Jewish Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Preyed On Teenage Girls

The Miami Herald has a new series of articles about Jeffrey Epstein:

“Palm Beach, Florida

November 2004

Jane Doe No. 2

Michelle Licata climbed a narrow, winding staircase, past walls covered with photographs of naked girls. At the top of the stairwell was a vast master bed and bath, with cream-colored shag carpeting and a hot pink and mint green sofa.

The room was dimly lit and very cold.

There was a vanity, a massage table and a timer.

A silver-haired man wearing nothing but a white towel came into the room. He lay facedown on a massage table, and while talking on a phone, directed Licata to rub his back, legs and feet.

After he hung up, the man turned over and dropped his towel, exposing himself. He told Licata to get comfortable and then, in a firm voice, told her to take off her clothes.

At 16, Licata had never before been fully naked in front of anyone. Shaking and panicked, she mechanically pulled off her jeans and stripped down to her underwear. He set the timer for 30 minutes and then reached over and unsnapped her bra. He then began touching her with one hand and masturbating himself with the other. …”


“Palm Beach County Courthouse

June 30, 2008

Jeffrey Edward Epstein appeared at his sentencing dressed comfortably in a blue blazer, blue shirt, jeans and gray sneakers. His attorney, Jack Goldberger, was at his side.

At the end of the 68-minute hearing, the 55-year-old silver-haired financier — accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls — was fingerprinted and handcuffed, just like any other criminal sentenced in Florida.

But inmate No. W35755 would not be treated like other convicted sex offenders in the state of Florida, which has some of the strictest sex offender laws in the nation.

Ten years before the #MeToo movement raised awareness about the kid-glove handling of powerful men accused of sexual abuse, Epstein’s lenient sentence and his extraordinary treatment while in custody are still the source of consternation for the victims he was accused of molesting when they were minors. …”


“On a muggy October morning in 2007, Miami’s top federal prosecutor, Alexander Acosta, had a breakfast appointment with a former colleague, Washington, D.C., attorney Jay Lefkowitz.
It was an unusual meeting for the then-38-year-old prosecutor, a rising Republican star who had served in several White House posts before being named U.S. attorney in Miami by President George W. Bush.

Instead of meeting at the prosecutor’s Miami headquarters, the two men — both with professional roots in the prestigious Washington law firm of Kirkland & Ellis — convened at the Marriott in West Palm Beach, about 70 miles away. For Lefkowitz, 44, a U.S. special envoy to North Korea and corporate lawyer, the meeting was critical. …”


“Jeffrey Epstein had a little black book filled with the names and personal phone numbers of some of the world’s wealthiest and most influential people, from Bill Clinton and Donald Trump to actors, actresses, scientists and business tycoons.

A money manager for the super-rich, Epstein had two private jets, the largest single residence in Manhattan, an island in the Caribbean, a ranch in New Mexico and a waterfront estate in Florida.

But Epstein also had an obsession.

For years, Epstein lured an endless stream of teenage girls to his Palm Beach mansion, offering to pay them for massages. Instead, police say, for years he coerced middle and high school girls into engaging in sex acts with him and others. …”

He is another Harvey Weinstein.

That is pretty much all there is to say about this.

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  1. No, he’s not another Harvey Weinstein and you should approve my comment about him under the latest Trump thread.

      • Apparently “CIA” stands for Cocaine Import Agency although the former is written out. Ahhhhaahahaha! Love it. They’re one in the same.

      • Watching the video now. A friend of mine in the business world told me the derivatives didn’t square even back in the mid-1980’s, and that this was obvious to even non-math people who were generally bright.

        What do you mean by (((set up)))? Are you suggesting that Epstein or some surrogate of his arranged solicited Bannon for the purpose of getting photographs or proof that they had a meeting, to discredit him?

        • Someone with that type of background (porn, pedophilia) being close and giving advice to a sitting president could have caused a lot of issues for Trump. That if Bannon had hung around long enough for it to be exposed. That’s great ammunition for Trump’s enemies.

          Breitbart is an Israeli operation either in whole or in part.

        • The whole system will come crashing down eventually. Everything runs on emotions and not true fundamentals. A lot of stocks are way overpriced, corporations hide their problems, and try getting that stock certificate issued in your name when the time comes. Then there’s the municipal pension problem. The hypothecation of stocks, the hypothecation of bank deposits, endless derivatives, derivatives of derivatives….. how can the financial system still be standing without electronic magic and investor ignorance? God help us.

  2. 1. Trump ran in those circles, though I think he never did anything that could hurt his ambitions.

    2. Pizzagate, Spirit Cooking, never forget who we are fighting.

    • I’ll tell you cui bono. The jews.

      How so? By distracting and funneling the outrage at how the Democrats used white women’s exploitation to derail Kavanaugh into anti-Trump rancor. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Nadler, who will lead House D’s in the Judiciary Committee, has just in the last week or so announced there will be no impeachment of Kavanaugh or even investigation, after dangling the prospect over white women’s heads during the process. On the same day Epstein’s story suddenly became so important Nadler also announced his Democrat posse was demanding the FBI (that refused to accept affidavits from Yale classmates of Ramirez and Kavanaugh) reveal and re-focus their efforts regarding ‘white nationalists.’

      I’m not saying this explains all of the less than spontaneous timing, just some of it. Those independent white college educated women will factor hugely in the presidential election. Neither party can win the electoral college without enlisting some majority of us. D’s think they can manipulate us like a pack of rabid zombies mistaking Acosta and over him, Trump, for Kavanaugh and Wray.

      But it’s not just the D’s ultimately, or the R’s who win by scapegoating Trump for their bait and switch chicanery. Both sides are run by the jews and both use Trump as some shibboleth onto which they project their own evils.

  3. The talmud allows for sexual relations with children beginning at three years old. So this behavior is second nature to the curse onto nations.

  4. This is how jews have gained power , for millennium.
    Your senator , your congressman, photos that can ruin them.

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