandchildren are jews. 99% of his advisers from nyc are jews. His son in law and unofficial secretary of state is a jew.

    The non-jews drumpf surrounds himself are zio-con israel firsters .

    Only the most low information patriotardic true believers still insist that the U.S. is “fighting a war on terror.”

    • Patriotards? The above facts and more were available in 2016. WN and Alt-RIght knew Trump was a Jew lover, and yet campaigned for him, and ignored the only Pro White candidate with the courage to stand.

      • @Rorschach

        The pro White candidate didn’t stand a chance. It was necessary to keep the Clinton’s out of the White House in order to delay the onset of WW3. Trump was the only one who had any kind of a half ass chance to win.

        • “The pro White candidate didn’t stand a chance”
          Ziotard meme detected.

          If a Pro White had a chance, he wouldn’t need to run, now would he?

          Pro Whites seriously ask why ordinary Whites won’t vote for nationalist parties. Then Pro Whites say, Whites deserve White Genocide because they won’t vote to save themselves. Then Pro Whites ignore a Pro White candidates and vote for a Jewish Nationalist because “He has a chance” meme.

          “Clinton’s out of the White House in order to delay the onset of WW3.”

          Meanwhile Trump is trying to start war with Russia as we speak, and White Nationalists after all these decades, still don’t control anything in America. Not even a hotdog stand. You are very silly people.

  9. What is he going to do? If Israel were destroyed then all those Goddamned Jews would be coming to America. The last thing we need is more Goddamned Jews.

  10. “we have bombed Syria twice and threatened Iran because the wealthy and powerful Jews who control our foreign policy wanted to do it.” yup, that sums it up pretty well. There’s not much point in voting anymore is there?

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