Israel Launches “Operation Northern Shield” Against Hezbollah In Lebanon

It was clear that this was coming when Pompeo met with Netanyahu in Brussels yesterday and said Israel has the absolute right to defend itself while wearing a yarmulke:

Does anyone believe this?

It is Israel that attacks all of its neighbors: Iran, Syria and Lebanon. Maybe I missed something, but I have seen that happen dozens of times over the past two years, but not the reverse.

Netanyahu is actually in a deteriorating political situation over his corruption scandal. Could this be phase one of a Hanukkah miracle?

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  1. That is simply hilarious that Israel sites a UNSC resolution, when Israel is in violation of, literally, HUNDREDS of UN resolutions.

    Hezbollah are just average people, with BALLS, and a true devotion to God, unlike the Churchianity crowd.
    Who sit back or actively encourage, the END of the Greatest Race to walk the earth.

    If Americans only knew:

    Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, June 2003, pages 20-23

    Special Report
    The Costs to American Taxpayers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: $3 Trillion

  2. If only our DC Zogbots where even half as concerned about defending our borders as they are about defending Israel’s. Traitors.

  3. While the goyim are busy spending money they don’t even have on Chink made crap from jew retailers the Zionists will be killing and maiming thousands of Lebanese Christians.

    “Happy Holidays”.

  4. The biggest laugh was Pompeo out there claiming Trump wants to create a new liberal world order. I mean hell, why not just say New World Order in honor to H.W. Bush?

  5. Hezbollah are good guys just trying to free the Palestinians from The Jewish State’s incremental Genocide.

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