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  1. He suspends the fuel tax increase to shut people up, but will likely still sign the global compact on refugees in Marrakesh that will accelerate minority status for native French….yeah they’ll be ok now!
    The people should be demanding a whole lot more before hanging up their vests-France will be a Muslim third world shithole in my lifetime and the people must maintain the rage.

  2. Nothing more than freemasonic mind control. Allow the proletariat to believe that they actually have something to say by organizing and by demonstrating.

    The Matrix aspect still exists right under their noses that they don’t understand or don’t even know it exists.

    They’ll get that tax money some way, either out in the open or secretly.

    • France was the founder of masonic rule. Before 1000 ad there were no castles or masonic nobility in Europe. Only after the 1st Templars crusade the 2nd 3rd 4th sons of aristocrats that were not granted inheritance hid behind the church and were concidered monks, hiding building castles then developing secret societies manipulating ChristianityThen it was born, masonic rule in Europe who were the first and our 1st world banks of today. History says they come out of the original pharaohs of Egypt. Look at nobility today in the ME, CHINA South America and Europe. Same building structures and techniques comes from every CORNER of the world

      The megalithic builders of ancient times and the materials used is just high technology concrete. They love too keep secrets from us commoners, our masters.

        • It all comes out of the legend of Isis Horus Osiris. Osiris was cut into 13 pieces, they found 12 pieces and the one they didn’t find was his penis. That is why these masonic maniacs use the ancient symbol of the obelisk. If you ever walked into a cemetery, especially an old one and you see obelisks as markers they are of Freemasonry. Their symbolism is everywhere hiding in plain sight. You see an obelisks in a town squares everywhere. Freemasonry built this country only to have it be detroyed, new Babylon.

          You can’t doubt what is true by dismissing it. Maybe you’re a Freemason by your sarcastic reply? Even one of your southern Generals in the American civil war was a Satanic Freemason, he even wrote a book. You going to dismiss that?

  3. The lesson is no Hitler stuff. Keep it a normie friendly fight and we win (easily). Funny how people keep showing up in our movement to drive it into the weeds?

  4. I wonder if Micron will be at all chastened and stop his self-righteous globohomo moralizing. I was hoping he would escalate the situation, but maybe he’s smart enough to know when he’s lost (or his bankster pals told him to).

  5. I hope this is not the end of the protests. I want to see a strasserite workers’ REVOLUTION!

    The Roger Coudroy People’s Liberation Army. He was actually Belgian, but people across Europe should learn from him

    • Agreed pretty much. They should keep going — this is a sign of Micron’s weakness, a good hard push will topple him for sure.

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