Summary: President Trump’s Second Year

President Trump’s second year in office is now in the history books.

Forget all the hopeful 4D Chess arguments. Forget all the Q posts. Forget all the podcasts you listened to over the course of the past year. This is what was actually accomplished:

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Here’s a brief summary of our key findings:

– Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court and a bunch of other judges were confirmed to the lower federal courts.

– Islamic terrorism ebbed after the destruction of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

– President Trump imposed some tariffs on steel and aluminum, solar panels and washing machines. He imposed a 25% tariff on 800 categories of Chinese goods.

– The economy performed well and the job market improved. It remains to be seen, however, if this was sacrificing a pile up of long term debt for a short term jolt to economic growth.

– Progress was made toward peace with North Korea. An argument can be made that this was due more to President Moon Jae-in of South Korea, but regardless it is worth celebrating.

– Gas prices have eased somewhat.

– The tax cuts were passed last December.

– A sex trafficking bill was passed which shutdown

– A banking deregulation bill was passed which weakened Dodd-Frank.

– The US embassy in Israel was moved to Jerusalem.

– The US withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal.

– Shlomo Rubashkin, Scooter Libby and the early 20th century negro boxer Jack Johnson were pardoned.

– Congress spent $700 billion on the military in 2018 and $717 billion in 2019.

– The Omnibus bill was passed which banned President Trump from building the border wall with his own prototypes.

– Congress passed a 2 year budget deal.

– The Trump administration allowed the states to impose work requirements for Medicaid.

– New sanctions were imposed on Iran, Russia and Venezuela.

– USMCA was negotiated and is pending approval.

– The US launched airstrikes against the Assad government in Syria. There were numerous lower profile clashes between the US military and Syrian government troops.

– The trends we identified around this time last year – leftwing violence, social media censorship, a conservative legislative agenda and the Alt-Right losing confidence in Trump – all accelerated. I will be addressing each of these trends in their own articles to update our analysis.

If I missed anything significant, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. I warned the world about Trump in Aug 2015 and have screamed it ever since. While Hunter and many others jumped on board the con train.

    Question: How did this dumb ole redneck KNOW then what Hunter is finally figuring out now?

  2. I have found Trump to be an annoying blowhard, anybody that has sat for close to two years and has let a political hack prosecutor (Mueller) indict and harass his friends and associates, Manafort, Stone, Corsi, is an asshat, if not an out out pussy. He could have very easily fired all three of these assholes last year meaning, Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller. Trump could have also pardoned Manafort, instead look at the legal fees the man has run up defending himself. He also has blown off a lot of steam about controlling the border but hasn’t done it.

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