France Is Primed For Revolution

Here in the United States, 49% of Americans have lost faith or never had any faith in democracy. 70% of the French people believe that democracy doesn’t work well:

45% of Americans now trust the media.

Macron is set to address the nation at 2:00 PM EST tomorrow:

Here is a good article on how political correctness has been used by neo-liberal elites as a tool to oppress the French people:

If Macron and the French Republic falls, who fills the void? Louis Alphonse de Bourbon is an unlikely choice, but he is ready to assume the French throne:

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  1. It’s hard to believe that 24% of the French and 45% of Americans still “trust ” the (((msm))).

    I wouldn’t be surprised, if those percentages are lower, especially since the media (((bloomberg))) are infamous for lying.

  2. Constitutional Republicks, with democratick aspects work quite well, as we experiencet here, before recent decades.

    That said, they do not seem to work when the either the demographicks or political franchise is not homogeneous, or when Jews are not barred from political, judicial, and professorial positions.

    Sadly, I have come to realize that, at this time in history there are only two real options on the menu –

    #1. A ‘Democracy’, run by and for the benefit of Jews and, to a lesser extent, their coalition partners.

    #2. A Nationalist Authoritarian strongman who, while not sadistick, has more than enough backbone to tell Organized Jewry, and, as well, other threats, when and how to take a hike.

    For recent examples of this, please see either Vlad Orban or Czar Vlad, or Hungary and Russia, respectively.

    • And I don’t think people should ever lose sight of the old styles of government that once worked.

      But right now our people are broken – our culture is a wreck, our families are in shambles, and our Christian faith is hollowed out and is nearing the point where it may not even be viable in organized form.

      The healing process may very well need an authoritarian system to actually work…

      • You may be right, Dear Mr. cicero, for, sad to say, I have privately wondered the same.

        One things is for sure, as Jimmie Owen has pointed out – wherever Organized Jewry grows strong it seems to lead to an authoritarian antidote.

        That said, we don’t need no Stalin- or Hitleresque models of that, but, can just return to some approximation of what our culture has long been.

        In the end, after long prayer on this matter, The Good Lord has given me to see that we will be returning to who we are, though not exactly.

        Still, it will be a heap better than here, though, He has also given it to me to see that it will be decades in the making.

        Merry Xmas!

    • @juniusdaniel1828

      The Jews are always “fighting Fascism,” precisely because it takes authoritarianism to bring them to heal.

      They have the supernatural ability to perceive the approach of a rebellion against themselves, even before the Goyim do. That’s why many Goy are puzzled at this point, by the Jews’ obsession with a supposed rise of “Nazis.”

      With proper threats, beating, and torture, their Goy stooges in AntiFa© could be turned to our side.

      We simply have to buy off their coloured auxiliaries and export them to Latium and Africa. And in the case of Europe, to the Asiatic shore of the Mediterranean.

      Europogrom 2020.

      • Yes, Jimmie, you are right.

        By the way, on a metaphysical note, I sense God is weighing in on The One World Order’s Tower of Babel 2.0, for everywhere I look, the winds seem to blowing against them and growing!

        Be well!

  3. Hopefully, the participants in French Revolution 2.0 will use a Scorched Earth policy when dealing with their traitors.

  4. Interesting thing about the royal pretender – he’s also a direct descendant of General Franco on his mother’s side…

  5. The brought in foreign (EU) swat teams. I would wager that red-blooded French men were not “reliable” police.

  6. This is so beautiful in its ugliness. I hope they can maintain the rage and momentum, and that it doesn’t fizzle out.
    Macron is a lousy leader who doesn’t serve the average Frenchman at all-so why shouldn’t they misbehave and say what they really think for a change?
    In the meantime, a large number of Western nations are about to sign their death warrants in Marrakesh-the global compact on refugees-which thankfully, Australia and America aren’t signing. To those living in nations that will….I feel your pain!

  7. In the end, the people always need to be rescued from the Revolution.

    Napoleon saved the French people from the Revolution. Hitler saved the German people, for a time, from the Revolution. The Orthodox Church saved the Russian people from the Revolution.

    Now, the French and German peoples suffer under the affects of the Revolution, which reasserted itself in 1945. Similarly, the Americans need to be rescued from the Revolutions of 1932 and 1965.

    It takes authoritarianism to beat the Jews and their eternal “Revolution.”

    Hence, “fighting Fascism” is a Jewish neurosis.

  8. And let there no forgiveness and no mercy. Beautiful blood-red Christmas and New Year”s ornaments to adorn Paris’ lampposts, Santa dear.

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