Jared Kushner Is Being Considered For Chief of Staff

My thoughts:

1.) I think Newt Gingrich will get the job.

2.) Jared Kushner as Chief of Staff would be a political catastrophe for Trump. It would open him to charges of nepotism. Kushner’s agenda is wildly out of sync with his base.

3.) Jared and Ivanka forced out John Kelly. Kushner has effectively been operating as a shadow Chief of Staff for some time now. Look at all the people at Trump rallies cheering for criminal justice reform.

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  1. Trump is truly pathetic if he does this and will deserve every ounce of hate heaped upon him from all directions.

  2. I would tend to agree with Hunter, especially on #3. If Kushner is already basically running the show from the shadows, what does it benefit to take the stage and open oneself up for criticism by the media and the other party. Schlomo usually loves the shadows, where he can rule unseen…

  3. Its a wonder anyone here ever took Trump seriously as a savior….with this man as his son in law. Its funny how Jews are always in the middle of everything, and are connected to everything. They always just happen to be there…
    I’ll reiterate-you need a new system, not just a new president.

    • Trump should give the imperious Jew the job. The administration has been a joke since day one, so why not make it official?

  4. If he dares to….. I will support impeachment by any means necessary. What a f**king moron.

    He pursued the office to benefit himself and his family. MAGA my ass.

    • Quitting Gab for Twitter is taking a step backwards IMO. Twitter is now exclusively the preserve of blue checkmark jews, fags, cat ladies and other neurotic shitlibs. Cantwell just posted a message on Gab stating that he trusts HW and Occidental Dissent. I told him that his trust is well-placed.

  5. Kusher has that effete arrogance so common among priveged jew boys. It would be a pleasure signing the order to put him and his jew wife up against the wall as enemies of the new American National Socialist State. I hope Drimpf does appoint that scheming kike sissy boy as his WH Chief of Staff so all the #MAGA fags can see what a fraud their Orange Hero really is.

  6. I like Mark Meadows for Chief of Staff. The Newt would be ok—he’s just another “Roman Catholic conservative” politician.

  7. Why would drumpf’ favorite jude accept the demotion to chief of staff? (((Jered))) is basically the de facto potus.

  8. While I am largely antithetical to Mr. Kushner’s Weltanschaaung, I think he is politically gifted, and, given the fact that he is President Trump’s most trusted advisor, I think his being The Chief-of-Staff is to everyone’s advantage.

    As I am very very tired of Rule by Secrecy, I am in favour of what actually is to be
    transparently obvious.

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