Salvini Holds “Italians First” Rally In Rome

Matteo Salvini is loved by his people and his Lega Nord has soared in the polls as he has made significant progress in accomplishing his campaign promises:

“Italy’s far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini spoke to thousands of supporters in a packed square in Rome on Sunday as his surging League party celebrates six months in power.

Organisers said around 80,000 people attended — many travelling from around the country — waving flags and banners with slogans such as “Italians first”, “Italy raises its head” and “Six months of common sense government”.

The 45-year-old Salvini, who is also deputy prime minister, referenced the “yellow vest” protests rocking neighbouring France.

“Those who sow poverty reap protests, those who sow false promises reap the response of those on the margins and the countryside,” he told the cheering crowd.

Salvini also lashed out at the European Union, which is in a stand-off with his government over Rome’s anti-austerity budget that has been rejected by Brussels because it sharply increases spending and the deficit. …”

Contrast with the rejection of cowardly, wildly unpopular globalist Macron who was holed up in the Elysee Palace while the police brutalized and arrested 1,723 Yellow Vests:

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  1. Clif High’s woo woo data shows Italians, emotionally responding to a social incident, breach the Vatican’s walls and what they carry out will shock the world.

    The heads of pedophiles?
    The corpses of sacrificed children?
    Unknown antiquities that show we’ve been told a false origin and history?
    The wealth stolen from the rest of the world?
    Its contracts with the Rothschilds and the European monarchs?
    The devil himself?
    All of the above?

  2. Macron’s puppet masters are dealing with the consequences of “bad optics”: helicopters gassing peaceful protesters. The Yellow Vests held their ground and did not get suckered into toxic rhetoric, imagery and violence. They have a winning hand now, anti-globalism. Ride that to the barn, don’t muddy the waters.

    What can we say about Italy? Give the people what they want and enjoy victory. Again, no Hitler or Nazi rhetoric at all.

    • You realize that Italy is full of fascist groups like CasaPound who are popular and use the Roman salute and such, right?

      I wouldn’t even bring up fascism, and just let Salvini speak for himself, but your Johnny-one-note muh optics, muh optics bawling is starting to become deeply obnoxious. Jeez, give it a rest.

      • Jews are just as obsessed with Nazis, as WN are obsessed with Jews.

        I am now thinking these anonymous internet nationalists, who are Naziholics, are in fact Jews.

        No one really goes on about this Nazi stuff, except the (((Mainstream Media))). So why should we care about what the (((Mainstream Media))) wants? Worrying about what the (((Mainstream Media))) likes, is what made the Republican Party such losers all these years.

      • Well said, Chief Ironside. That anti National Socialist/anti Fascist stuff is not cool. The first place I shall visit when I go to Italy will be Il Duce’s tomb.

  3. Where, O, where is our Salvini? We got a cut-rate casino and hotel magnate with a family full of kikes instead.

  4. To paraphrase a song made famous by the Jimi Hendrix Experience: Hey jew, where you goin’ to run to now?

  5. Italy, the beacon of hope! It’s amazing what’s happening there. We’re right in the midst of history is repeating itself. Germany will catch up in a few years just like they did before last century. In the meantime we have to deal with the Bolshevik revolution here in America as they ban rap music in Russia.

    • Interesting, isn’t it? The parallels are remarkable.

      Of course, the difference in this case is that America was isolationist and White previously, now it’s an international half-brown imperial state filled with bizarre leftist insanity and being steered openly by jews, using their figurehead of a bloated orange moron. The Italians, hell, the Germans and the other Europeans will probably have their house in order long before we’ve sorted out this disaster.

  6. Salvini, Orban, yellow vests…..I’m lovin it all!
    Mr Salvini may do well to wear a bullet proof vest though-he’s taking a gamble standing there like a sitting duck.

  7. This highlights the necessity, in modern times, of controlling the government in order for the Revolution to succeed. Gaining control of the government, by any means short of war, is the revolution.

    The Yankees controlled the government in 1860. Which is why their revolt against the Constitution and the Jeffersonian Republic was successful, and why they became the rulers of the former U.S.

    The Jews seized control of the Yankee dictatorship in 1932, paving the way for their successful revolution of 1965.

    Southern Nationalists have to get control of the state governments of the South. Northern and Western Traditionalists have to get control of their respective state governments, too.

    California is the way it is, because the Judeo-Communists got control of the state government. Revolution from within.

    The Russian and Cuban Revolutions© and the Spanish Civil War were probably the last ostensibly external revolutions.

    America and Europe were captured at the ballot box by the Judeo-Communists. Voting has done to Germany what the Spartacists had failed to do in the 1920’s and 30’s, by overt revolt.

    Control the government, or loose.

    • Problem is, I have extreme doubts that can be done.

      I really don’t see how this country will avoid becoming a Mexican-run one in the near future. What happens after that is anyone’s guess, but it appears that the spics have a decisive victory for the moment and the foreseeable future.

  8. Glad that Italy has a movement afoot that thinks that Italians should run their own country.
    On a side note, I see that the Google Doodle today is commemorating a wacked out Jewish playwright named Nelly Sachs (1891-1970). According to Wikipedia, she was born to hyper-wealth in Germany, and when NS Germany took power, she was so terrified that she temporarily lost her ability to talk, and eventually fled to Sweden. To quote Wikipedia concerning her post-WWII life: “Sachs suffered several nervous breakdowns characterized by hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions of persecution by Nazis, and she spent a number of years in a mental institution.” This is the kind of delusional person that Google loves to celebrate. Muhrecia! Muhrecia!

  9. Lega Nord and Salvini cucked in some issues, but in the current circumstances they are doing a relatively good job. They are certainly more “extreme” and outspoken than AfD in Germany and Marine LePen in France.
    That’s another party at the right of the Lega Nord, called Brothers of Italy, with around 6% of support.
    Plus really far-right groups like Casa Pound, Forza Nuova, and regional extremist groups, whose support is growing.

    It’s somewhat surprising because Italy is a very diverse country in itself. There’s little sense of unity. Someone born in Belluno or Cremona is very different from someone born in Siracusa or Palermo.
    In the South it’s basically Greece plus mafia.
    There’s Sardinia with its peculiar population, almost pure descendants of the Neolithic folks.
    In the center there’s the heavy bad influence of the leftist Catholic priests in the last decades. Also traditionallly socialist places like Tuscany.
    In the NorthWest there’s places like Liguria and Piedmont, influenced by French gay behavior. Plus Lombardy, whose population descends directly from the Swedish Longobards, by definition naive, egalitarians and lovers of multiculturalism.
    The region that is really the stronghold of sanity is the NorthEast, there the Lega Nord reached 50% of support in the latest surveys. There’s also overwhelmingly support in the Northeast for separation from Italy.

    In short if a heterogeneous place Italy can think common sense certainly more homogeneous places like Germany can do also.

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