Journofa Harass EMT and Rescue Squad In Rural Virginia

OD has been documenting the ongoing merger of Antifa with “journalists” at leftwing outlets like The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast and Newsweek for several months now:

What’s the story here?

Alex McNabb is a TRS host who works as an EMT for a rescue squad in a poor county in rural Virginia. Thus, The Huffington Post and CNN have teamed up with Antifa to dox him and try to get him fired for his political views. That’s what “journalists” spend their time doing these days. These “journalists” are evolving into nothing more than modern day commissars.

In other news, Time’s 2018 “Person of the Year” are the poor “journalists” who are loathed across the world. 72% of Americans believe that “journalists” are dividing Americans and fomenting hatred. Unlike Alex McNabb, these people aren’t doing anything useful like saving lives.

Why are “journalists” so hated now and dismissed as fake news by over half the public? Why has liberal democracy gone into recession on every continent? I have no idea.

Note: Don’t you want to live in a country where your employer has to check with the ADL and SPLC, The Huffington Post and your local Antifa group for you to have a job?

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  1. I realized that there’s a way around the PayPal stuff after seeing the Von Abele book drive. Publish a book unrelated to race. Flower arranging or whatever…self publish it on amazon.

  2. Antifa people who are also journalists? Hmmm-does that mean they’re both peaceful and tolerant whilst also being fair and balanced? Just a thought.
    Now more than ever, always question what you’re being told.

  3. This is the same so-called “journalist” that libeled my father. Time for the right to dox these journalists. Turn about is fair play. We should start by Doxxing Mathias first since he’s guilty of tortious interference.

    Legal definition of tortious interference.
    Tortious interference, also known as intentional interference with contractual relations, in the common law of torts, occurs when one person intentionally damages someone else’s contractual or business relationships with a third party causing economic harm.[1] For example, someone could use blackmail to induce a contractor into breaking a contract or they could obstruct someone’s ability to honor a contract with a client by deliberately refusing to deliver necessary goods.[2]

  4. Maybe the fetishization of the constitution will now stop. Freedom of speech, association, and religion is dead, and has been for some time.

  5. PS McNabb et al’s strategic blunder (for which we are all paying the price in Darwinian terms) was allowing frustration to lead to an “evil be my good” philosophy, rather than moving early and quickly and permanently to a campaign for Partition: a project that can absorb the energy of the rank and file in a PRODUCTIVE way rather than destructive.

    It isn’t too late, but we’re getting close.

  6. Makes me have a lot less sympathy for Khashoggi, who was probably on the CIA payroll, along with who knows how many other urinalists. These scumbags are the enemy of the American people, one of the few things Trump still gets right.

  7. Journalists, reporters, editors and anchormen are all scum of the earth. But they certainly have an exalted opinion of themselves! I have more repect for pushers, pimps and prostitutes. They are respectable by comparison.

    That sand nigger Kashoggi posed as a “reporter” for the Washington Post, which means he was really a spy for the CIA or MOSSAD. That’s why ZOG is making such a big deal out of his murder, something which he probably richly deserved anyway.

    Why did McNabb choose to reveal his true identity while employed as an EMT? I’m definitely no fan of the Daily Shekel, but besides not supporting Paul Nehlen and Patrick Little the only thing McNabb did wrong was being a bore.

  8. Who runs TRS ?

    What is their history ?

    Weev and Enoch !

    If you trust them you are an imbecile !

    Be your brothers keeper and expose them !

    Hunter Wallace has done the work !

  9. I’m with you @more of same…Turkey and Egypt regularly jail ‘journalists’ and other internal political enemies and the world makes nary a peep; but the Saudis punish a traitorous agitator and the International “Community” goes into overdrive virtue signaling. Probably was a CIA asset.

  10. I agree that Kashoggi was prob not a good guy, but the fact that Jared is protecting MBS makes me think Kashoggi must have disapproved of some part of Jared’s “Deal of the Century” to get Palestinians to give up resistance.

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