Gavin McInnes Has Been Banned From YouTube

I guess he didn’t “venerate the entrepreneur” enough:

“Gavin McInnes, a man you may know for having co-founded Vice magazine, creating the “Proud Boys” — a far-right hate group who were in attendance at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville — and generally being a type of human so shitty the nation of Australia deemed him unworthy of entry, has been banned from YouTube. According to a report from the Daily Beast, McInnes had over 220,000 followers on the platform before his account was removed for “third-party claims of copyright infringement.” Earlier this week, McInnes parted ways with Blaze Media, which hosted his talk show, Get Off My Lawn. Blaze Media would not comment on the ousting, saying only, “Blaze Media no longer has a relationship with Gavin McInnes.”

Earlier this year, McInnes was banned from Twitter in anticipation of a redux of the Unite the Right rally, Unite the Right 2. (Unite the Right 1.0 rally organizer and white nationalist Jason Kessler was a previously a Proud Boy, but was later kicked out of the group following the violent outcome of the event.) Twitter said his account violated its policies “prohibiting violent extremist groups.” He’s also been banned from Amazon, PayPal, Facebook, and Instagram after several members of the Proud Boys attacked Antifa protesters outside of a Republican club in Manhattan where McInnes was speaking. …”

Gavin also recently lost his show on CRTV which for some bizarre reason merged with The Blaze. I didn’t know The Blaze was still around, but I heard he was fired by Glenn Beck.

After all his cucking, disavowing and cheerleading for conservatism, Gavin McInnes has been purged by all the social media monopolies which are now policed by the ADL. He disavowed Unite the Right. He condemned the Alt-Right. He threw the Proud Boys under the bus. He made out with Milo Yiannopoulos. He shoved a dildo up his ass. He even went over to Israel one time to shill about how much he loves Jews for Ezra Levant. In the end, he lost his honor and got his pink slip anyway.

2018 will go down as the year the Alt-Lite was deplatformed.

Note: Sarg’n was also recently deplatformed by Patreon.

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  1. He should have read SJWs Always Lie. Hopefully this will be a life lesson for future cucks. Don’t stab your allies in the back thinking your enemy will thank you for it.

    Alex Jones complained that after his deplaforming some fellow talk host that didn’t come on the show anymore, now I know which one it was. I wonder if Alex Jones will take the little s*** back

  2. All these merchant right cucks managed to do was buy themselves a couple of years by throwing us under the bus. Shlomo always gets his pound of flesh. Where were these AltLite people when the “Nazis” were being shut down? Either silent, making excuses, or cheering it on. They could have been telling their fans, “hey, I don’t like the Daily Sperger or Richard Spencer, but they have a 1A right to express themselves.” But no, they took the Lolbergtarian cop-out. “It’s a private business! Ayn Rand approves! I’m not a Nazi!” The schadenfreude is delicious.

  3. Wow! The semetic hyenas are attacking even their shabbos goyim allies. Both of jones and mcinnes are zionists to the bone. Jones is even married to a jewess.

    Remember that Gentiles groveling for favor in the snake eyes of the jew. They’ll use, abuse, and discard you worst than a $5.00 whore.

  4. Considering speech was invented as an alternative to violence.

    Considering hatespeech laws did not stop the rise of Hitler.

    Considering hatespeech laws are the most oppressive in Europe, yet Europe is closer to revolution than any White country outside it.

    History goes in circles because people never learn from it.

  5. So many are afraid of being called “hateful.” It’s not hate to point out race realities like: black people are much more prone to violent crime; illegals go on public assistance at a rate of 70%; and alt-lite cucks will get banned by the satanic, anti-white left (birm), no matter how much virtue-signaling they do.

    • Abandoning the a priori assumption of equality would make things political more pleasant and humane.

  6. I should design a Robert Crumb style t-shirt that reads Keep on Cuckin’. But instead of Mr. Natural strutting forward it would be Gavin McAnus with his pants around his ankles and a black dildo sticking out of his tookas.

  7. Identity Europa hasn’t been destroyed……

    League of the South hasn’t been destroyed……..

    TRS and DS haven’t been destroyed……..

    Gab hasn’t been destroyed………

    Yes, the Trump Era is over……..

    But, NPI still exists……..

    TOO still exists……….

    The American Renaissance still exists…….

    VDare still exists…….

    Radical Agenda still exists……..

    Little Revolution still exists………..

    4chan still exists…….

    Everyone is pretty much still out here………..

    There’s just not too much collaboration for obvious reasons……….

    Regarding all the hatred of Richard Spencer……….

    History will show that was the PEAK…….

    How to build those PEAKS again?

    It will happen by accident just like Trump………


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