Michael Edison Hayden Hired By SPLC

Here’s the latest example of the revolving door between “journalists,” Antifa and Jewish thought policing organizations:

What’s next?

Will Christopher Mathias or Will Sommer be hired by the ADL?

In related news:

Patreon is justifying its political censorship.

The Huffington Post is trying to intimidate Gab’s domain registrar by labeling him a Nazi sympathizer.

The United States has become one of the world’s deadliest countries for “journalists.”

“Journalists” were attacked every 30 seconds on Twitter in 2017.

Trump is whining about social media censorship on Twitter.

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  1. To paraphrase General Sheridan, the only good journalist I’ve ever met was a dead journalists.

    Zog’s media and zog’s NGOs are two tentacles of the same tulmudic anti-White leviathan l

  2. It’s the lies and calumnies of the Fourth Estate which make it possible for the hostile, parasitic alien “elite” to rule over us.

  3. Christopher Cantwell to (((Jessica Schulberg))):

    “I honor contractual obligations, but sadly, “hate speech” is undefined, and is thus used as a political weapon by people you agree with to silence people who you do not agree with. If you wanted to be an actual journalist, that would be the story.

    But you’re not. You’re just another lying Jew asshole trying to smear people.”


    My comment to Cantwell:

    “Why even bother, Christopher? These assholes (Jewish, shabbos-goy, people of brown color, etc.) will not in any way do anything productive for racially-conscious Whites. All they will ever do is slander and push to get us locked up and even killed. If we never talk to them, it makes them have to work harder trying to just make shit up out of thin air. If we do talk to them, we give them the basis for almost any narrative they want to edit, slice and dice our audio and images into, bro. I know that you have something to say, and that what you have to say means something. We’re listening! Your folks, I mean, your fans. But as for the enemy, fuck (((them))). They deserve absolute silence from us on this side of the line that separates the people from the shit who pretend to be people. Just like ZOG’s thugs in blue should always get silence from us, so with these douche-bags and their institutions of anti-White slander. Not trying to offend you or talk down to you, but please, oh fucking puh-leeeze treat these media shit-birds like the plague.

    They are the plague, you know this.”

  4. Ironically, it was a Jew (Norman Mailer) who characterized journalists best: “the quintessential moronic animus of the journalistic mind” Jew Tyranny kicks into overdrive with the money-grubbing SPLC. Now, if you just even name the Oppressor you’re part of the “extremist beat”. This lickspittle dork was their second preference after an Apache reporter turned them down because he knew better.

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