President Trump Signs USMCA In Buenos Aires

President Trump has now officially tied his presidency to USMCA aka NAFTA 2.0:

“BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — North American leaders formally signed their new trade agreement Friday, marking the end of 15 months of contentious talks between the U.S., Canada and Mexico — and the beginning of what could be months of fierce debate between the Trump administration and Congress.

The signing, which took place on the sidelines of the G-20 summit, shifts the onus onto each country’s legislatures to approve the agreement before it can actually take effect. And that could be a problem in the U.S., where some Democrats have already been opposing the labor and environmental provisions in the pact, now known as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement or USMCA. …”

NAFTA was the worst trade deal in history. This deal, however, is presumably a good one which will reduce the trade deficit and foster manufacturing in America.

Neat trick. Denounce NAFTA and TPP on the campaign trail. Take credit for killing TPP. Then kill NAFTA and rebrand it with 2/3rds of the text from TPP. Count on most of your followers being dumb enough not to notice.

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  1. NAFTA was great, just not for the /little people/. I send a truckload of goods to Mexico a few years back still believing in this bullshit. I had to have the driver turn around and come back after the custom agents demanded 300% of the value in “Tariffs”.

  2. What should we do? What do we say if we call or write? I hope this is going viral, i wouldn’t know because I’m banned from Twitter.

  3. It wont matter to the average GOP voter but it will matter to swing voters and especially those in places like PA and MI. NAFTA and TPP was the main reason they voted for Trump. They are paying attention.

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