U.N. Approves Global Migration Pact

The United States, Australia, Israel, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have rejected this abomination. Switzerland and Italy are also out. Belgium’s government has collapsed because the nationalist party withdrew from the governing coalition:

“GENEVA — More than 160 countries adopted a sweeping international accord on migration on Monday, after the United Nations secretary general robustly defended against the “myths” and falsehoods that critics had directed at the deal.

Addressing a two-day conference in Morocco, the secretary general, António Guterres, noted that disinformation had inflamed debate on the accord — the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration — and had encouraged a rash of rejections by some governments.

The 165 countries gathered in Marrakesh approved the agreement by consensus, defying the United States and other countries that had withdrawn, citing concerns about migrant flows and national sovereignty. …

Hungary has dismissed the compact as a “pro-migration document.” Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia have also rejected the compact, as have Australia and Israel. …”

Supposedly, this is ‘non-binding’, but nothing these people say ever turns out to be true.

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  1. All they care about is getting brown people out of brown countries, and into White countries.

    If the White countries closed their borders tomorrow, interest in global mass migration would end, because everyone knows there’s no point moving from one brown country, to another brown country, since all brown countries are poor.

    • The brown countries are also mean as cat piss and have no trouble ethnic cleansing other types of wog they find undesirable. See, for example, the Rohingya.

      Even the dindus would drive out other flavors of dindu if too many of them showed up and tried to stay, probably.

  2. White genocide pact. There is an endless supply of poor, low IQ brown people, so this solves nothing. Doesn’t fix brown countries, and will destroy white countries. They are going to transform the entire world into the 3rd world.

  3. The people in the countries who are signing up never voted for this appalling measure that will decimate their children’s future. The UN is a body of corrupt, unelected, faceless criminals with members such as Saudi Arabia…..and they have the hide to lecture the West on human rights and womens rights!
    This folly will only mean one thing-non whites moving to white nation’s. Norwegians won’t be moving to China or Somalia. It will all be a one way street.
    Any ‘leader’ who signs this ought to be pulled before the courts on treason charges the minute they land back home.
    The ordinary voter and taxpayers DON’T WANT THIS!!!

  4. In the dash by our governments to import these people and improve THEIR human rights, education, diet, health and job prospects, the subject of white human rights is never broached-you know, those of us who will have to support these raping scavengers who will drive down wages, increase our tax rates and drive crime levels off the charts. The human rights of whites who will be bashed, raped and murdered by muds is never discussed.
    I feel no responsibility to support nogs or Pakistanis-that’s Africa and Pakistans job.
    We’re told every race is equal-yet curiously these ‘equal’ races can’t seem to create equal nations that half of them don’t wish to flee from. Very equal indeed…

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