Live Thread: Gilets Jaunes March On Paris

Saturday – 8:55 PM

Macron spent the day hiding inside the Elysee Palace.

Saturday – 1:43 PM

Monsters are real …

Saturday – 1:40 PM

Macron is killing his own people!

Saturday – 1:21 PM

1,385 arrests today under the Macron dictatorship. King Louis XVI was far more popular in his day …

In the provinces …

“We don’t agree with the current system anymore …”

1,000 arrests

Muh Russia …

Saturday – 10:10 AM

Hard not to conclude the liberal world order is crumbling before our eyes. More than anything else, this is a peasant revolt against technocratic neo-liberalism.

Saturday – 10:00 AM

European man WILL NOT go quietly into the night!

Saturday – 8:24 AM

Saturday – 8:18 AM

Yellow Jackets march through Brest

Liberal journalists are already blaming Muh Russia

Saturday – 7:50

Many have noted that the Yellow Vests are the purest populist uprising we have seen in Europe. It is Macron who supports conservative garbage like destroying labor unions and cutting taxes on the wealthy. They also oppose the carbon tax and open borders. Plus, they want to leave the EU and NATO. It is a revolt against the mainstream Right and Left and globalism in general.

Saturday – 7:47 AM

No surprise that subversive Jews like Bernard-Henri Lévy who backed the Maidan in Ukraine and overthrowing Qaddafi are supporting Macron and condemning the Yellow Vests as “fascists.”

Saturday – 7:41 AM

Solidarity with the Yellow Vests storming the European Parliament building in Brussels

Saturday – 7:33

Armored trucks are being used

The movement has spread across Europe

Trump is Boomer tweeting again and trying to take credit for the movement. Some have wondered if we are seeing a CIA destabilization op against Macron over this European Army thing:

Saturday – 7:31 AM

The criminalization of the Yellow Vests has begun in advance of the rally

Friday – 1:37 PM

Macron is trying to criminalize the Yellow Vests.

Friday – 1:20 PM

I’m so excited about the Yellow Vests protests tomorrow in France that our live thread watch party is kicking off to an early start. There is a chance that Macron could end up being torn apart by the Yellow Vests like Qaddafi or forced to flee the country in disgrace like Mobutu:

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  1. I’m trying very hard not to get overly optimistic and let my expectations get out of whack…but I am excited beyond words at the possibilities this protest presents. I’ll be glued to the news this weekend.

    • Hell, no! The spirit of the Bastille was death, anarchy, and immorality in the wake of destroying the (then viable) Catholic Faith of France. Read Cambria will not yield’s many posts , and how Burke saw the evil that was the French Revolution.

      At least this seems to be normal people wanting a lawful political order, and not antifa violence for the sake of (Soros-funded) violence.

      But I find it telling, that unlike the Spanish Civil War, NO LEFTIST in the USSA is volunteering to take up arms and fight the ‘fascists’. Cowards! LOL

  2. Considering the French propensity for waving the white flag of surrender, I’ll believe the yellow vests mean business when they run macron out of office, and replace him with someone more ideologically aligned with Jean Marie Le Pen.

    • 1/3 of the French in 1940 were Fascist so they may have seen the German invasion as deliverance from Democracy and Capitalism.

      • And as for the rest, they’d just watched their young men mowed down a few years before,

        The French lost the highest proportion of their 16-36 men, out of the total population cohort, of any of the combatants during World War I. It crippled their birthrates for years — in a certain sense, they never recovered demographically from it, though they did have a bit of a baby boom under Vichy and immediately after the war.

        So, they knew the Germans weren’t going to wipe them out, and most of them probably weren’t too keen on dying for a remote place in Eastern Europe. So you’ve got fascists yearning for a release from the early stages of (((ZOG))), regular people who don’t want to see their sons die for no apparent reason, and the fresh memory of another pointless bloodbath … yeah, I don’t think you can draw any conclusion from that except that giving in to the Germans was actually a SANE decision.

      • @Captain John and Ironsides, I too yearn for the unparalleled and indomitable Wehrmacht to deliver us from (((democracy, capitalism, and degeneracy cultural marxism))), notwithstanding, I hope the yellow vests are a harbinger of a European and White North American uprising against the (((elites))) that wishes to write our collective epitaphs.

          • @ john bonaccorsi, was that an attempt at humor?

            Philadelphia has been a shithole city for decades. You’re obviously the product of their public education system.

            Were you one of the morons that threw D size batteries at Santa Klaus during the Christmas Parade?

          • No, it wasn’t an attempt at humor. Your post read like a parody of ungrammatical alt-right sentiment. I figured you were a Jew making mischief.

            For the record, no, I have never attended a public elementary or high school.

    • Denise you got to understand, the masonic aristocrat gave the jew power. Its not the other way around. Get rid of the mother infestation, then it’ll be easy.

      Why do you think they walled themselves in? It’s like a castle. They learned what worked for millennia.

  3. I made my point quite clear. Who found James Fields guilty? Who promised us a wall? Who denounced us at Charlotesvill? Who gave Israel 83 billion? Who in their right mind would fund a space force? Who is our enemy?

    • Yes, we all know the jew is our racial enemy. What about our hidden White European secret obelisk queer dick worshipping enemies known as Freemasons?

      Oh you say, “Not Them”

      Wake up fools, they’re more dangerous than a occupied country of jews!

      • Masonry is Judaism for elite goyim. Their end goal is rebuilding the Third Temple. So how are yids their puppets instead of vice versa?

    • I can agree with that. Trump is a childish fool and I am done with him. That one tweet up there is a real doozy. There was no “European Army” in either World War, and the United States fought on the wrong side both times, making the world safe for modern liberalism, Marxism, Communism, and white genocide.

      • When the Germans learned that the British were about to declare war on Germany in 1914, huge, angry crowds poured into the streets of Berlin, shouting “Rassenverrat!” — “race treason.”

        Over 100 years ago, they knew the score…

        • You’re hilarious revisionist tripe has nothing to do with real history:

          1. Britain was the last major European power to enter WWI.

          2. Britain tried to defuse Europe’s tensions during the July Crisis.

          3. Britain only declared war after Germany had invaded neutral Belgium (hint: Belgians are White too).

          4. The Germans and Austrians (look up Viktor Naumann) openly planned on eliminating Serbia as a nation state (Serbs are White too).

          I realize it’s fun to take Germany’s side in every war and assume the Germans dint du nuffin but that’s just not the truth. Besides, it was the Kaiser’s forces who unleashed Lenin on Russia.

          But go ahead and keep pretending that Germany has always been some sort of racially aware paradise.

      • , and the United States fought on the wrong side both times, making the world safe for modern liberalism, Marxism, Communism, and white genocide.

        Before Hitler’s rise to power, Germany & Austria were the most tolerant towards Jews of any of Western Europe’s major powers. This is part of why men like Lenin & his Jewish cronies were allowed to pass through German lines and enter Russia to foment the Bolshevik Revolution:

        German authorities allowed Lenin and his lieutenants to cross Germany en route from Switzerland to Sweden in a sealed railway car. Berlin hoped, correctly, that the return of the anti-war socialists to Russia would undermine the Russian war effort…

        …According to Pipes, relying on numbers from Eduard Bernstein, the German government sent “more than 50 million deutsche marks in gold” from 1917 to 1918 to help the Bolsheviks establish and hold power.

        The Kaiser’s Germany quite literally helped fund the Bolshevik Revolution. So if you want to talk about making the world safe for Communism….

          • Vikstrom is correct. However the Second Reich was the center of Zionism until the Jews decisive shift to support the Anglos.

          • Why are you people so hellbent on defending the Kaiser? His government let Lenin pass through Germany in a sealed train and gave him 50 million Deutsche Marks worth of gold. That is a historical fact. Had they not done that, then the Schiffs of the world wouldn’t have been able to give him even more funds.

            I am so damn tired of logging onto sites like this one and seeing Americans (like Ironsides and yourself) use every damn waking moment to side with Germans who wouldn’t have even wanted anything to do with you.

          • Oh, they were ALL guilty, face it.

            When Europe threw off the Church during the French Revolution, the sole witness to the Jews’ perfidy was sidelined all across the Continent, and the [sic] ‘Enlightenment’ merely made normal the Kulturkampf of ‘My fellow white’ AshkeNAZIS, to destroy Christendom.
            The Anglicans were so blind from Cromwell on down, that they actually elected a Kike to be Prime Minister (Disraeli), started making Kikes Peers, and started/allowed the whole Dispensationalist/Premillennialist sectarian heresy within her bosom, and then Oxford Press published Scofield’s Libel, to boot!

            Denise may be like a broken record, but on one score, she is utterly correct. “It’s the Jews, stupid!”

            Why, even a Christmas song was the result of a Jew and a Unitarian (i.e., a Gentile Juden), as I read this morning….

  4. Only about 18% support Macron now…about the percentage of the populace who aren’t French. I’m sure LePen would have had a far better chance if not for the nog/Islamic/rapist/leecher vote. They bring their crime, diseases, low IQ, welfare dependency…..and voting preferences with them.

    • At the moment, white cucked voter is the root cause of all western problems. Yes, there are migrant voters who may put somebody over the top

      But before getting over the top politican must get anywhere near the top and this is done by millions of white votes.

      I,ve heard that this is problem in the US too. People escaping from California bring their voting habits with them and turn next states blue.

  5. The Yellow vests are one of the bright spots right now in the West among others in Europe. This is what real populism looks like. I am praying it continues to take off.

    All eyes are on Europe right now. Trump & Farage are complete dead ends – not worth wasting time with. The only reason to even follow what Trump is doing is an exercise on watching a dissident movement completely fail and what should be avoided. Simply put – avoid & attack anything center right.

  6. i think you guys have this all wrong, and most of the rest of the dissent right has the wrong read on this as well. the french are not rioting to oppose globalism and they’re not outraged about the direction france is heading.

    they just don’t want to pay the tax rates that they keep voting for. they don’t want to pay for the social benefits they demand. that’s it. over and over and over, they’ve had a chance to vote for something different. they never, EVER do. once macron is gone, they will literally vote for the same exact things. then riot again. because that’s what they do. riot is sport for them.

    the french are not in any way, shape, or form, fellow travelers, and actually hate almost all the ideas of the dissent right, and hate america and americans too.

    the french are rioting for 30 hour work weeks and 2 months of vacation and the right to not have to work hard or foot the bill for the free health care they demand.

    the french are lazy, arrogant, annoying dick heads that we should never help again.

    if these same french guys moved to the US, they’d vote 90% democrat, and talk all day every day about how america sucks, how the right sucks, guns suck, socialism is tremendous, leftists are awesome, america should be destroyed, africans are the greatest.

    if you don’t understand this, you need to go back to the drawing board and study more. i have friends that actually work in france for years as part time contractors, and understand the score. the french are horrible, and in large numbers would wreck america or any free society that we built.

    french canadians are not much better.

    • i think you guys have this all wrong, and most of the rest of the dissent right has the wrong read on this as well. the french are not rioting to oppose globalism and they’re not outraged about the direction france is heading.

      This is true. At this point the vast majority of rioters are not motivated by a desire to defend the ethnic French nation or Europe in general – those guys are out rioting too but they are a small minority. This is a peasant revolt aimed at anyone who is wealthy and it is imperative that we recognize that fact.

      I’m not French but I have friends who study there (it’s a fraction of the cost of studying in the UK) and there is no ideology dominant among the rioters. There are even Communists rioting right now and ranting about Jews because they’re envious of the wealth the Jews have. It’s a chaotic situation.

      • “There are even Communists rioting right now and ranting about Jews because they’re envious of the wealth the Jews have. It’s a chaotic situation.”

        No, that is exactly as it should be.

      • @Powell, Saved the French? The u.s. government did to them and more importantly the Germans an unforgivable act of betrayal.

        Whom were the French being saved from? The Kaiser? National Socialism? No. They were being liberated from the chains of (((international financiers))).

        What you refer to as saving them twice was in actuality condemning the French to being subservient to the juden and their treasonous Gentile pawns.

  7. My wife and I were in Paristan in 2013 and we both nearly fainted. It felt like a cross between North Africa, and black Africa. Seeing all those third world moochers on the streets in amongst
    the classical French architecture was a loathsome site-just a total mismatch. This was 2013, I must add, so I dread to think how it must look now!
    There’s no cap on what percentage of the population non-whites should be restricted to-just no end game. These are revolutions that just have to happen. High diesel prices are the least of their problems.
    Blacks, browns and Muslim’s have wrecked their own nation’s, so the treacherous suits in power bring them here and pretend they can offer something. I feel no obligations to these people, don’t give a shit about their sob stories, and just want them gone. And whites should be privileged….in their OWN countries!
    And finally, the Indians make nice curry…..but it doesn’t mean we need five million fucking Indians in EVERY Western nation.

  8. I am still trying to understand Trump’s Boomer Tweet that: “The idea of a European Military didn’t work out too well in W.W. I or 2”. What European military? Is that a historically ignorant reference to the Wehrmacht, the one nation so culturally united and powerful that it basically took over Europe on its own?
    I thought NATO was formed because of communism/the U.S.S.R., not because of NS Germany/fascism/WWII. But the Eternal Boomer must keep bringing up WWII and their fabled “greatest generation”. Sigh.

    • Maybe the Waffen SS?

      Although I’d be highly surprised if Drumpf could pull that sort of historical knowledge out of thin air.

      • “The Waffen SS? Great guys, they get the job done, gonna help Make America Great Again, believe me folks…”

        • It’s too bad the Germans never recruited an American Waffen SS division out of the pool of Germans that had lived in the States but returned to the Reich before war broke out.

          I imagine it would have been among the greatest fighting units ever seen in history.

        • “We’re gonna have big beautiful sig runes. We’re going to have so many sig runes you’re gonna get tired of sig runes.”

          Yes, that was bad, but oh well.

  9. Some have wondered if we are seeing a CIA destabilization op against Macron over this European Army thing:

    It’s certainly possible the CIA is involved in this to some degree. Both the USA & Russia see a militarily competent EU as a potential competitor. And France is the only EU nation that can realistically pull that off. The Germans are too beaten down, have a terrible birth rate, and have no desire for militancy. The Eastern European nations are too poor and lack the manufacturing capacity. No other nation is large enough to do it.

    By the way, if this turns into a full on coup d’état then France’s internal chaos will unintentionally cause the EU to break apart or radically weaken. If / when that happens it will cause France’s economy to implode which will only exacerbate their issues. It will be a cycle of self-reinforcing chaos.

  10. Well, once again, other countries continue to show American White Nationalists just what you can accomplish if you happen to have a pair of balls…(no guts, no glory)

  11. I’m seeing a lot of borderline anti-French comments on here and I just want to say there’s no need to be blindly optimistic about the protests or blindly anti-French. The French as a people are different than Anglos, Germans, or Slavs but they’re not stupid and many are far braver than they get credit for.

    IMO, it’s important that we do what we can to encourage the protests to continue and make sure that (((youknowwho))) does not coopt it.

  12. I am concerned about parasitic leftist infiltraters who will blend in with the yellow vests and commit acts that will reflect badly on the wider movement, such as bashing normal people or damaging private property-those public disaster violations. If such scum are located, they need to be purged and…..lets just say, dealt with. There’s nothing leftist rabble won’t try.

  13. Revolution! The fifth or sixth Republic is falling!

    The yellows are protesting because of high taxes it seems. They are there to make cool videos and the police to stop them from making cool videos.
    Plus Muslims and blacks destroying private property and making cool videos of it.

    Soon France will employ more police and raise the taxes higher for it.
    Low testosterone, fake revolutions.

  14. “I remain an admirer of Macron…..” ~ (((Max “the rabid anti-white” Boot)))

    Translation: He’s got a great ass and is always very receptive with me.

  15. I have a newfound respect for the French. This is no African protest. I love how they starting blocking the roads into Paris, went into the airports and stopped planes from taking off, and I even saw some yellow vests bricking up (cinder blocks and mortar) the entrance to a building in Paris. This is far more than a protest. These people are far more woke – and far more courageous – than anyone that resides in Cuck Kingdom.

    At the same time, I am sickened to see the police attack their fellow citizens – who are funding their salaries – and defend the traitors within. I wonder if they, too, received their jackboot training in Israel.

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