Yellow Vests Protest UN Migration Pact In Belgium

I’m starting to think The New York Times was engaging in some wishful thinking about the Yellow Vests movement losing steam. The action has shifted to Belgium:

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  1. European Union = Soviet Union. Its the fall of the USSR all over again!

    I remember watching the fall of Soviet East Germany on the TV, as a kid. There was chaos and smoke everywhere. The goverment building the Commies fought hardest to defend was the intelligence agency, where files on all their paid informants were kept. They were furiously shredding the records, and when they realized they couldn’t shred them all in time, they set fire to the building.

    • Correct. I was Soviet Union citizen and 16yo when the communism came down so now it seems like West will follow.

      European Elite is in full panic mode. Tonight there was even Soros launched attack to the Hungarian parlament. Our guys won of course but is clearly demonstrates how desperate they are. Hungary is last place in Europe where liberal riot can expect any success.

      Trolls all over the internet blaming Russians, quazillion “moderate opposition” groups calling for “real opposition” and finally over Europe movement calling for saving Europe from the native people.

      Meet the #WeEuropeans. “European citizens” against English French German Polish and other nasty folk.

      Europeans, let’s take back control of our future!
      Signed by entire Swamp….:D:D

      This time things get serious.

      • Great post. Notice how different European nationalists are from Americans. They are positive, hopeful and active. They do things and they are increasingly winning.

        Meanwhile, we have these losers who tell us to give up whenever we score a victory.

        • The French brought down the 4th Republic about 1955 i believe. Not ancient history. Americans don’t even dream of taking down the federal government these days. I think it is coming down regardless. The Babylonian Magic Money Ponzi scheme is reaching the end of its’ life cycle.

          • We here in the Europe think the same. When Ponzi scheme blows off and 50 million diversity can,t get their handouts anymore, then the real fun begins.

  2. This is a perfect example of who really holds the chains. It’s the police and military who side with the traitorous globalists against their own people. Hopefully, they will hang together. And, soon.

    • When the USSR went down, the activists who did the WORK repeating memes in the years before the historical event, did their job so well, that the police and army were too demoralized to stop it.

      FIrst comes the meme work, then comes the street marches.

      Horse and cart.

      • That’s why Charlottesville UTR was such a horrible disaster. Cart in front of the horse. A lot of meme work still remains to be done.

      • Demoralized? No. They knew how evil and morally rotten their superiors were, and weren’t about to kill their fellow citizens to keep them in power. As for the protestors, they should have stormed the EU commission building and burned it to the ground. Our reclamation of our lands, cultures and futures will begin with fire, lots of it.

        • That’s what Demoralised means. It means they aren’t willing to use violence to defend a SILLY system.

          The USSR was corrupt and SILLY from day one. It was corrupt and SILLY for 70 long years. Yet it stood strong until the right person noticed how SILLY it was. He repeated how SILLY it was, and convinced others to repeat how SILLY it was. Together they repeated how SILLY it was, 100s of millions of times, until the masses didn’t believe in it anymore.

          A Workers Paradise that builds walls and machine gun towers. to keep its workers from leaving? If you try to leave the Workers Paradise, the Friends Of The Workers will shoot you in the back of the head, comrade. LOL

          “As for the protestors, they should have stormed the EU commission building and burned it to the ground. Our reclamation of our lands, cultures and futures will begin with fire, lots of it.”

          If only you were the general of the Alt-Right, it would have been different. Charlottesville would be a smoking ruin, that kid wouldn’t be doing 400 years, and you would be a VERY fashy ruler of the USA! You are a funny guy, AW.

          • If the above work isn’t done before street protests, then hardly anyone shows up to street protests, and there’s no public support. The meme work is what gets people moving. The street protests are the end result.

  3. It sickens me watching the police in the second and third videos. Hopefully the freedom fighters will turn to guerilla warfare to level the fighting field. All is fair in love and war.

    • Most police in France stood aside and let the protest happen. Only the national level regime protector type police are doing this. Americans don’t understand the concept of these kinds of “Republican guard” type riot police because we don’t have them here. They are special police to protect the central government in the capital. They were only able to stop the protestors from storming Macron’s palace. In the rest of the country, the protests control the streets. Most local police support the protests.

      Most people here don’t realize how big the protests were. They were in every city and town across the country. Paris was 5% of it. Did you know that all the traffic ticket issuing cameras were burned up and toll booths have been rendered inoperable? No one is paying tolls now. That’s huge. Mass open defiance of the government’s taxes with police standing aside is unprecedented in modern times.

      But the pessimistic losers will complain that Hitler didn’t come back to life, so it’s hopeless.

      I’m struck by how low information these pessimists are. They have a very poor understanding of how things like taxation and economic policies associated with neoliberalism are related to immigration and cultural issues. The level of discourse from these loser sis on the level of an old drunk boomer conservative who gets all their information from Fox News. “These protestors just want welfare and are lazy. They aren’t even talking immigration(not true). It’s hopeless.”

      • Where are these pessimistic losers you’re jousting with, Don Quixote?

        Pretty much everyone I’ve seen on the right has been positive about the Yellow Vests. Sure, there are a few people who don’t think they mean much, but the Yellow Vest movement has been well received by the “Alt-Right.”

        Who are these imaginary losers you’re fighting? Presumably you’ve made them up so that you can feel virtuous about “opposing” them, even though they’re invisible.

  4. Nobody voted for the faceless parasitic swine in the UN, which consists of such members as China and Saudi- that alone should tell you something. The people never voted for this treacherous policy, but they will be the ones most affected by it.
    More crime, longer welfare ques, more traffic, more racial resentment, more housing development, more traffic……more cultural awareness programs in schools. More disease and demands on the medical system.
    I couldn’t possibly imagine why they’re protesting…

  5. UN Migration Pact: The Final Solution to The White Problem. I can’t imagine why there’s been so little MSM coverage about it.
    Yellow Vests are zeroing in on what really matters.

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