Martha McSally Appointed To Senate

Martha McSally will be going to Washington after losing to Kyrsten Sinema:

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  1. Used to be that Senators were appointed by the state governments, since the Senators represent those governments, and not the citizens of the states.

    • In theory it sounded like a good idea for Senators to be appointed by their respective state legislatures rather than by popular vote. But apparently the process of appointment consumed a great deal of time and became weighed down by political intrigues. Still, the original process was far preferable to the farce it is now. I would have suggested repealing the XVII Amendment, but I simply want the fiction of our Constitutional form of government to be done away with altogether in favor of an authoritarian National Socialist police state.

  2. McSally is a proven loser. But! She fought for ZOG! Wow!

    Israhell is our greatest ally. It’s almost like Jews are behind the GOPe.

  3. Articles like this serve to remind me this website is mainly targeted at an American readership-fair enough. As an Aussie, I have no idea who the bloody hell Martha McSally is…..but I’ll just assume she’s a tad no good?
    I’m with you guys though….Martha McSally was a rather poor and ill thought out choice…..and she needs to be given the boot immediately…..
    Down with Martha McSally!

  4. Stupid move to take a GOP house member which will require an election to replace her. Another house seat will be lost to the Dems in this race.

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