Google CEO Sundar Pichai Testifies Before Congress


The Monopoly Man was there:

Hot takes:

The Big Picture: Sundar Pichai rolls his eyes and goes through the motions. Dems take over the House next month. Google faces no consequences from Congress over its censorship.

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  1. big problem for the US right now is corporations bringing in these extra-national indians who have no allegiance to the US, and often openly hate the US, to take executive positions at huge national companies.

    this is a really big, back door issue in the longer term. this isn’t even meritocracy stuff. just outright outsiders placed in positions to run long established american companies and turn them into hostile economic agents.

    it puts capitalists and capitalism in a bind. a lot of the time you don’t want to interfere with what companies are doing, but what are you supposed to do when half the board of directors of 100 year old US companies are now filled with foreign indian, chinese, and jewish executives who are turning the companies into blunt objects to attack the US?


      Most communist countries including India collapsed in the 90s while USA boomed. So they targeted USA for takeover. Gorbachev called it “International Socialism”. Americans build the companies, foreign powers move in and take them over. Must be nice to have someone else do all the hard work of building great companies for you for free.

      One of the communist goals stated in 1963 in Russia was “Infiltrate and gain control of big business”

      The US econ is now being used as a wealth redistribution mechanism for the failed lazy communist countries.

      Jews invented communism. Karl Marx was the son of a Jewish rabbi.

      Whereas western countries create and build, Chinese, Indians, and Jews manipulate and build. The bible warned us about what man would be like in the end times. “Arrogant, covetous, boasters, lovers of money, rude, abusive…..”. As in the days of Noah………

      We need to wake up to the rampant racism inherent in most Asians and start defending our country from their takeover.

  2. Google answering to ZOG? Yeah, right. And Jew Wife Jones was just putting on a theatrical performance that he could use to replay on his show and peddle his prostate formula.

  3. darkness lies ahead in a “hunger games” type of reality where feral niggers and mud people will violently prey on whites with impunity while our opinions ban us from employment, education and our first amendment.
    All over this BS lie of what a “free society” muh (((capitalism))) brings.
    The white race has been pacified and neutered and won’t ever fight back.
    This is evident more and more every day.
    so , so tired of winning…oy vey

  4. This sabu has be kosherized by the filthy shekel. He’s better suited to drink, wash, and shit in the Ganges river, or at best, own a 7-11.

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