President Trump Backs $750 Billion Pentagon Budget

It is too much to ask for a pathetic $5 billion for a border wall, but President Trump is prepared to spend $750 billion on a military which can’t be used to secure our own border:

“President Donald Trump has told Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to submit a $750 billion budget proposal for fiscal 2020, in a reversal from his pledge to trim defense spending, two people familiar with the budget negotiations have told POLITICO.

The $750 billion figure emerged from a meeting Tuesday at the White House among Trump, Mattis and the Republican chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services committees, both people said.

“It’s 750. Secretary Mattis secured that over lunch with the president,” an administration official said of the meeting, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss a figure that has not yet been announced. Mattis was joined by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) and Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas). “That’s the top line.” …

What do we need so bad that we have to spend $750 billion dollars to get it?

We have Boomers like ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis who want to send the US Navy into the Black Sea … to challenge Russia over its stupid ongoing border dispute with Ukraine.

Note: Trump has already signed the $700 billion 2018 NDAA and $717 billion in the 2019 John S. McCain NDAA. The same “bipartisan” Congress which complains about the “expensive” border wall squanders trillions on the military with no objections.

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  1. The Pentagon and military is a never ending black hole for tax dollars. Too many people making too much money bilking our taxpayers to stop the gravey train.

  2. 750 billion dollars to defend against a non-existent “enemies.” And as HW wrote, no funding for the border wall.

    The military-industrial-surveillance complex alongside the zionists in both political parties are intentionally ignoring the literal national security threat streaming across the southern border every hour of every day.

    Absolutely appalling.

  3. It’s not a waste, Sir, for those shadowy alien constituencies which own the Jew England Yankee government.

    • Oh fuck off Jewnius. ALL those shekels are for YOUR Tribesmen. FYI – the handful of authentic Anglo “Yankees” left do not sign up to serve Israel’s interests anywhere NEAR as often as the idiotic Dixie Goys do. All those billions are for Israel, and every-one here knows it.

      • I used to live in a community full of Olde New England Yankee families whose ancestors were Pilgrims and Puritans, madam. They were dyed in the wool Congregationalists but never showed any signs of fealty towards the Zionist state or its agents.

  4. Weird isn’t it. A government that pays all these billions for “defense” and doesn’t even defend its own border.

  5. Over 51,000 border apprehensions in November alone. That’s not counting the ones who weren’t caught. BUILD THE WALL.

  6. The debt critique of the Ron Paul era still stands, even Trump acknowledged it during the 2016 run, now his attitude is that he will “not be here” went the debt bomb goes off. Famous last words?

    • I’ve noticed leftists disingenuously acting like this national crisis hasn’t been coming down the pipeline for decades and is probably another crisis they intend “not to let go to waste”. In fairness, that is the attitude of every politician and president, whether said or unsaid. I actually appreciate his being upfront about it. I remember Pence in China said before an audience that America intended to pay its national debt and the Chinese laughed. The only one politicians are fooling at this point is the American public.

  7. In less than two years I’ve gone from one of Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters to one of his most hostile critics. I was always afraid this would happen, but I didn’t expect the change to be so sudden, complete and irreversable. Orange Man is indeed bad.

  8. “What do we need so bad that we have to spend $750 billion dollars to get it?”

    War with Iran.

    Make. Israel. Greater. Again.

  9. Time to get your yellow vests out and let ’em know……they’re in the white house to serve Americans, not Israel or the third world.
    Can’t build a wall, help the working class or fix the health care system…..but can endlessly fund the military and useless wars. It isn’t good enough.

  10. We have the RTBA, but I don’t see a single Yellow Vest style soiree happening here. Maybe Idiocracy deserves this?

  11. I miss the days when the U.S. military was small, under-equipped, and basically a refuge for people who absolutely couldn’t get work anywhere else.

    What on Earth is the purpose of this massive military budget? We seem to get nothing out of it except high taxes.

    • Trump has done nothing of value for us. However, the fact that he is president has encouraged a lot of White resistance against the Jew World Order. .

  12. You know we’re in clown world when the military can’t be used to defend the border.

    This is just embarrassing. 750 billion for what threat? Let’s be honest and call this what it is: Israel’s military budget, and the MAGAtards will lap it up. Watch out for false flag operations in Iran/Yemen/Syria or Ukraine. The collapsing Empire may very well instigate a war to revive its legitimacy. Every time I see that weasel Paul Ryan all he can say is “our military. Money for the military. Rebuilding our military” That’s all these conservative Republicans ever deliver on.

  13. I recall hearing Trump say at one of his campaign rallies in 2016 that we could likely “rebuild” the military, without spending more money, just by getting contractors to be less wasteful and via more efficient budgeting. what happened to that I wonder?

  14. yeah, ‘rebuilding’ the military was always stupid. the US has the biggest, most overkill military in the world. the defense budget could be cut in half immediately, with zero negative effect.

    at least trump wanted to get out of afghanistan, syria, and iraq in 2015 and 2016. now he doesn’t talk about that much.

    worse than the 750 billion defense budget though are the generals that he brought into the administration. counterproductive would be an understatement. they’ve been a complete bust.

    trump still thinks it’s 1960 and US military men are high character, practical, and on america’s side. mcmaster, kelly, and mattis sure showed him otherwise.

  15. I have PLENTY of Money to donate to the Alt-Right/Dissident Right……….

    The only way that happens……

    Is if I see Unity between Five Clear Pro-White Counter Semitic Movements…….

    Good Luck…..

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