Antifa Are Throwing a Tantrum Over Silent Sam’s Return

UPDATE: Kevin Levin and Atlanta Antifa are having a debate about whether or not I am mad that Silent Sam is coming back to the UNC campus and getting his own penthouse.

LOL no.

F**kin’ based

Why would I be mad?

This is a better pedestal than the one he was on before tbh. There is nothing sacred about that location. If anything, this will protect Silent Sam from weather damage and eliminate the threat posed by Antifa vandalism, and he gets upgraded with his own $5.3 million dollar crib. Is your house worth $5.3 million? Silent Sam is a good boy who dindu nuffin. I’m happy for him.

Silent Sam has been through a lot over these past few months. He deserves his own place where can just chill. The best part is that civil rights was cut to pay for his security.

Happening now.

Antifa are having a tantrum at UNC over Silent Sam. When he comes back, Silent Sam will be upgraded. He will have his own throne room now. It will be like the Lincoln Memorial.

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  1. If they don’t like it, they can go back to Minnesota, Ohio and New York, where most of them are from, anyway.

    Nobody but a Yankee or a Jew would go to somebody else’s country and demand that they rearrange their culture, history and society to suit them.

  2. Watching our people march in unison to their own demise is becoming redundant. This is the manifestation of lazy parenting and Jewish manipulation. Make no mistake about it goy, the parents could have prevented this by implementing white culture hour after school instead of relying on the (((system))) to mold them into self-loathing retards. If we don’t teach our offspring the glory of their peoples who will?

    The revolution begins at home

  3. “Fuck Your Racist Statue”

    This is just a bewildering sentiment. Silent Sam quite obviously fought for States’ Rights.

    Welcome to your new home, buddy.

  4. HW, I had no idea you were an opportunist who hates academics and enjoys manipulating people. Do you have any redeeming qualities at all?

    • @November Man

      (((kevin levine)))

      I’ve started to notice that’s is Jews, pseudo academics and urban Leftists© that are trying to keep up the animosity between North and South. Not ordinary people.

      Most people are just too busy trying to earn a living. Which is why their enemies keep putting one over on them.

      Uncle Sam was/is a New England Oligarch/Capitalist figure.

      • @ James Owen,

        The New England oligarch/capitalist figure of uncle sam was and continues to be used as a zog military meme in the jewnited states. And IMO, that’s enough reason to smite him/it.

  5. These people are absolutists — but also hypocrites — UNC Chapel Hill is being sued over its affirmative action admission policies (search it) — so speaking of the UNC students, they are surrounded by NAM students whose presence in the vast majority of cases without question represents a kind of racism that disadvantages Whites and Asians — but they could not care less about that.

  6. UNC-CH is gonna pay for its cuckoldry when the Alumni donations dry up, the niggraball revenues shrink and hopefully when the General Assembly imposes some Macron style austerity on it.

  7. It wouldn’t hurt much FHS. Keep in mind that their richest donor is Michael Jordan… He’ll just make his donation that much bigger, and write it off on his taxes

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