President Trump Will Soon Announce Bump Stock Ban

It looks like Year Three of the Trump presidency will kick off with gun control:

“The Trump administration is expected to announce in the coming days its highly anticipated federal rule banning bump stocks, according to a report.

“Bump stocks turn semiautomatic guns into illegal machine guns. This final rule sends a clear message: Illegal guns have no place in a law-and-order society, and we will continue to vigorously enforce the law to keep these illegal weapons off the street,” a senior Justice Department official told CNN Wednesday.

The new regulation will require bump stock owners to destroy or surrender their devices within 90 days, according to outlet.

Bump stocks modify semi-automatic guns to fire at a rate similar to automatic weapons. President Trump promised to prohibit the devices after a gunman used one in October 2017 to kill 58 people in Las Vegas when he opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest country music festival from the Mandalay Bay hotel. He officially directed DOJ to take action in February after the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., which left 17 people dead. …”

We might get a bump stock ban AND prison reform before Christmas.

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  1. This is totally illegal. The federal law defines a machine gun as one that fires more than one shot by a single function of the trigger..which a bump stock does not do! well do you expect from this phony con man!! more troops for Israel..Im voting against this this turd in 2020

  2. Jared informed Drumpf that bump stocks are anti-semitic and killed six million jews, so of course, they have to be banned.

  3. I vote Republican because because they support our right to bear arms. Wait. They don’t do that.

    I vote Republican because they support free speech. Wait. They don’t do that.

    I vote Republican because they stop illegal immigration. Wait. They don’t do that.

    I vote Republican because they are good for law and order. Wait. They let violent Anti-Fa attack, and jail anyone that stands up to them.

    I vote Republican because they are the White man’s party. Wait. The word “white” never passes their lips, they’ve been chasing the minority vote since the 1960s, and they spill White blood and treasure for Israel.

    I vote Republican because they are good for the economy. Wait. They increase the national debt by trillions of dollars every time they win office. They shipped all the manufacturing jobs out of the country starting in the 1970s, and they shipped millions of third worlders in to take the jobs that remain, and when the low skill jobs were gone, they shipped in 10s of millions more third worlders live on welfare.

    “Vote Republican. They are the lesser of two evils.”

  4. As most of the guys who read this probably already know, a bump stock does not make a semi-auto fire like a machinegun -not in technique or rate of fire. A guy I used to hang out with 5 years ago had a bump stock on a (Yugo made I believe) semi-auto AK clone, and I fired it on one occasion. It was about half the cyclic rate of the fully legal/ registered/ Class III weapons (M14, M249, M60) that I paid to fire at the big MG shoot at Knob Creek several years back. (Legal Note: I have not talked to my old buddy in several years, and he likely does not even have the bump stock anymore.)
    And of course, a ban of bump stocks is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment, not that politicians (including Republicans) care anything about the Bill of Rights anymore. Since the Constitution and Bill of Rigths are now just words on paper, as the left wing proposition/civic nationalists now tell us, then maybe we all should be *Rethinking The Propositions*.

  5. Go for responsible gun policy – don’t call it gun control.

    It places where I’ve lived, the South Side of Chicago, Brooklyn NY – it’s just not practical to let everybody have military guns.

    Responsible gun policies, don’t call it “gun control” when complimented with very strict birth control policies and immigration control policies make sense.

    If the roughest Black underclass areas of Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore let alone Haiti and Somalia the Religious Right, patriot, Constitutionalist pro Life way of thinking and doing this isn’t practical – you/we can’t let the dark people do whatever they want in these areas.

  6. The bump stock is a throw away issue, it’s just a sacrificial offering of a useless attachment. It makes politicians look like they did something. Don’t get too worked up over it. Even when we had the gun ban in 94′ we still had semi autos, just no bayonet lugs or flash hider/breaks.

    What we do need to concentrate on though, are bills coming out of the House with confiscation clauses.

  7. Bump stocks turning semi autos into fully autos is a total, egregious, bare face lie. Fully autos have been illegal for years. From what gun owners tell me bump stocks make it easier to squeeze off each round faster but decease the accuracy of each round. Bump stock ban is another sop for the gun grabbers on the road to firearm confiscation. Yes, Mr. Trump, this is why I voted for you.

    Anti-Whites aren’t really against firearms.
    Anti-Whites are really against White people owning them.

  8. The average White American loathes this sort of behavior so IMO this should be looked at as an opportunity to deal a serious blow to the Republican party (which has never been your friend).

    Just look at how things are done in Europe. Nationalist political parties work closely – they are fused at the hip – to street activist organizations which fight back Antifa. The LOS needs an equivalent of the early 2000s era BNP or UKIP that it can cooperate with. Then you can ruthlessly call out the Republicans when they inevitably do these sort of things.

    If I were you guys I’d lay the groundwork out now and then begin running candidates once the Republicans fail in 2020. Aim for 2022 to begin running candidates and emphasize that the Republican Party is utterly incompetent.

  9. How will can go about banning our bely loops and fingers? Either Trump is an idiot, or he’s evil. Most normal Americans know to NOT COMPLY. Especially if they put in writing, language that makes ever semi-automatic illegal. SHTF approaches.

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