#MAGA: President Trump Welcomes Holocaust Survivors At White House Hanukkah Party

This isn’t the first time that Trump has vowed to destroy anti-Semites:

“President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump welcomed guests at the White House to celebrate Hanukkah on Thursday, including eight Holocaust survivors.

Trump recalled the history behind the Hanukkah feast day, telling the story of the Maccabees that rebelled against tyranny and recaptured the temple.

He called up the survivors of the Holocaust to join him at the front of the room.

“Each of you has endured evil beyond description,” Trump said, praising them for bearing witness to the horrors of the Holocaust. “Today and every day we renew our solemn pledge. Never again.” …

Trump vowed to combat anti-Semitism everywhere in the world.

“We must stamp out this vile hatred from the world,” he said.

The president also highlighted his decision to end the Iran deal and move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem as well as his close relationship with Israel.

The crowd cheered Trump, and some in the audience chanted, “Four more years! Four more years!” …”

It’s good to know that stamping out anti-Semitism is one of President Trump’s top priorities. For a minute there, I was worried that he was getting distracted from working on NAFTA 2.0, prison reform and restarting a nuclear arms race with Russia:

“In the aftermath of that wicked assault, we reaffirmed our solemn duty to confront anti-Semitism everywhere it occurs,” Trump said on Thursday. “We must stamp out this vile hatred from the world.” …

At the reception, Trump reaffirmed his commitment to Israel and said his administration would always stand with its “cherished friend and partner.” The president also brought Holocaust survivors to the stage. …”

After Pittsburgh, Trump vowed that “those seeking the Jews destruction, we will seek their destruction.” Rod Rosenstein has already destroyed RAM and James Fields, Jr. has been publicly labeled a terrorist by Jeff Sessions and is facing the death penalty.

Four more years of this garbage? I wouldn’t vote for four more months of the Trump administration.

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  1. Trump paying all due obeisance to his Jewish masters. No surprise here. The FBI/ Stasi are the enforcers of the Jew World Order. We aren’t allowed to peacefully assemble without getting sued or thrown in the Gulag when forced to defend ourselves against a crazed hate-filled mob. We aren’t allowed to vent or voice our frustrations on social media without being censored or completely shut down.

    The enemies of our people are in panic mode so we must not let them intimidate us from speaking the terrible taboo topics of today. We must do right and fear no one!!

    The clouds rush inward from the far flung skies,North,South,East,West:the center hurls it’s arms.
    While on the dark wrack a single Eagle flies,Dwarfed by the towering welkin.The alarms,swords of flame and crashing walls of sound,surround him in flight.His wings no motion show as higher he rises on the tempest’s blast,as though at his behest it’s bellows blow.

    Upon the tortured land his constant eyes look down,dismayed by what his height reveals:a noble folk,bound by a web of lies,blind to all truth that such untruth conceals,march to their slaughter.Suddenly he cries,and magic lightning rends the alien gloom with unaccustomed light.The tortured skies pause for an instant in their spectral storm.

    One man,one spirit,greater than the rest.Sees the proud symbol of his folk on high;feeling the mandate growing in his breast he speaks.Words,thoughts,and rising spirits fly.A folk,a nation,join in battle’s blast,resisting fate,defiant of their doom,turn toward the call of destiny at last. And dare the craven authors of the storm.Our legions stand in ranks;flags to the skies! Our Founding Fathers,with quiet,measured tread march with us now in spirit from the dead.The leader speaks,the Eagle onward flies;sons of the West unchained,Arise Arise!

    P.S.The above poem is just one of a plethora of intellectual poems by the Honorable Henry Haywood Turner III,may his words of wisdom and inspiration live on forever in our hearts and souls. Haywood Turner

  2. “cherished friend and partner.”

    That used to be England.

    “Four more years of this garbage? I wouldn’t vote for four more months of the Trump administration.”

    Not likely that there is anything better, and the Clintons would be a lot worse.
    We’re stuck like Chuck.

    ” The president also brought Holocaust survivors to the stage. …”

    They survived because they were miles behind the Soviet lines, in Gorky and Nizhny Tagil.

    • “Not likely that there is anything better, and the Clintons would be a lot worse.
      We’re stuck like Chuck.”

      If we are stuck it is all our fault.

      Here’s the thing, Republicans know they don’t have to keep their promises to their voters, because they know no matter how much conservatives cry betrayal between elections, they will always come crawling back on voting day. And that is absolutely all that matters.

      On the other hand when they make a deal with another political party in Washington DC, they have to keep their promises, because they know if they don’t, no other party will work with them again. This is how small single issue parties punch well above their weight.

      So instead of rewarding Republicans with our votes, we need to go cold turkey on conservatism, and start a serious nationalist party. A REAL PARTY. One that does not cuck and tell its supporters to go vote Republican, whenever a worm tongue like Trump comes along.

  3. There’s barely any WW2 vets still alive, and few who are mobile or mentally alert who are, and yet they keep pulling “Holocaust survivors” out of the woodwork. It’s like they mint a new batch every week.

    • Don’t worry. When the originals all die off it’ll be The Survivors of The Survivors of The Holocaust. Memory of the Six Million must be kept alive at all costs because the Holocaust is used to justify White Genocide.

    • On certain Facebook postings, there are pleas for donations to help poor Holocaust survivors living in Israel. I’ve pointed out that if the youngest one was 10 years old in 1945, when the war ended, he would be 83 years old by now. Given the fact that many people, not just Jews, went through very trying conditions that affected their health, there wouldn’t be no more than a handful of survivors left alive. Yet, various Jewish and even Christian charities are claiming thousands of Holocaust survivors need money to buy meals for them. I strongly suspect that money goes to feed the gonifs who run these ‘charities’.

  4. Christ himself would not be allowed in the White House because he called the Canaanite/Edomite Jews the children of the devil.

    John 8:44 “Ye are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father you do. He (Cain) was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.”

  5. Follow the money.Politicians don’t give a rats ass of history and the down fall of civilization.They are a walking dead.

  6. When the Rump wants you to fight for Murica, Muh Freedom, and Apple Pie, tell him (and the his lil’ Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines recruiters) to F* Off.

    • @Mestigoit

      Just how many Jew holidays are celebrations of massacres?


      All except the ones where they’re crying over how the evil Goyim screwed them over, or massacred them.

  7. As said before:

    Pute A Juifs

    No Statement in any language can say more clearly what political leaders actually are!

  8. I still struggle how some in the mainstream media still try to paint Trump as an anti-semite, when he is obviously a megacuck for Zion, the most rabidly pro-Israel President that Muhrica has ever had. That is a ridiculous as the $D chess boys on the other side.
    The most amazing part of it all is the evangelical Christians who lie under the spell of the Jewish people, those who crucified Christ and are *right now* destroying the culture and demographics of Western nations. It is as if these Christians are blinded by a spell. Wait a minute, the word *bewithced* appears in the New Testament, in Galatians 3:1. Paul was warning the Galatians that they were being bewitched by Judaizers. Interesting.

  9. Sounds like Trump is asking for a war on anti-Semitism worldwide. Criminalizing any speech Jews don’t like, which is pretty much any time a pro-White opens his mouth, would have the needed rationale to shut us down permanently.

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