Macron Backs Down On Fuel Tax Hikes For Six Months

I doubt this will fool anyone.

The only reason he is doing this is because the Yellow Jackets movement is spiraling and their biggest protest yet is scheduled for this weekend. He is simply trying to deflate the movement:

Marine Le Pen isn’t fooled.

Axios is salty about it:

Ambulances have joined the Yellow Vest protests

This is the biggest story in the world right now.

The funniest thing about this is that we are watching a literal working class revolution unfold against Macron in France and it looks more and more like that scene out of V for Vendetta with each passing weekend, but the Left can’t get behind it because it supports the elitist Green agenda. In fact, Bernie Sanders is running in 2020 on doing something similar here.

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    • He’s just playing games. He’ll arrest the ringleaders and do what he planned in summer anyway.

  1. Frenchmen, you took a shot at your king. You have to finish him or he’s going to finish you.

    King Richard II pretended to parley with the leaders of the English peasant revolt in the 1300s but ended up killing the leader Wat Tyler in front of the assembled rebels during the meeting.

    You’ve got to depose Macron or the ringleaders of the revolt are dead men.

  2. If only they were even half this pissed off about their traitorous government forcing White Genocide on them.

  3. Best part of this show is that there are no ringleaders. Second best thing is that yellows did not took the bait and revolt will go on.Third best thing is that nobody claim that there are Russians or something.
    This looks like Iraqi style revolt….no leaders, nobody to kill or fool buy or whatever.

  4. Victory here will look something like this: when a preponderance of fighting age men unite to create a new nation, nothing will stop us.

    All we need is a credible vision and a campaign to promote it. No more “alt right” / magapede BS! Only a new nation will have the agility and energy to govern the way our children and grandchildren deserve! Hanging on to America’s corpse with our fingernails betrays our posterity!

    The “alt right” are the new cucks!

  5. This yellow jacket movement is the biggest nightmare for the (((international elites))) that has come along in awhile – worse than Trump who is a complete fraud because these people are White and in the streets rioting.

    Your right, the left should be all over this but cannot take advantage due to their rigid ideology on Climate – kinda like how conservatives cannot take advantage of populism due to their free trade ideology.

    The US media has been very quiet trying to cover it up with nonstop coverage of the H.W. Bush nonsense. When they do talk about it they try to make it all about the gas tax. The problem is obviously a lot bigger than just that. The tax is just a symptom of a larger issue like it is everywhere in the West.

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