Patrick Casey: It’s Time To Be Honest About Trump

Over the past two years, we have blogged and documented nearly every disappointing step of the Trump administration going back to the underwhelming Cabinet picks and staffing choices:

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  1. Was it ever NOT time to be honest about Trump?!

    He is, likely, an autistic/idiot savant, who imprinted on his carnival barker and real estate magnate father Fred Trump, to include Fred’s politics circa 1981. Nothing more, nothing less.

    He was a way for the people of America to forestall the demise of this once great nation – a stay of execution – a purchase of time ONLY.

    We have largely squandered that time, but I am still confident that soon we will collectively start “getting it”: that America is dead, that there is no bringing it back, and preparations must be made for an orderly Partition, or a unilateral declaration of a new nation, fashioned out of the pro-white areas of the old.

    First say, then do.

    • Precisely.

      There is also no running away from America because the USA currently has the ability to invade any nation it pleases and would probably do so to an ethno-state (they did it to the Serbs in the 90s). America must be balkanized, ideally in a peaceful and civilized manner.

      Personally, I think Anglin realizes this but will never admit it because his entire persona is to side with Trump & Russia no matter what. It’s almost as if he’s been hired by the Trump administration to corral racially aware Americans into supporting Trump. That is the effect of his site, after all.

      • No it doesn’t. It’s full of niggers spics and low iq whites. It can only bomb. But hardly invade. A 5 degree n korean winter and you’d have half the military running. Stop we ching Rambo kid

  2. When a leader starts talking about a ‘Space Force’ besides everything else and talks about in his masonic agenda and his beloved Israel, 80 something billion over is a lot of money, aye?

    He’s an actor playing his part and will be rewarded his Masonic 33 when he’s done. Playing his part whilst we all suffer for the next masonic master promising unbroken rhetoric with the Anglin 4d chess cheering on. Stupid humanity! I want to punch him silly. That website is not good for our youth.

    We have to act quick. Trump is probably letting in 100 a day ×7 ×365 yup

  3. The Alt right has ignored Zionist occupied America’s extradition of a Chinese national visiting Canada for violating the ZOG ban on trade with Iran. Huwaei CFO was arrested in Canada.

  4. They should have been worried about being honest when it mattered in the early days of 2017 – when we could have united vs. Trump’s obvious wrong direction and came out as a block force to try and right the ship rather than engage in fantasy childish thinking and lame chess memes. We could have united to fight for our guys in Cville who are now rotting in jail rather than throwing them under the bus for the sake of the Orange buffoon. They have shown lack of judgment and discernment which means they are not leaders.

    Trump is not a populist. He is 100% center right. He is 100% conservative. There is nothing interesting about him any longer. Even his tweets are embarrassing now. The only reason I pay attention to Trump these days is to continue to make points on what not to do to build a successful & winning populist movement. It doesn’t matter what Trump did during the campaign – the Presidency and holding actual real power is when it mattered.

    • Yeah, practically. Actually it’s really the mediterranean italians who are the ‘henchmen,’ while the irish are more the ‘frontmen’ because they’re white and more gifted and believable orators/BS artists.

      Google on Marc Lamont Hill and Temple University and Palestine/BDS. All the Israeli Lobby’s frontmen in Philly are irish catholics. NYC’s jews hide behind irish figureheads too, when it comes to the NYPD and various other positions of high visibility.

      The one irish catholic, Charles Carroll, on the committee that wrote the Bill of Rights was very closely associated with the Jesuits and was the member responsible for pushing the ‘freedom of religion’ ‘separation of church and state’ notions that paved the way for the future takeover of the US by jews and catholics. Some extreme conspiracy-contemplators think Sam Adams postured against the Jesuits in the Founding but was secretly working to make the US Rome’s and the jews’ vassal state.

      I think they’re right in that that was the eventual goal of the Jesuits and the jews, but I’m not sure Sam Adams was in on that aspect. The Carroll family and their Jesuit allies (John Carroll was Charles’s cousin and founded Georgetown) definitely plotted their takeover, though. Whole sections and designs of DC structures came directly from Carroll land (nicknamed ‘Rome’) and Jesuit symbolism.

      It’s best not to hate all the irish, though, since it’s their (Judeo)-Roman Catholicism that makes them destructive, not their celticness.

      • Yes, a lot of Irish are #AntiWhite traitors. Please don’t overlook the most egregious #AntiWhite traitors: Founding Stock descendants.

        • Actually, if you read ‘The Slaughter of Cities’ by E. Michael Brown, you’ll see that it was the WASP, protestant establishment that worked hand-in-glove with the jews to destroy Catholic neighborhoods and turn the cities over to blacks and browns.

          • US Senator Tom Watson pointed out back in the teens of the last century that there was a political alliance between the Jews, and, the Roman Catholics. Watson, not one to kid around, claimed it was a formal political alliance between the Jews, and, the Vatican to control American politics.

          • Baloney, the alliance has always been between the protestants and the jews. Who do you think kicked them out of England? Catholic King Edward I, who let them back in? Protestant Oliver Cromwell. Who conspired with the jews to destroy Catholic neighborhoods in all our our major cities? Your sacred effing protestant turncoats. Who do you think gave the jews the rum and slave trade in America? Protestant George Effing Washington. You sanctimonious prods make me sick, you’re just as bad as the jews and try to deflect your evil onto Catholics.

          • @ Krafty Wurker

            Don’t pay attention to Gabby Mouse. She insists that the anglocelt protestants are her nemesis who she incessantly follows around. She’s too irrational to make sense.

          • You rabid prods always amuse me with your anti-Catholic stuff. Still feel guilty about breaking away from the One True Faith, eh? A prod is just a jew turned inside out.

          • No, the problem is you really are dumb.

            WASP is a JEW term, idiot. Totally created by jews. They try to attribute it to the irish catholics on wikipedia but that’s owned and controlled by a jew. The irish never created any such term ‘white anglo saxon protestant.’

            Are you referring to episcopalians? Presbyterians? The scots-irish or the english? These are pretty different groups when you stop engaging in jewspeak. The ‘WASP’s’ don’t consider themselves celtic, while the scots-irish do. And did.

            Oh and how about the dutch. Maybe throw in a few anglicized germans depending on how you’re accounting.

      • How generous of you not to hate on all of us, but perhaps you could explain how there has been no White ethnic group more enthralled to the jews and dedicated to advancing their plans for conquest than the British and their Yankee spawn? Nice try, kike.

      • I think the only reason people like you come on sites like this is to turn White people against each other. We are all under attack. Anti-Whites don’t care about our religion or non religion, country of origin, ideology, etc. They only care that we’re White.

        Yes, I’m dumb all right for helping to enable you with your subversive concern trolling.

  5. I really thought Trump would be different. He ran on a populist platform, got elected and most of the DC establishment hates him and has tried to get rid of him ever since. No matter, he fell into line, assuming he was ever out of line.

    I’m so tired of his die hard supporters making excuses for all he hasn’t done but promised to do. What they’re really saying is that it’s impossible to elect anyone who will ever do anything for us.

    • “I really thought Trump would be different. He ran on a populist platform, got elected and most of the DC establishment hates him and has tried to get rid of him ever since. No matter, he fell into line, assuming he was ever out of line.”

      I had seen Trump’s kind before in Australia, and could see where it was going.

      1) He never mentioned free speech.
      2) He talked about illegal immigration a lot, but never legal immigration. That is what conservatives under pressure from nationalists always do.

      After that I knew it would be business as usual.

      You have to listen to what they don’t say. Listen to the Silence!

      “I’m so tired of his die hard supporters making excuses for all he hasn’t done but promised to do. What they’re really saying is that it’s impossible to elect anyone who will ever do anything for us.”

      The most retarded excuse they make for his is the left are blocking his wall.

      So they are saying Trump isn’t going to build his wall, ***unless the left vote for it!****

      • After anti-White Jew puppet Romney’s 2012 loss, a certain faction of the GOP realized that they could not win on that platform anymore, and they went to work creating the Trump campaign. Giuliani was part of it, and his Jewish advisor Richard Schwartz, known around here for being Ricky Vaughn/Douglass Mackey’s employer. Lucky for them there was a rising populist movement forming on the internet in the alt right, which they could springboard from to help push their MAGA movement, in the same way Republicans used the tea party back during obongo’s years.

  6. There was some cautious optimism from the AltRight crowd when candidate Trump briefly reappeared prior to the mid-term (birth right citizenship, anyone?), but that was transparent pandering. Watch based Trump reappear in August 2020 (assuming this charade continues) just in time for the heat of the Presidential campaign. The question is whether anyone but the dimmest Rush-tier “conservatives” will be falling for it. The TRS crowd is feeling black-pilled right now. FL, MI, PA, and WI are probably going back to blue.

    There’s virtually zero chance he can get anything useful done with a Dem. Congress. I’m sure he’ll be tweeting how the Dem’s are stopping his wall when it was the Republicans who stymied him (not that he ever fought them). He should have taken the Republicans to the woodshed in January 2017, but instead he did Jarvanka’s, Paul Ryan’s and Sheldon Adelson’s agenda. More Republican bait-and-switch. It’s time to put the past behind and think of new strategies that don’t involve the rigged dumbocracy scam.

  7. Trump used us but we also used him…….

    Thanks to Trump, I found the Alt-Right/Dissident Right…….

    It was worth it…….

    And even with all the internal and external Black Pills……

    The Overton Window has clearly shifted…….

    The amount of Counter-semitism and Pro-White Identity online has skyrocketed……..

    Bill Kristol complaining about the ‘alt-right’ because his Weekly Standard drowned……..

    While waves of White Normiecons pile on…….


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