Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare

The Democrats were huge fans of federal judges in lower courts issuing national rulings that stymied Trump’s agenda until yesterday evening:

“HOUSTON — In the 11 years Judge Reed O’Connor has been on the federal bench, he has become a favorite of Republican leaders in Texas, reliably tossing out Democratic policies they have challenged.

The state’s Republican attorney general appears to strategically file key lawsuits in Judge O’Connor’s jurisdiction, the Northern District of Texas, so that he will hear them. And on Friday, the judge handed Republicans another victory by striking down the Affordable Care Act, the signature health law of the Obama era.

Judge O’Connor, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush, has been at the center of some of the most contentious and partisan cases involving federal power and states’ rights, and has sided with conservative leaders in previous challenges to the health law and against efforts to expand transgender rights. …

No one questions his expertise on the law. But his rulings illustrate the ways in which the federal district courts have become politically weaponized, as Republicans and Democrats alike try to handpick judges they see as ideologically friendly to their cases. …”

Wow, the salt in this article.

O’Connor struck down all of Obamacare, not just the individual mandate that was nullified by the GOP Congress in the tax reform bill that was passed a year ago:

“A federal judge in Texas threw a dagger into the Affordable Care Act on Friday, ruling that the entire health-care law is unconstitutional because of a recent change in federal tax law.

The opinion by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor overturns all of the sprawling law nationwide.

The ruling came on the eve of the deadline for Americans to sign up for coverage in the federal insurance exchange created under the law. …”

What happens now?

Probably nothing in the incoming Congress due to partisan gridlock. Health care in the United States will continue to be wildly dysfunctional and unaffordable.

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  1. What happens now?
    Probably nothing in the incoming Congress due to partisan gridlock. Health care in the United States will continue to be wildly dysfunctional and unaffordable.

    I once heard an East Indian say something very insightful about modern America, ‘it’s basically another Rome, right Arthur? You look at the architecture in DC and the senate and the massive military. The love of violent sports. The sexualization of everything. America is a modern Roman Empire so why wouldn’t we expect it to die like Rome did? It’ll fall apart in the same way. It’s laws will be changed back and forth constantly before it dies. That’s how you’ll know it’s close to ending.’

    Was he wrong?

  2. So a district judge can take over the presidential powers on immigration, but they complain about an obvious correct ruling? Tards

  3. We could have had a constitutionally legal national health care service as far back as the Woody Wilson regime were it not for those stupid, meddling Republicans and the villainous AMA. So we got stuck with BarryCare instead.

    Babby boomers getting older means they will require a lot more health care services. A choice will have to be made – should America develop into a cradle to grave social welfare state, or do we just keep importing endless numbers of useless, violent brown people? Because we can’t have it both ways.

  4. this has been the republican plan for a while, years before trump, and put into motion during the obama era, in 2014, when the republicans took control of the senate as well as the house. the plan was for republican controlled states to join forces in a 20 state lawsuit against PPACA, and then hope a friendly judge at the national level would side with them, and strike down PPACA.

    this was always not a good plan, since it depended on some things out of their control. the republicans controlled the house and the senate, and should have made a pro-active attack on PPACA. however, despite controlling congress, they still couldn’t get rid of PPACA, as they specialize in being weak. so instead, they hoped that a neutral judge would save them.

    but so far, despite their weakness, the plan is advancing. they got the friendly ruling from a texas judge that they were looking for. what will happen next?

    well, if this were a democrat judge, what would happen immediately, is that there would be an injunction on PPACA – it would INSTANTLY cease to be in effect, and my health insurance would go back to the way it was in 2009, pending further legal maneuvering. this is what always happens when a democrat judge strikes a republican law.

    the law is lopsided in the US now, so that won’t happen. PPACA will still be in effect. but what happens after that, is the case will move on to the supreme court’s consideration. they will decide whether to hear the case or not in 2019. but here is the tricky part. you’d think the republicans would finally have PPACA on the ropes, with a 5-4 majority on the supreme court. however….

    john roberts went far out of his way to save PPACA in 2012. guess who is still the chief justice of the supreme court? john roberts. he doesn’t like this law, he’s said so before, and that’s believable. but he went into tortured mental gymnastics to save it on technical grounds in the most nonsensical ruling in the history of the supreme court. is roberts compromised on this issue? will the fact that the technical details of PPACA on the ground have changed, so that it’s not really the same law with the same language as 2010, get him to finally, correctly, strike down obamacare this time around? i guess we’ll find out.

  5. I was once a big Single Payer supporter. But that was before every sick, disease ridden other was allowed to come here to make it impossible to support financially (well, as long as we still spend $1T or more in wars for Israel).

    Here’s a bright idea.

    Send all the sick dregs back to where they came from. Stop all the wars and then offer everyone good, sound health (real instruction on exercise, diet, toxicity), while also stopping the blatant pollution (environmentally and medically thru vaccines and whatnot).

    When these assholes talk about “healthcare”, all they mean is supporting the money maker, death machine and massive INSURANCE profits.

    We have never had the right priorities.

  6. SCOTUS has already upheld Obamacare once thanks to chief jewstice Roberts. Will he reverse himself or join the 3 Jews and one PR to uphold it again? I’m betting on the latter.

  7. No Wall and no healthcare.

    Do these people set out to do exactly the opposite of what would allow them to win handily? Or are they just that stupid?

    • I don’t believe it’s stupidity. They never make a mistake in our favor. They’re bought and paid for by all the usual anti-White suspects.

  8. To those here-in, decrying this ruling – do you actually think you are getting “healthcare” NOW? Let me tell you how this scam shakes out – Obamacare provides excellent “subsidies” for non-Whites. Whites pay TOP DOLLAR for ONegrocare. 800-1600K per MONTH for White People. With 6k deductibles. And care for diseases and treatments are already being limited for undesirables aka White People, young and old. HMO’s have wreaked havoc on actual medical care, for decades, and ONegrocare is the Wakling Dead cannibal zombie version of HMO’s,

  9. ” …or are they just that stupid?”

    No, they are not stupid. They are owned. They are bought and paid for.

    Once you understand this fact, you then have to build a strategy based on reality.

    Who are the owners?

    As the samurai used to say, Son-no jo-i.

    As Michael Collins used to say…..

  10. Years ago, the fix for the rising costs of health care was simple: Let people buy insurance across state lines; Let anyone form a group for purposes of buying insurance. As it is, insurers get a lot of money before they have to shell out one cent for coverage. In my benighted state, the most basic coverage available through the official health insurance “marketplace” for a friend in her fifties is about $565-570 a month, but the deductible is at least $6800. Consumers are paying the insurer while not having their expenses covered, so they’re essentially paying double to get nothing back, if they use less than $6800 of medical services.

  11. Trump is a Judas Goat. Oh wait. The Swamp code word for ‘Judas Goat’ is ‘a Trump’. And he is going to get billionaire Blavatnik (best buds with Israel) to take over the Pentagon Cloud. You know – launch codes, where our guys are, all our military secrets. What could go wrong.

    BBC Reports Israeli/Russian Gangsters to Take Over Pentagon Cloud

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