President Trump Clashes With Schumer and Pelosi Over Border Wall Funding

Trump claims he is serious this time:

I tend to believe he is serious.

No one but political junkies will give a shit about a partial government shutdown after an election and days before Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Trump will do some failure theater grandstanding over the wall for the optics and then blame the Democrats for being obstructing his brilliant plan.

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  1. Sigh. I really wish the guy was actually what he claimed to be. In a way, it must be nice to be one of the MAGAtards who’s still able to Believe.

  2. A bunch of Theater to appease both sides of the aisle. Trump only has to appease his die-hards for about 1.5 years until the Dems nominate some Bolshevik to run against him and the spectacle begins anew.

  3. The main thing is that we keep giving Israel free billions for THEIR wall and continued settlement building on land stolen from the Palestinians.

  4. The GOP had 2 years and did nothing. If TPTB really wanted a wall we’d have one.
    BTW, what’s going on at the border with the caravans? Seems like a news blackout lately. I’ll bet every single one of them, save a very small handful of “undesirables”, gets “refugee” status approval and gets in.

    What’s the point of a wall if infinity 3rd worlders are on both sides of it?

  5. ‘I tend to believe he is serious.’

    Yes, Sir – he knows that 5-10% of the electorate, that supported him in 2016, is considering not doing so in 2020, and, that so, he knows The Wall is the deciding factor for many of us.

    For that matter, so, too, know Miss Nancy and Mr,. Chuck, which is why they do not want to give it to him.

    • When Repukes were in complete control they wouldn’t give it to him.
      Now he’s playing political theater to get Democraps to give it to him?
      Bottom line: If TPTB wanted a wall we’d have one.
      I’m betting Trump is a 1 term president and the last Repuke president.
      Repukes deserve it.

      • Dear More,

        Whether Trump is a one termer depends on the next 2 years.

        The economy, immigration, and various assorted what-nots.

        One thing I will say – I agree with Mr. Bruce Springsteen, who recently said that he sees no Democrat candidate on the horizon who can go toe to toe with President Trump, and, that so, he sees Trump winning reelection.

        I don’t think President Trump is playing political theatre here,, because I think he knows he will lose some of us, permanently, if he does.

        That said, I certainly could be wrong.

        Never forget, however – Trump represents a hostile outside takeover of the Republican Party.

        Though a dyed-in-the wool Manhatten Yankee, he is essentially a Southern Dixiecrat kind of candidate, so there has been a lot of resistance to him, from within the party.

        McCain, Corker, Flake, and Ryan, etc, etc, they are gone and going, and, that so, I expect him to have less problems, these next 2 years – if he chooses to pursue things.

  6. They’ve given up on Hillary being President and pinned their hopes on the impeachment of both Trump and Pence, thus making Nancy Pelosi President.

  7. “No one but political junkies will give a shit ”

    Real politics lies outside of the pop culture, media version that the Junkies follow. And outside of the D vs R dialectic.

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