Trump Trends: Social Media Censorship (Year Two)

Laura Loomer’s stunt at Twitter HQ in New York City this evening put a spotlight on an issue that I highlighted exactly one year ago today on this blog.

There is a leftwing conspiracy to defund and deplatform anyone even remotely affiliated with the Alt-Right on social media. The GOP has also failed to do anything about it. It is no accident that virtually every major influencer that supported Trump in the 2016 election has been purged.

Occidental Dissent was purged last December when Twitter’s rules were changed to censor Alt-Right accounts. Jared Taylor was purged. A bunch of other people were purged at the time. A year later, we’re now well into the phase when even the biggest influencers like Alex Jones and Infowars are being purged. Laura Loomer was banned for some bullshit reason last week.

Roosh’s books have been banned by Amazon. The Proud Boys were wiped out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and PayPal. Ethan Ralph was recently purged from YouTube. Gab has barely survived. The target is the entire ecosystem of rightwing alternative media. Big Tech is teaming up with Antifa, “journalists” and leftwing pressure groups like the ADL and Media Matters to censor and rig the internet for the Democrats. There is evidence that Facebook is teaming up with groups like the Atlantic Council to purge alternative media in general, not just the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite.

A year ago, I said that “this has nothing to do with Charlottesville. It had been going on since Trump’s victory in the 2016 election and even before that.” MILO was banned during the 2016 Republican convention. Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys boasted that they had opposed Charlottesville. Alex Jones and Infowars were taken out in a mafia-style hit across multiple platforms. Countless people have since been purged from social media who had nothing to do with Charlottesville.

Where is Based Ajit Pai?

A year ago, some people were celebrating the end of Net Neutrality and gaslighting others into believing the 4D Chess argument that FCC chairman Ajit Pai was going to put a stop to this. This all came to a head in early September when Jack Dorsey testified before Congress. As Twitter and Apple purged Alex Jones and Infowars, Based Ajit Pai wrote an Op-Ed in which he said that social media companies SHOULD NOT be regulated as public utilities. Infowars also quietly dropped the black pill that President Trump WAS NOT going to issue a highly touted executive order about social media censorship because some True Conservatives in the administration opposed it.

I don’t think anyone here would dispute that social media censorship is a trend which is rapidly accelerating. I doubt anyone still believes this is only about Charlottesville either. We’ve also seen nothing from President Trump and the GOP Congress but naked attempts to capitalize on the resentment. There is a growing consensus that this is one of the most important political issues in the country.

How long will it be before this simmering anger boils over and is directed at President Trump and the GOP Congress over their failure to do anything about it?

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  1. If every right winger who was censored by Twitter showed up on their doorstep under the banner of free speech, the angry crowd would be bigger than the zombie horde outside Israel’s walls in that shitty Brad Pitt movie.

  2. The ADL banned Loomer, Not twitter, she should be chaining herself up to their building. but she’s half retarded, probably think her fellow jews wouldn’t nail her to a cross.

    • Exactly. The Romans didn’t execute Christ the Sanhedrin did. Every literate Greek reading the story got the point.

    • @Silverdawn

      There’s a Jewess that does nothing on Twitter except report accounts to the ADL. Who then pressure Twitter to ban them.

      What if the Jews gave an order and all of the Goyim refused to obey?

  3. How much longer can Trump string along his hardcore supporters before it finally dawns on them that they get all the talk while the other side gets all the action? GOP has been selling out its base, aka White people, for many years. Trump won on a populist platform. I foolishly thought he’d be different.

  4. I knew the USA was over (at least the free part of it) when none of these sellout politicians, including Trump, dared address the deplatforming BEFORE the November elections. By the next cycle it will be too late. Scary times ahead. I’m finding it very hard to talk to boomers these days.

    • Same here. My family is full of boomer conservatives who are hooked on FOX News and think that Trump is on their side (and Lindsey Graham, too, for that matter, now that he’s talking tough about the border…ugh). They seem receptive when I talk about the stark reality of our situation, but old habits and viewpoints die very, very hard.

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