BuzzFeed: Black Men Are On Sale For $400 In Libya

Hillary and Obama are responsible for creating this mess in Libya:

“BENIN CITY, Nigeria — Jude Ikuenobe sensed the car following him before he saw it. Heart pounding, he turned around. Under the Libyan desert sun, the highway stretching behind him was so hot it shimmered in the distance.

Nobody’s there, he tried to reassure himself for the tenth time since he had stepped out a few minutes earlier in search of water, along with three of his friends. The sandy side streets were deserted, every shop and café shuttered. It was a Friday afternoon, which meant even the armed militias who ruled Sabha, a sprawling oasis city 480 miles inland from the coastal capital, had filed to mosques for the most important weekly prayers.

Then came the sound again — the unmistakable purr of an engine.

Wordlessly, all four men scattered.

Ikuenobe felt like he was running through quicksand. As the car sped closer, he knew a single misstep could mean being gunned down and dying anonymously in the street.

He glanced over his shoulder, and terror seized him: A white 4×4 with tinted windows was heading straight at him.

All the warnings he’d heard flashed through his mind.

“In Sabha, every black man is a target.”

“We black in Libya — we’re money to Arabs. The minute they get us, they can sell us.”

“If they are coming, just run. Run for your life.” …

Perched on the northern coast of Africa, some 120 nautical miles across from the Mediterranean coast of Italy and Malta, oil-rich Libya has long served as a launching-off point for Europe. For nearly four decades, migrant numbers were controlled by the country’s flamboyant dictator, Muammar Gaddafi. He periodically threatened to unleash an “influx of starving and ignorant Africans” who would turn the mainland into a “black Europe” — in order to wrangle cash-for-migration-control deals. …

After the Arab Spring and the US-led bombing campaign toppled Gaddafi in 2011, Libya was carved up between a UN-recognized central government in Tripoli, another in the east, and dozens of militias vying for control of the south. Migrant routes that had previously been controlled under Gadaffi suddenly opened up again. …”


Cruel Europeans are indifferent to African suffering and their crackdown on migration across the Mediterranean from Libya has stemmed the flow of African refugees into Europe.

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    • @Solidus – I certainly hope so. Arabs are very practical in dealing with these jungle beasts. Infinitely savvier than deranged White Do Gooders.

  1. I expect Pope Francis will be taking a lot of trips to Libya soon, as long as these Black men are 12 years old and under.


    The Women’s March under Farrakhan’s counsel and guarded by NOI is a microcosm for the broader scale mutiny in America’s Left that has the jews scrambling to align its current american powerbrokers with the jewish fleshpeddlers of old, and the new sub-saharan (and by implication mestizo) ‘slaves’ with their transatlantic predecessors.

    I remain extremely skeptical.

  3. I should edit my post. Today’s lefty powerbrokers aren’t being aligned with yesterday’s jewish slavetraders. They’re being positioned over the poor merchant middleman jews relegated to taking orders from the european and sub-saharan kings, ultimately. Although anyone who thinks Obama’s stint as president displaced one iota of ‘white privilege’ is deranged…but just in case the supposed fabrication about jewish slavetrading can’t be dispelled we have the latest jew propaganda launch.

      • Only because you shamed him into it, madam. Getting those Southrons to see the Jewish Problem is an almost Herculean task.

        • @Spahn – I know. Jews have trashed, insulted, cheated, slandered and persecuted Southern Whites for almost 200 years now, and Southerners still blame “Yankees” As if some New England apple farmer or dairy man ever thinks about Dixie at all…..

          We’d solve a huge percentage of our JD (Jew Disaster. It’s not a “question”. Jews = DISASTER) if Southerners would 1) stop worshipping Jews instead of God. 2) Southern Evangelitards are the chief supporters of Israel. If they repent their heresy and stop supporting the creatures that hate them and want them DEAD). 3) STOP sending their sons and now daughters to fight, kill, and die for Israel.

          Southerners need to clean the motes from their own eyes before they slander “Yankees”. It’s JEWS.

          • It’s Yankees, Scalawags, Queers Leftists and Hebrews. Oh, Yankee Carpet Baggers are still arriving. They screw. every thing up and whine about how mych money ? they made in New York. All of you go your stinking unwashed foul mouthed ill ? mannered asses back where you came from!

          • @Denise

            “As if some New England apple farmer or dairy man ever thinks about Dixie at all…..’

            No doubt. However, the arts and croissant crowd who set around in pretentious coffee shops in town, do. They’re who I mean when I say Yankees. In other words, ostensibly White Trendy Lefty types who serve the Jews and don’t realise it. The types who fill out the ranks of AntiFa and protest the Constitution and 1st Amendment in Boston. They’re Yankees. Hillary Clinton is a Yankee, but most New Yorkers aren’t. Yankee= Ostensibly White Communist stooge of the Jews.

            They’re the ones I encounter most often online.

        • “Only because you shamed him into it, madam. Getting those Southrons to see the Jewish Problem is an almost Herculean task.”

          She didn’t shame me into it. It was my reading of Professor Revilo P. Oliver’s essays.

          The Yankees are still to blame for overturning the Jeffersonian Republic. But the Jews seized control of the former United States in the 1930’s, and have ruled it ever since.

          “Getting those Southrons to see the Jewish Problem is an almost Herculean task.”

          Most of my acquaintances and friends are aware, or becoming aware of Jewish subversion. Probably five or six actively hate Jews. The rest are held back by the”Jesus was a Jew” trope, and the fear of being damned by an angry God.
          They need somebody like FR+ John to teach them the truth.

          One of my friends who firmly believes in the “Jesus was a Jew” doge is starting to wonder if anti-Jewish folks aren’t wrong about Jews. He admitted as much to me.
          I’m slowly getting him to come around. He drives a Frac Sand truck and hasn’t had much contact with Jews.

          One blames Jews for destroying a major company in Gainesville, Texas. He sees Jewish subversion everywhere, since having lost his job at that company. Jews bought the company and liquidated what had been a prosperous plastics manufacturer operating in the black for over thirty years.

          Another thing to bear in mind. Hitler and the National Socialists are simply seen as strange and foreign by most Southrons. Which is why a great many are hesitant to admit that the Jews are behind the destruction of White civilisation. Hating Jews is seen as a foreign idea, as well as blasphemous.

          Then there’s the fact that Southern Jews tend to be Sephardim, and therefore are seen as mostly harmless, because they tend to keep to themselves and keep quiet. They also speak Southron, follow our Social customs, and don’t act like the Northern Jews seen on T.V. Except for Kinky Friedman, of course.

  4. The driver of this was Bernard-Henry Levi; Clinton did what she was told; Obama ultimately did what he was told despite thinking he could stay out of it.

    Much like Trump in Afghanistan and Syria.

  5. This is what North America, Europe and Australia is importing by the millions each year. Import the third world, become the third world.
    All these future astronauts and mechanical engineers who will one day pay you’re aged pensions? Ummm yeah ok…
    I don’t give a rats arse what happens anywhere in Africa or how they treat eachother. Lets keep our noses out of it, and keep them out of the West.
    And I’d love to hear the lefts spin on this one….maybe its whiteys fault because we’re not getting involved and therefore we support and are the cause of slavery, and are complicit in it, or something…

  6. How many thousands of dollars per negro per year do anti-Whites steal from us in order to buy black allegiance to White Genocide?

    • Melanie Phillips is one of the worst hooked nose jewess neocons, along with the detestable Jennifer Rubin.

      If Tikkun Olam is jew code for preparing the world for (((The Antichrist))) by White Genocide, they are doing just fine.

  7. you couldn’t PAY ME enough to take a black person. i marvel at our ancestors – owning slaves was HARD work, involving management, logistics, danger, etc. i would NOT want to be in charge of nogs & i am in awe of our ancestors who took it upon themselves to do so. slave owners don’t get enough credit or respect.

    • They weren’t my ancestors, but whites who owned slaves were damn lazy short-sighted fools. Curse them for bringing those beasts out of Africa.

  8. American blacks constantly obsess about slavery in America that ended more than 150 years ago. So why aren’t they protesting black slavery that’s happening right now? They took a big interest in African affairs in the eighties and nineties when when the protested South African apartheid. Why the lack of concern today.? I guess it’s because present African slavery doesn’t offer much potential as a means to manipulate white guilt and gain political clout. In this situation, black lives in Africa don’t matter too much.

    • Slaves cost more than that in the antebellum South. Some lived to be over one hundred (if they had decent owners), despite working in the fields almost daily.

    • I have heard that you can buy a “functional” Kalashnikov in Africa for less than $100. I think that would be the better investment.

  9. Nothing like a ZOG war made in the USA to create that instant shithole/mudflood required by Greater Israel for a regime change makeover that can be dried and bricked into the pyramid of their world order. . Libya was one of the 7 nations in 5 years mandated for ZOG takedown after 9-11. The ‘to do’ list from Bibi was probably on G W’s desk on the 9-12. South Africa is on the ‘to do’ list now, but instead of ZOG, the J-Force already has their ANC in power for the takedown. The Jewish comedians are getting positively exultant over the Farm murders instigated by their Black Communist NKVD.

    Farm Murder Victims Mocked by Citizen Editor Daniel Friedman

  10. Whites are so subverted by jobs (100 years), unless we get “they live ” glasses issued, we have no chance. Blacks kill YT every time the numbers swing in their favor, compelled by jooish prompting (Haiti, Rhodesia, now SA).
    Yet dumb ass YT immediately sends aid and welfare.
    If we had clear heads, we would eradicate the (((parasite))) and sink the boats.

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