U.S. Threatens To Withdraw From Nuclear Treaty With Russia

Here’s the latest from the fat neocon idiot who is our Secretary of State:

“BRUSSELS — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Tuesday that the Trump administration would begin the formal process to scrap the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty within 60 days unless Russia returns to compliance with the treaty’s terms.

“The burden falls on Russia to make the necessary changes,” Mr. Pompeo said. “Only they can save this treaty.”

If Russia does not come back into compliance by the deadline, the Trump administration will begin a formal, six-month process to end the treaty, Mr. Pompeo said. During those months, the United States will still not test or deploy missiles that would abrogate the pact, known as the I.N.F. Treaty, he said.

Mr. Pompeo received unanimous support from NATO allies for his contention that Russia was in violation of the treaty. …”

While the Trump administration pointed to years of treaty violations by Russia, there is another reason it wants to abandon the deal: The pact constrains the United States from deploying new weapons to respond to China’s growing militarization of the South China Sea.

Why is the Trump administration withdrawing from a 30 year old nuclear treaty with Russia signed by Reagan and Gorbachev? John Bolton and Mike Pompeo think this is a great idea.

Listen to this:

Except when it is Israel, right?

Wait, what?

Ukraine, Donetsk, Crimea, the Kerch Strait, Georgia and Syria … you know, all the reasons Trump was elected president.

Want to know what is dumber than adding Montenegro to NATO? Adding Ukraine and Georgia.

Apparently, Bolton and Pompeo also think it is a great idea for NATO to send naval forces into the Kerch Strait. The US Navy is being sent into the Black Sea to challenge Russia over this Ukraine shit:

Reviving the Cold War with Russia and China is why we voted for Donald Trump, right? America First, amirite?

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  1. I think i get it now. We all know Obama wasnt running the office of the executive. And now we know Trump isnt either. At some point, every presidency gets taken over by the deep state. Trump aint shit. He’s a puppet.

  2. When references to the “international order” are made in a threatening context, you know more young Americans are about to be sacrificed on the satanic altar by the globohomos.

  3. Its all part of the new world order. The whole of DC is nothing but satanic symbolism, from the OVAL office to the giant dick obelisk in the backyard, the Washington monument.

    Freemasonry at its highest degree, those our are real enemies, the jew comes second!

    • Van Rensburg was just another anti-Anglo Boer with an IQ of 92 and a raving desire to see my people die out. He was no more a prophet or a seer than I am an astronaut.

      • I had just seen it and thought it was interesting after reading this, but definitely crazy. And who are “your people”? If I was a Boer, I’d be “anti-Anglo” too.

  4. Why is the Trump administration withdrawing from a 30 year old nuclear treaty with Russia signed by Reagan and Gorbachev? John Bolton and Mike Pompeo think this is a great idea.

    This is not just about Russia – withdrawing from the treaty gives the US & Japan an immense strategic advantage in the East Asian region over China. This hurts China more than it hurts Russia and keep in mind Trump has already assembled an anti-China roster (Lighthizer is the guy who helped Reagan curb Japan’s economy in the late 80s, Navarro literally wrote a book on how to break China’s growth, and Bolton has had a grudge against China since the 80s).

    They are moving to put China in a chokehold right now.

    • Isn’t that interesting that the US doesn’t? I grew up at the end of the (((Cold War))) and I still remember civil defense interruptions during Saturday morning cartoons and directions to local fallout shelters being posted. Our government clearly no longer gives a shit about US citizens.

  5. Of all the dreadful people Trump hired, Pompeo is right there at the top. What an oaf! He has Christian Zionist written all over his face. He actually believes he is doing God’s work by giving Saudi Arabia a pass and by going to war for Israel. And I bet he didn’t even vote for Trump.

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