Yellow Vests Protests Dwindle In France

As many predicted, a combination of Macron’s concessions, the crackdown in Paris last weekend and the approach of the Christmas season has deflated the Yellow Vests movement:

“PARIS — The fifth weekend of “Yellow Vest” protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s economic and social policies drew far fewer demonstrators on Saturday, but thousands still filled the streets of Paris and other French cities in defiance of government security warnings and despite bitter cold.

The demonstrations were also calmer than in past weeks — though some scuffles broke out between protesters and the police, who fired tear gas and water cannons several times to disperse crowds.

The ranks of protesters dwindled after Mr. Macron this week promised tax cuts and wage increases to mollify the Yellow Vests, who are angry over the cost of living and high taxes. It was still not clear whether Mr. Macron was able to convince many of the protesters, as he struggles to address an unstructured and leaderless movement with myriad grievances. …”

I don’t think Macron is out of the woods yet though.

December has always been a terrible time to kick off a mass movement because of the weather and Christmas. Activism always tapers off in the winter. I suspect the protests will heat back up again next year.

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  1. >unironically posting NYT (((facts))) about the french protests

    really? ffs i expect FAR better from you. there was still masses out protesting, they had most of france shut down. roads closed, public transport not running so people couldnt get into france center but there was still thousands there

  2. the lazy french guys got what they wanted. more money for less work, exactly like i said. that’s all this was ever about.

    1) increase in the minimum wage 100 euros a month
    2) eliminate tax on pensions for retired people earning less that 2000 euros a month
    3) eliminate income tax on overtime pay
    4) encourage employers to give tax free year end bonuses

    and suddenly most of the riots stop.

    things the rioters don’t care about:

    1) the paris agreement or global warming
    2) france turning into eurabia
    3) that some muslim killed 4 people at a christmas market last week

    again, you have to ask yourself: why did the riots only happen on the weekends? what kind of revolution has a time out for “Hold on guys, I have to go back to work this week. See you again on Saturday.”

    macron is definitely still toast, and will be gone by next election. strangely though, the french will vote for exactly the same thing next time around. and on and on we go, until the french cease to exist, and Francerabia takes their place.

    • Hey “glarg blarg,” shut up. Your exactly the kind of loser boomer type who is the problem. If you think it’s hopeless, just kill yourself now and leave the rest of us alone.

    • My thoughts exactly. I’m sure there’s a few french sprinkled into the yellow vest “revolution” that care about the second tier of issues. But as a whole, it’s about working for less. Christmas market was just shot up by a muslim but no comments on that?

      • I thought the Christmas market shooting was perfectly timed to bring out another furious weekend of protesting, but the turnout was extremely disappointing. That was proof enough that, although there are nationalists among the protesters, they are a very small part of it. Hence why I didn’t let my hopes get too high about the uprising.

    • @glarg blarg

      Did a Frenchman lay your missus? Lol. You don’t seem to like them much. You are correct though-they appear to only riot if they’re directly affected by something. And yes, the shooting of four people by a dieversity should have generated some condemnation of immigration policy….but nup.
      Unfortunately, the dynamics you’ve described are played out in every white nation. America is controlled by Jews and terrorized by blacks. Does your average white boy from Kansas do anything about it? Nup-his own life is still largely unaffected.

      • “Does your average white boy from Kansas do anything about it? Nup-his own life is still largely unaffected.”

        The average white boy in Kansas is affected, but brow-beaten and insouciant in matters related to race and immigration.

        In Wichita, KS, a sizable and growing percentage of employees working road repair, agribusiness, construction, landscaping, fast food, and hotels are Squatamelon and Mixtecan.

        Glarg blarg was entirely correct to ask, “what kind of revolution has a time out for ‘Hold on guys, I have to go back to work this week. See you again on Saturday?’”

      • What is wrong with the pessimists here? They get basic, objective facts wrong every time they open their mouths. The most widely circulated manifesto among the yellow vests calls for an end to mass immigration. Only someone with a mental problem would deny that immigration is PART of what’s motivating these protests. All the MSM acknowledged that.

        There is bizarre tendency among a certain kind of white nationalist in America to attack European nationalist for not doing enough every time they do something big. Get 20% of the vote in an election with 10 parties? It’s hopeless. Have hundreds of thousands protest and riot against an anti-white government while stating that immigration needs to stop? Not enough, it’s hopeless. Have a nationalist government take power and cut refugees by literally 90% in just 12 months? It’s hopeless, Eurabia is here, we can’t win.

        Why does American white nationalism keep attracting these people and how can we make them go away? It seems to me like most of these people are on the older side and heavily influenced by movement conservative media. Whatever is wrong with these people, they are pure cancer and IMO, they should be banned and censored. There is no place in any movement for pessimism and fatalism anymore than there is place for such sentiments on a sports team. Imagine how a coach would react to players who talked like this? They would be off the team in a heartbeat.

        • Confirmation bias: the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities.

          Two points:

          1. Yes, one of two recent “manifestos” by authors unknown and widely circulated by nationalist keyboard warriors on the Internet clearly states, near the bottom under “Foreign Policy”:

          “Prevent migratory flows that cannot be accommodated or integrated, given the profound civilizational crisis we are experiencing”

          2. This is not a ball game.

  3. Understand this, France is a Roman Catholic country, and the Catholic Church supports Macron and the Judeo-Catholic liberal left in government. The Catholic Church is for immigration and miscegenation in all of its forms!

    • Bull SHIRT! France has not been ‘Christian,’ let alone ‘Catholic’ since 1791. France is in Ecclesial REVOLT against Christendom, and is a PAGAN state- everything that is going wrong, has been going wrong since the Masons and the ‘Intellectuals’ sought the murder of France’s aristocracy – that’s why they’ve had FIVE Republics, since the Royalty (the crème de la crème of White Aristos) were murdered by the swarthy dark short illiterate peasant Frogs, back when. Don’t start blaming it on a creed you have NO knowledge of, and a people I doubt you have ever really studied. Merde.

      And, as to smearing Catholicism with this brush, and trying to find ‘links and ties,’ again, YOU ARE WRONG. Catholi-schism has been overtaken BY THE SAME CRIMINALS, for over three hundred years. France was their FIRST VICTORY. Pious, TRUE Catholicism does exist- even in the bosom of the Communist “Vatican Eww” Synagogue of Satan, (which is the most recent layering of the Jews’ attempts to destroy Christendom) but you need to KNOW your players, and your accusations, before you make such sweeping generalizations about a country. Start by reading Burke, for instance. God, protestants are stupid.

  4. You saw it here first, via the ancient and hidden knowledge of Gematria/Isopsephy and the wonder-man himself, Clif High, and his woo woo data. Who knows but it will be absolutely fascinating – and downright euphoric – if it does happen.

    clif @clif_high
    Dec 11

    Probably only days/weeks away from ALTA long term data forecast of the ‘riots/invasion’ of the Rothschild estate in France.
    Remember to act surprised when the videos of the invasion become available.

  5. These people still have jobs, pensions and food. Their brown pets still get their welfare checks. When all these things go away at the same time, “heads will roll,” as they say.

  6. JF had a good stream with Spencer recently – and a guy calling in from France on this.

    What he (the guy from France, this was after ‘Acte IV’) said was it was going to slow down before Christmas and then pick up in the new year. I am not worried in the least – the circumstances will not change, on the contrary, they can only become worse. There is not a thing in this universe that can solve the situation besides removing the parasite, which is the one thing they will not do. Once you are a “pute à juifs”, that’s all you can be (goes for drumpf as well).

    So, after a bit of the Christmas cheer, the depression and rage will set back in and the fireworks can start all over – probably stronger.

    Maybe it’s time to accessorize a bit – wherever you are.

  7. Belgium appears to be taking up the slack. Free Flanders! Flanders might be able to weather this pretty well. Lots of agriculture, isolated, pretty good beer… A military could over run it easily but it should be pretty easy to hold against Taliban type Toyota pickup marauders.

    • It was only 5,500 people. If that’s all we can get, it’s over. We’re gonna lose. We should just give up if only 5,500 hooligans will show to a riot against the EU in a country the size of Pennsylvania. It should have been a BILLION people. No a TRILLION. Even that wouldn’t be enough though. They should have had swazi flags, instead they cucked and didn’t even talk about gay marriage and Jews. They didn’t even demand a monarchy or legally mandated vicinity tests for high school girls. We’re all gonna die. It’s TOO LATE. Europe is Muslim now. It’s hopeless guys.

  8. Perhaps the yellow vests protests can be used as a template for future airing of grievances against zog’s minions.

  9. ATBOTL, you’re projecting. you’re projecting your ‘Save Civilization!’ goals on french riots which have nothing to do with that.

    furthermore, the idea that all europeans are your allies, or that the french have similar goals to you, is also projection. do you realize that 80% of french guys love obama, and if they moved to the US, they would vote democrat every election, from the day they were allowed to vote, until the day they died? the french are arrogant cosmopolitans to a fault, and can never be long term allies with anglophone nations. it’s not ideal, but that IS how things are.

    in fact, at this point merely bringing in 3 or 4 million french people into the US would probably be enough to end america politically. the same as bringing in another few million scandinavians. which has sunk the great lakes states pretty much permanently. they may be industrious, economically useful people, but they’ll happily vote your country away, just as they’re doing in their own countries.

    you don’t seem to understand this, and you think i’m attacking europeans as if i have some grudge against one country in particular. france has few political traditions or schools of thought that match up with what the english were doing in the US, and they’d gladly get rid of the bill of rights and the constitution. or do you not understand this? do you not observe how the french and french canadians rail against the US constantly? they’re not your fellow travelers.

    the united states is an ENGLISH thing. it’s not a french thing. the french, like the scandinavians, probably can’t be saved, and no way on earth should we spend any energy trying to save them. they’ll just stab us in the back the next time they get a chance anyway.

    this has nothing to do with me being hopeless about the situation in the US or all of europe. it’s just strict, straight up pointing out the facts. the italians are people who really do not want to give up their country or their territory, for instance.

    • 38% of French, including 60% of under 25’s voted for Le Pen. That was before Macron had a chance to turn 80% of the population against him. But it’s all over. France is only as white as America under Reagan. There is no chance. Let’s just die now, mmmmkay?

      You are a sick person who needs to stay away from the pro-white movement. The biggest problem with our movement is tolerance of people like you. Your idiotic comments should disappear and you should never be heard from again.

    • 80% or more of EVERY country outside the US would have voted for Obama over McCain and Romney, including Anglo countries. The only exception, the only country that would have preferred your beloved McCain and Romney, is your beloved Israel.

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