Silent Sam Will Return To The UNC Campus

This is great news.

I agree with the decision to place Silent Sam in an indoor building with “state-of-the-art security.” If Silent Sam is restored to its previous location, it will just be vandalized again:

“CHAPEL HILL – UNC-Chapel Hill officials recommend that Silent Sam, the Confederate statue torn down four months ago, be located indoors at a new building on campus for the purpose of telling the university’s history.

The preference would be for an off-campus location, said UNC Chancellor Carol Folt, but state law does not allow it.

The cost for the new building, which would have state-of-the-art security, is $5.3 million, plus $800,000 in annual operating costs. It would be at the Odum Village area of campus, which was the former site of married student housing. Odum Village is currently being demolished to create an area for future campus growth.

The plan calls for completing the university history center in 2022. …”

“Returning the statue to the UNC-Chapel Hill campus would reaffirm the values of white supremacy that motivated its original installation,” the faculty resolution said. “Moreover, to do so would undermine the physical security of all members of our community.”

Silent Sam has triumphed over Antifa.

According to UNC faculty, his return is a reaffirmation of “the values of white supremacy.” It looks like Silent Sam will be around to trigger UNC liberals for generations to come!

I’m surprised Antifa didn’t try to destroy Silent Sam in the middle of the night. By making a big public scene out of toppling the statue, they have only succeeded in getting themselves arrested, politically harming the Democrats and fortifying the monument in the process.

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  1. When the left attempts to destroy our history and its monuments they demonstrate that they are nihilists that offer nothing but destruction, hatred, and poverty of ideals and morality.

  2. Sadly, I do not see this as a victory, but, a gentle defeat.

    The Left has been trying to get our our monuments moved from the State Capital, in Raleigh, to either the historick cemetery or the History Museum, the idea being to remove any sight of White Southern Culture from the everyday place.

    It seems to me that they, The Left, have achieved this with Silent Sam.

    Why our politicians would compromise with them is beyond me, for we have no need of it.

    To me, it is symbolick for what I feel has become too often our (North Carolina) habit of preferring to avoid confrontation, instead of doing what is right.

    To be honest about it, this kind of weakness shames me and is cause for grief, but, when all is said and done, I must accept the will of my fellow Tarheels, whom I know to be far more concerned about the firing of UNC football coach than whether Silent Sam exists.

    I appreciate your optimistick take on it though, Sir.

    • “To me, it is symbolick for what I feel has become too often our (North Carolina) habit of preferring to avoid confrontation, instead of doing what is right.”

      Sorry to go all Pontius Pilate on you, Junius, but “What is right?” The statue’s opponents, who want the piece removed from the campus entirely, might say of the University’s decision exactly what you’ve said.

      • What is right, Dear John, is to enforce the law as it was passt, by an overwhelming majority.

        To use the law as a starting point for a negotiation, whenever The someone decides that something is offensive to their feelings, sets a dangerous precedent in North Carolina.

        What this means is that, next time there is a problem, those who are on the receiving end of the lawlessness will be less inclined to defer to the politicians to enforce the law, because of a proven lack of faith, and the result of that will be the undermining of the Rule of Law.

        That is not good for anybody, here, because if the law is not enforcet by the NC Government, then someone will.

        It would be nice to avoid such a scenario.

        Be well!

        • Thanks for your reply, Junius. I hadn’t been thinking at all about the legal duty that, as I see now, the University was trying to finesse.

          • Thank you, Dear John,

            Of course, you are not down here, so you cannot be expected to realize the extent of the hurt feelings there is over the felling of Silent Sam, and how close we were to armed reprisals, when it occurred.

            Those feelings, though currently mute – from a publick perspective – are still festering.

            If there is a next time, (Antifa strike against another monument) I do not expect it, (the aftermath) to progress peacefully, and, that so, the fault of it will be on the politicians of our state, sad to say.

            Though 40 years has passt since Imperial Wizard Virgil Griffin’s Klan struck back at the Antifa howling for their blood, in Greensboro, the dynamick whence that tragick event arose has little changed.

            Best Xmas wishes to you and your mama!

          • Illuminating, as always, Junius. Whenever I hear or read of Greensboro, there comes vaguely to my mind that incident, which marked my learning of the place.

            Thanks for the Christmas wishes, which I return, to your loved ones and you. At my own family’s gathering, my mother, incidentally, at age ninety-five, will be the only person old enough to remember the election of Herbert Hoover. Whether she still remembers it, I don’t know; but decades ago, she mentioned her mother’s saying, in the election’s aftermath, “Herbert Hoover went to the White House.” Having, at age five, no knowledge of the Executive Mansion, my mother simply pictured a big white house.

          • Thank you so very much for your Xmas wishes to me and mine, Dear John, and for the story of your mama.

            I am so happy she is still alive and with us.

            God bless her!

  3. Cheering for anything less than returning
    the monument to it’s original place of honor
    is nothing but the mating call of a eunuch cuck.
    And you (all for it) stupid bastards don’t know
    a con job rip off when you see it: “The cost of the
    new building is $5.3 million, plus $800,000 in annual operating coats.”
    You stupid bastards.

  4. Meanwhile,nationwide there are MLK monuments to honor a documented plagiarist and womanizer. Let’s start a movement demanding MLK monuments be removed. The street signs have to be changed to his birth name of Michael King. Also,it’s time to demand his FBI records are released under a FOIA request. Why should we wait until 2027?

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