Congress Averts Government Shutdown

The GOP wants to remind voters for Christmas that they didn’t get the wall:

“Congress steered clear of a shutdown Thursday, but the parties are no closer to resolving the battle over President Donald Trump’s wall as Democratic leaders prepare to meet with Trump next week.

Democrats are urging Republicans to sidestep a Christmastime fight over Trump’s wall and simply extend current border security funding — a proposal the GOP is already panning …”

How many times now has the GOP punted on wall funding?

I honestly don’t know. I just know that conservatives milked Trump’s victory in the 2016 election to pass their own priorities – the tax cuts, banking deregulation, bloating the military – while promising him over and over again that one day they would really, truly fight to fund his border wall.

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  1. All anyone really needs to know about the POTUS (POS) is that ANTIFA can open carry (and threaten people with AR-style “military” firearms), issue death threats, harass and threaten people (even famous people) at their homes, physically attack people for daring to hold an opposing opinion to the GloboHomo billionaire left with such violence that only through extreme luck and the Grace of God has no one died yet, and this cowardly twitter-“teen” all-hat-and-no-cattle piece of excrement does absolutely NOTHING as chief executive to stop them. They aren’t even prosecuted to any significant degree. On the contrary, he tweets like a butt-hurt twelve year old girl as HIS “justice” department pursues his own followers for their God-given right to self defense. There is zero chance that I will vote for this sack of rat dung in the next election; the moaning by the weak (“but…but the other guy is worse!!!”)*** will fall on uncaring ears.

    ***this charlatan, after all, said – much to the titillation of (((Feinstain))) that his goons will take the guns first and worry about due process later; in addition to his promised ban on bump stocks that will make a not-insignificant segment of his supporters fugitives. But his favorite people from Africa will be with the stroke of a pen “reformed” out of prison to a neighborhood (and rape scene) near you!

    TL;DR fuck this traitor

  2. Trump could give a shit about The Wall- he only has to feign impotence against a Dem-controlled House for less than 2 years and he gets renominated to run again. If he could not get it built with the Republicucks controlling all of Congress there is no way he gets it built now.

    • If a million people drive down to the border with Portland cement and rebar, what could be done to stop them building the wall?

      • The Power of the State.

        (((They))) will kill all of you, after labeling you in the (((press))) as racist haters and terrorists.

        This is not your country anymore Cap’n. Accept It.

  3. FTN put all their chips on the lame duck session.

    When nothing happens, the Dems will take the House and use “checks and balances” to thwart the Trump agenda. Only an extra-electoral campaign, perhaps like the Yellow Vest campaign, can save us in the US. And like the Yellow Vest folks (and unlike the Alt Right) you will not see Richard Spencer characters or Hitler references in a winning movement.

    We’ll get there.

  4. While I am most certainly for The Wall, we don’t need it.

    All we need is for Uncle Sam to enforce the laws on the books – and, by the hundreds, yo start prosecute employers who are employing illegals.

    That will cure the situation nearly overnight, and at little relative cost.

    At this point, I have resigned myself to the fact that President Trump has no intention of serious immigration reform that would stop demographick replacement.

    He got what he wanted from the issue, will milk it for more, as needed, but, it is little more than that to him.

    While I am thankful to President Trump for many things he has brought (many incidental) I realize that his vision of reform is a better economy and judiciary presiding over and increasingly less White Nation.

    God bless President Trump, but, that scenario is quite unsympatico to me.

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